8 Things to Do While You Wait

The day PS5 was still crazy, pre-orders were something. The shopkeepers promise to be present for all 12. November a certain stock, but we already see that the places are sold out immediately and that the places are decreasing again.

If you’ve received your PS5 order in between, congratulations! Pending his departure, let’s start with some considerations and steps to be ready for his arrival.

8 Items to consider (or buy) while waiting for your SP5.

These are the things I thought of when I looked anxiously out the window and waited for a FedEx truck. I hope they can also help you determine your next steps:

#1 – Room (both digital and physical)

The PS5 is massive, much larger than the PS4 Pro. Given the somewhat limited space of an SSD, you need the real space, but in a moment you have more.

The PS5 includes a support that can be used for both horizontal and vertical installation. Personally, I chose the vertical option, but don’t forget that the support is necessary even if you put it down to make everything stable.

So, about the SSD. We have 667.2 GB of usable memory after the operating system in front of us, more than the PS4 had at boot, but less than before. There are no more expansion options for PS5 games, but external drives are supported for PS4 games. I would like to say that while writing this article I have heard some problems with dropping and using sleep mode when an external drive is connected, so it may be useful to simplify things until one or two firmware updates have been released.

In addition to checking downloads, you can also minimize things like the number of entries to save space, and turning off trophy videos recorded when unlocking a trophy, which can also be useful. Go to Settings > Recording and transfer, and turn off videos and screenshots of the trophies if you don’t want them to take up a lot of space.

#2 – Digital or physical for the games you want?

PS5 will be released in two versions, which I had predicted long before the announcement in this article, which was also somewhat exaggerated in terms of features.

However, if you get a digital version of the system for $399, you get a fully digital version, and that’s absolutely awesome! Don’t forget to buy games like Watch Dogs: Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Digital also, if you are planning to upgrade from PS4 to PS5, you cannot update the system drive without it.

Personally, I often come back to digital and physical games, but keep that in mind as you store information about the games you choose.

#3 – Enter optional controller.

It’s a centuries-old tradition, but there are still local cooperative games in game systems, and even if you don’t play these games, a backup means you can swap them for backups as you load them. Speaking of accusations…

#4 – No cradle needed, but useful for storing DualSense juice at.

I had a charging station for the entire PS4 generation, and I don’t know how I can work without one. Yes, you can connect the controller to the system, but it’s much easier if you plug it in and go back to what you’re doing. So there is no need to leave the system inactive before charging DualSense.

#5 – You have a good headset for 3D audio (everything will work, but Sony has a new Pulse 3D headset).

The Tempest Engine of the PS5 Sport 3D audio is equipped with special features, and although it works with any headset at start-up, a good headset can really improve the sound quality. Personally I love the PS4 platinum headphones, but Sony also has a stylish Pulse 3D headphones that you can see on our PS5 Sound and TV page.

#6 – Is your 2.1/4K HDMI TV suitable? The first one is needed to correctly display the 120 Hz content of this generation.

This problem is a bit more difficult to solve because TVs can be expensive, but you have to ask yourself if you have HDMI 2.1 connections. This kind of connectors and cables supplied with the PS5 are needed to display the 120Hz refresh rate required for 120FPS content, which we already see at launches like Devil May Cry 5 : Special edition.

If you do upgrade to the 4K version of your TV, please pay attention to this function. Personally, I recommend the LG CX OLED, but it can be expensive if you don’t catch it on sale.

#7 – Are you planning to retire from your PS4? If yes, do you have an external drive to store these games because the PS5 drive is a bit small?

I bring it up again because you really have to think about external storage once you understand some of the peculiarities of the PS5 firmware. You cannot save PS5 games to an external disc, but PS4 games can be saved and played from there to save space.

#8 What about your PS+?

To download cloud-saving PS4 game offers, you’ll need an active PS+ subscription. For PS5 owners who have subscribed, Bugsnax is free, as is the promised PS4 game collection.

Are there any other questions I missed when I placed my order for the PS5 launch day? Let me know in the comments!

Article on – Bradley Ramsey
Insert date – 11/12/2020

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