25 Facts About Space Wolves

In this article we present 25 facts about space wolves that you may not have known before! Don’t forget to read our article that celebrates the new Code of the Cosmic Sea – 25 facts from the world of the Cosmic Sea that you didn’t know.

Fact no. 01

The Space Wolves still don’t have a successor. The first attempt was the last, after the defect began to appear quickly.

Fact no. 02

The space wolves try to honor themselves and their legion. That sounds great, but it goes so far that the Dark Angels have given them nicknames: Lively and glorious greyhounds

Fact no. 03

Ruth’s most reliable officers tried to hide Wolfen from Lehman Ruth during their first appearance. It happened out of fear of what Russ was going to do. They even ignored direct orders to keep secrets from him.

Fact #04

Leman Russ, Space Wolf Primary, once had a duel with Leo El Johnson, Dark Angels Primary. The duel lasted one day and led to the second defeat of Lake Geneva. Even now, when the two legions go head to head, they have a representative who fights a double battle to pay tribute to their predecessors.

Fact no. 05

During the Mountain of Heresy, the Space Wolves were responsible for the capture of Magnus Red. But the choir, primarily of the Sons of the Mountain, intercepted these orders and ordered them to lay siege to the planet. The attack on Magnus’ home planet caused him and his legion to flee to the Eye of Horror, resulting in the downfall of Magnus. Some even say Magnus didn’t do anything wrong. (Target 16 – 15 + bonus)

Fact no. 06

The top of their world is the wolf of Fenriz. The space wolves have even trained Fenriz’s wolves to fight.

Fact no. 07

Space wolves usually carry the standard equipment of Astartes. But in a more primitive way, to fit into their Viking heritage. They even replaced Rosary Chaplinov with Volkov’s amulet.

Fact no. 08

The Space Wolves have the Wolf Priests. They perform the duties of chaplain and pharmacist, simply under a different name.

Fact #09

Wolfen had mutated so much that they found the chaos almost incorruptible. That’s why they can survive at warp for so long. Place a futuristic LOL here.

25 Facts About Space Wolves

Fact no. 10

The venerable Dreadnoughts are not immune to becoming victims of their genetic anomaly. They’re gonna be Wolf’s Dreadnought. If this happens, they’ll lose most long-range weapons and get axes and claws.

Fact no. 11

New space wolves come out and watch the rage of civil wars on their home planet, Fenris. They select the best of the survivors to participate in the trials.

Fact no. 12

Space wolves are very afraid of clairvoyants. Those who leave them in their ranks are called priests.

Fact no. 13

Rune priests are on the verge of heresy when it comes to curvature. Because of their rituals and totems, their abilities are closer to magic than to their paranormal abilities. They circumvent this heresy by claiming that their powers are connected to the soul of their home planet. The wolf souls they call upon come from a gorge that technically makes them demons.

25 Facts About Space Wolves

Fact no. 14

Logan Grimnar is the current head of the Space Wolf Master. He held this title for 700 years, making him one of the oldest masters of the head, after Dante van de Bloedengelen.

Fact no. 15

Rune priests throw runes to predict the course of future events and recommend higher peaks in his chapter.

Fact no. 16

The Space Wolves join the Death Watch in pairs. The reason they join Deathwatch is because they can fight things their sections may never have seen before. That gives them a lot of rights to brag when they come back.

Fact no. 17

Team commanders often don’t like the new space wolves joining the deadly teams. But later to assess their accuracy and coordination in battle.

Fact no. 18

The 13th. The company followed Magnus to the Eye of Horror. They came back as Wolfen.

Fact no. 19

The Sturmfang gunboat looks like a long box to which motors are attached. This drawing is like the lion’s den.

25 Facts About Space Wolves

Fact no. 20

As they age, space wolves slowly become wolves. Like big teeth, yellow eyes and abnormal hair growth.

Fact no. 21

The space wolf Wolf is like the myth of the werewolf, because the thirst for blood in the blood corners is like the myth of the vampires.

Fact no. 22

The mayor of Spacewolf, Leman Russ, left Fenris to search, presumably thanks to the emperor himself, and most of his legion believes that this led him to the Eye of Terror.

Fact no. 23

The Space Wolves still have one of the largest fleets of loyal Astarts. This remains valid even if they are divided into chapters and not legions.

Fact no. 24

Before Mount Heresy, the space wolves were rifle gray. They then became blue-grey with yellow and red accents, decorated with the skins of Fenriz wolves and other animals of their home planet.

25 Facts About Space Wolves

Last of 25 facts about spacewolves

The space wolf arsenal contains weapons dating back to the Great Crusade, and some are even dated by the Empire itself.

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