25 Facts About Blood Angels

In this article we present 25 facts about Bloody Angels that you may not know yet! And don’t forget to read our article on the new Space Sea Code, entitled 25 Facts from Space You Didn’t Know.

Fact no. 01

The oldest living man in the Loyalist space is Dante, the leader of the Master of the Bloody Angels. He’s been alive for about 1547 years.

Fact no. 02

The mayor’s bloody angels, Sanginius, were known as the most loyal of all the mayor’s angels. Gore, although very close to Pureblood, was planning to kill him because he knew that Pureblood would never go into chaos.

Fact no. 03

The bloodthirsty angels were invented under the name Death Eaters because they are known to eat the bodies of their enemies after the battle.

Fact #04

The red thirst of the Blood Spirits is not due to the fact that they have to drink blood for nutritional value. Something in their genetic seeds gives them anti-aging properties and allows them to concentrate after consuming blood.

Fact no. 05

Dante, the leader of the Blood Angels, refuses to drink blood and feels the consequences of aging. And it was only after Ba’al’s attack by the Tiranides that Dante realised that in his old age he needed a blood-drinking motivation to lead his army to victory.

Fact no. 06

Karash is a mixture of wine and blood that Blood Angels drink regularly when they have no access to prisoners or enemies on the battlefield. The blood in these mixes usually comes from their surf sections.

Fact no. 07

Bloody angels love visual art because they use paint and art to suppress red thirst and black anger.

Fact no. 08

Black rabies is incurable. It’s a genetic anomaly that defeats the Blood Angel and drives him crazy. It is an experience of Sanginius’ own anger in life. Even though the last remains of the fallen Bloody Angel are connected to the Dreadnought, this Dreadnought has the Black Anger.

25 Facts About Blood Angels

Fact #09

Sanginius, the first bloody angel, first tasted Black Anger when he killed a group of mutants in the Vaal desert at the age of one.

Fact no. 10

After an epic battle with Leviathan and the attack of the Tiranides, the Bloody Angels captured a large number of Primaris Marines.

Fact no. 11

The conscripts of the Blood Angels must go through a rigorous process to absorb Sanguinius’ genetic seeds, leaving them in a coma for a full Terran year while receiving intravenous nutrients and blood from their Primarsky.

Fact no. 12

The leader of the Sons of Sanginius, heir to the Angel of Blood, prefers bicycles and jumping bags to heavy weapons and psyche. They believe that all forms of spiritual abilities are chaotic and that they will kill each of them because they use them.

Fact no. 13

Blood gels don’t have pharmacists. Instead, they have bloodthirsty priests who specialize in the seeds of the Sanguinius gene and prevent their brothers from falling into a dark rage.

Fact no. 14

The pure blood was revered by many as the greatest general among the mayors. One day he defeated Kraftworld’s army, which only had a third of his legion.

Fact no. 15

To prevent the destruction of the Bloody Angels in the Imperial archives. The purebred man did his best to hide the secret of his genomic weakness and his need for blood and anger. Horus Heresy is an open secret office.

Fact no. 16

Victims of the Black Anger are often killed or locked up in the Amareo Tower, which is named after the old head of the Master of Blood Angels.

Fact no. 17

Many believe that Mephiston, the most important librarian of the Blood Spirits, is the most powerful psychiatrist in the world. After the emperor of mankind, of course.

25 Facts About Blood Angels 25 Facts about Bloody Angels

Fact no. 18

If you had visited the Fall of the Angel, the main settlement of one of the Moon Baals, you would have seen the great statue of the Sanguinic looking down on the recruits fighting for the chance to be accepted into the ranks of the Blood Angels.

Fact no. 19

Despite the amazing skills and abilities of the Blood Angels, they fight their thirst for controlled blood. Without their client to lead them, the Legion declined as it succumbed more and more to the Black Anger.

Fact no. 20

Master Dante, leader of the Blood Angels, sees himself as a prophetic Golden Warrior predestined to stand between the emperor and death. It is this belief that sustains Dante’s life as he grows weary of the life he led.

Fact no. 21

The elite 1st Blood Angels Company is known as the Arch Angels. They are mainly built around a very powerful thunder hammer that Terminator units possess.

Fact no. 22

The founder of the Blood Guard, Azkaellon, was so devoted to Primar Sanguinius that he declared that he would sacrifice the lives of all his compatriots to protect him. This made it extremely difficult for him when Pureblood ordered him to stay on Terra and not accompany him to the last scheduled fight with Gore.

25 Facts About Blood Angels

Fact no. 23

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Fact no. 24

It is believed that Mephistopheles inspired the name Mephistopheles. An evil villain from the German folk tale Dr. Faust.

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If you look at the miniature from Sanginius’ studio, you can see that it is very similar to the famous painting by the archangel Michael who defeated Satan. Some people think it’s a dark allegory of the Angel General.

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