Kengshi is a cruel but great game. The vanilla content is amazing. I’m up to 20. Playtime wasn’t even thinking about fashion. When I started looking for ways to live. That’s when I realised that Kengshi is not only a great vanilla game, but also a great modding community. Here are my 12 favorite mods from Kenshi (actually there are 15 mods in this article, but some are grouped together)

Just before we start. At the time of writing this article all fashion companies are working together. However, this can change very easily, so you can’t use all these mods together.

1. 256 Restriction of the team

Put simply, it is a way to push the boundaries of recruitment and management. It increases the number of units recruited from 30 to a maximum of 256 members in each unit from 20 to 50. The mod also increases the maximum number of units from 10 to 20.

Link to fashion –

2. Compressed structure project

Kenji is a pretty intense game with hardware, sometimes it can be a bit late, and it can take a while to load as you enter new areas. This compresses textures, shortens loading time, reduces stuttering and saves a little VRAM, greatly improving overall performance.

Link to fashion –

3. Reactive world

This mode is used to fill areas left unguarded by the reactionary systems of the devil’s world. Add effects to places and groups that had no effects, or add more detailed effects to a specific vanilla. It does not radically change the tactics of the game, but adds some nice accents.

Link to fashion –

4. Dark IU

12 Best Kenshi Mods –

This change changes the user interface by making it darker and cleaner. I like it much more than the standard user interface. There’s nothing more to say.

Link to fashion –

5. Fences for the best crops

12 Best Kenshi Mods –

A good graphic addition to the agricultural parcels. So it doesn’t protect your plants or hinder the movement of figures, it just adds nice fences for your plants, so you can demarcate your agricultural areas more easily.

Link Mod –

6. Additional animations

This Kengshi mode consists of two modes. One for shipbuilding, the other for fighting.

Revision of animation mode – production

This mod adds a ton of force measurement and replaces it in games. This makes creativity more realistic and allows a better understanding of what each individual does.

Link to fashion –

Other combat animations

This mod adds a ton of new combat animations for different types of weapons, making the battle more interesting to watch. However, it should be noted that this mode will not work for non-vanilla varieties. It will still work if you have a vanilla-free racing mode, but you won’t have these new animations.

Link to fashion –

Other unused animations

This mod adds some idle animation to every race. No real bet, except maybe the ability to see someone more easily in neutral. But it’s a nice gesture when your units are waiting.

Link to fashion –

7. Extended mode.

I recorded these modes under the same name, because they are essentially the same for the different factions. They develop into factions, giving them more faction-specific items, extra enemy types to fight, and various new interactions. Usually they broaden the game in a certain area.

Channel extension

12 Best Kenshi Mods –

This fashion spreads to a fraction of the cannibals. By giving them new weapons and armor and introducing new kinds of stronger ogres into battle. However, don’t forget that this mode makes cannibals much stronger, so you should be careful when using this mode.

Link to fashion –

Enlarged hives

12 Best Kenshi Mods –

This mod adds unique armor, weapons, races and characters to the 3 main groups of the basket in the game! There are good things to do when you have contact with the queen of the hive. If you kidnap them, the respective faction sends waves of enemies to try to get them back, and if you kill them, they send all of the attack on you in retaliation. Please note that these mods must be imported, and if you use other mods that add weapons to the game, controversy may arise.

Link to fashion – Advanced

Extended Tramp

This fashion widens the camps of the vagrants found in the Great Desert. It adds several new roaming units, some of which you can set up. It also adds warehouse cities and more business opportunities with bums.

Link to fashion –

8. Copper drill bit

12 Best Kenshi Mods –

Very good addition. I’ve always been afraid there’s only iron ore drills involved. Maybe they didn’t want it to be too easy to get copper, but I still prefer to drill into copper.

Link to fashion –

9. Training models

Strength bench – Strength training

It gets a little tiring when you arrive in the middle/end of Kenshi’s game to fill your backpack with stones and have your recruits running around to regain their strength. This fashion is therefore a nice gesture to help strengthen the muscles of the recruits. Since it’s not readily available, you should first examine the mk II training dummies to make sure it’s not a misuse of the original game. It’s also not much faster than running with the rocks, but it does mean that you can easily hire a new recruit to train and focus on other things.

Link to fashion –

Wooden dummy for vocational training

12 Best Kenshi Mods –

For this method the same concept is used as for weight support. When recruiting a new recruit, it is sometimes quite difficult to train their skills without exposing them to the risk of death or loss of limbs. With this new training dummy your new recruits can reach a certain level of mobility without any risks.

Link to fashion –

Training words

This modification adds a delicate wooden sword that causes 0 damage, allowing you to practice safely in battle. Like other training topics, the research requires not to use it too much.

Link to fashion –

10. Race blood

12 Best Kenshi Mods –

It’s an excellent graphical addition. Each breed has its own blood colour. There is no real advantage in the game, except that you can see on the floor if you win the game by the colour of the blood. But actually, it’s just a nice graphic fad.

Link to fashion –

11. Backpack for dogs

12 Best Kenshi Mods –

This mod adds a small backpack that can be carried by the dogs in the game. You can buy it at most travel shops (as long as they have it in stock). Just a useful addition to turn the bone marsh (and the bone wolf) into a monster capable of fighting.

Link to fashion – backpack

12. Attack slots x3

This fashion makes fighting much more fun. Currently, Kenshy’s standard attack slots are set to 1, so technically you can only fight 1-on-1. You can order multiple units to attack the same person, but they will attack them one after the other. With this mod you can fight up to 3 units at the same time. This makes the fight a little more realistic when there is more fighting than there is fighting. It also works against you, i.e. if you are outnumbered by 3 to 1, your units have to fight against 3 people each, which can make fighting both easier and harder.

Link to fashion –

So these are my 12 (technically 18) favorite clothes for Kenny. I hope some of them, or all of them, are new to you. As I said before, all these modes have to work and they have to work together at the time of writing. However, if updates are made for the mod or game, this may change. If you have any problems, there are several ways to contact me. The best thing you can do is go on a live feed and ask me. Sometimes I play Kenji on my flow, and even if I don’t play it, I can still try to help. But if I’m not alive, you can leave a comment below or tweet @runicwardens. You can also try Mom’s life and ask her for help. If you want to know when we are live, you can check out the feed page.

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