Few things bring so many groups together as a night of good old-fashioned board games with social deductions. There are tons of games like Secret Hitler, Werewolf, Resistance and games like Avalon – board and card games that are really pumping your blood on a school night. And furthermore..: Do you really want to make another movie night where you can get an evening of intrigue, manipulation, bluffing and persuasion and prove your intuition through logic and intuition with the best cheaters?

We’ve put together 9 of our best deduction games that are perfect for any social gathering.

This game, also known as Resistance: Avalon, is a game for 5-10 players, designed and developed by Don Eskirige. In my opinion, it is better to play with at least 5-6 players. The game takes about 30 minutes and is easy to set up, it is not as simple as the Resistance. Avalon – it’s so much fun that it’s also on our list of the best family board games.

9 Best Social Deduction Games Like Secret Hitler in 2020

The players are divided into two teams. One crew is blue and consists of the loyal servants of King Arthur. The other team, red, consists of Mordred’s accomplices. Assignments are random, so you don’t know in which team you’re going to play and your role card remains hidden for the rest of the game.

The goal of the Blue Team is to complete 3 successful missions. But because none of the faithful servants know which team one of the players is on, you can see how difficult this can be. Players must use all possible information to determine who is who, while trying not to reveal their character. After all, if the Loyal Servants team succeeds, Mordred Minionov has one last chance to win again! The price of the check is Avalon.

  • 13 years and older, 5 to 10 players.
  • Recess: 30 minutes
  • Designer – Don Escridge.
  • Publisher – Individual signs and maps

This classic game with social deductions has many variations and extensions and requires at least 7 players. It is best to choose odd numbers, because players choose the cards by dividing them into, for example, 2 werewolves, 1 father, 1 doctor and 3 residents. A player will also moderate the game between the players.

9 Best Social Deduction Games Like Secret Hitler in 2020

The day is divided into a day round and a night round. During the day, players can designate a player and send him on the field. After the trial, the accused player has 90 seconds to defend himself and players can also ask the prosecutor why this choice was made. After a while the whole village votes to lynch or save the werewolf. After death, the player’s role is immediately revealed.

At night, werewolves go wild and can choose their own villagers to kill. The moderator will write down who they voted for when the village wakes up. The rounds continue in this way, and special roles such as the provider, who can select a player at night and move his thumb up or down when a werewolf is found, or the mad scientist, who also kills a player to his right and left when he dies – make the game very interesting and dynamic. Check the price… Werewolf.

  • 8 years and older, 5 to 75 years Player
  • Recess: 30 minutes
  • Designer – Ted Alspas.
  • Publisher – Bezier Games

Resistance, like Avalon, is a classic social deception. If you’ve ever thought about what it’s like to be a CIA agent, this game might be the closest thing you’ve got. Play the role of a resistance agent or spy and discover how good you are at deception.

9 Best Social Deduction Games Like Secret Hitler in 2020

As an agent you have five nights to complete the mission to overthrow the Evil Empire, but keep your mouth shut – they’re traitors in a mix, trying to eliminate the resistance from within. Players have three to five rounds with unique missions to fight the Empire.

The game starts with the leader who chooses the person he wants to guide in his mission. It is voted by the whole group and if the mission is approved, the selected players secretly decide whether to continue or sabotage the mission. The best part is that even if the mission fails, you still have to sniff out who is who when time runs out. Price test – resistance.

  • 13 years and older, 5 to 10 players.
  • Recess: 30 minutes
  • Designer – Don Escridge.
  • Publisher – Individual signs and maps

This social cheating game immerses you in the witch-hunt of the 17th century. It’s different from classic fraud. Despite the fact that there are not enough witches in the group, the majority of players with cards are not witches, it would be nice if the players play slowly instead of pointing directly. In this respect, Salem is a more subtle hunt, because the guilt can do more harm than good. Throughout the game you have to decide who you control, who you trust and for how long. 9 Best Social Deduction Games Like Secret Hitler in 2020

There is a card game that players have to take out and with which they can accuse, defend, help and hurt others.

With fun cards like Swag you can link the fate of the players or extend the witch to the Neo-Wizards with a conspiracy card. The goal of the game is to find out who all witches are… …or else… Check the price – Salem.

  • 12 years and older, 4 to 12 players.
  • Recess: More than 35 minutes
  • Designer – Travis Hancock.
  • Publisher – Internet, front-end games

Hitler’s secret became popular for even more reasons than his name. Maybe because he knows what he’s doing. He followed the scandalous game of the Card Party against Humanity, was supported by one of the designers and came out when Trump was elected president. So, yeah. This deductive board game is unbelievable to see people arguing and debating and what happens when someone really turns his agenda around, given the game set up in Nazi Germany to prevent fascists from taking over the government.

9 Best Social Deduction Games Like Secret Hitler in 2020

It is an incredibly good game that shows what communication can look like in the context of a liberal policy against a background of fascism. Depending on the band you can always enjoy playing Secret Hitler. For a more detailed explanation on how to play – I’ll show you here – Secret Hitler: For large groups: Hail Good Time. The price of the check is Mystery Hitler.

  • 13 years and older, 5 to 10 players.
  • Recess: 45 minutes
  • Designer – Mike Boxlyter, Tommy Marans, Max Tamkin.
  • Publishing house – Loup de chèvre et chou

A coup d’état: Imagine a gloomy government that thinks only of corruption and power. In a bizarre situation where chaos reigns and people from different backgrounds finally get a chance to rule – you have to be smarter than your opponents and be the last to survive. Use your cunning, strategy and ability to bluff and play the political game to reach the top of political power. Each player starts with two role cards face down.

9 Best Social Deduction Games Like Secret Hitler in 2020

The bridge contains five characters (duke, assassin, countess, ambassador and captain), each of which has a special power that can be useful. Of course, you can lie about who you are, about the essence of the game.

When it’s your turn, you’ll have to make a lot of decisions about which characters to play and how to behave, and finally consider how to destroy other players before they can eliminate you. The winner is the player who has reached the end of the game with at least one role card intact.  The price of the check is a coupon.

  • More than 13 years old, 2 to 6 players.
  • Recess: 25 minutes
  • Designer – Ricky Tahta
  • Publisher – Individual signs and maps

Bang! has another mechanism in that it contains action cards that can help in the game and in deduction. Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Wild West, and you can be sheriff, deputy, thief or renegade. In this game, each role has its own purpose. If you’re Sheriff, you have to kill all thieves and renegades to win.

9 Best Social Deduction Games Like Secret Hitler in 2020

An action card game defines the game itself; Bang! Cards allow you to address another player while you’re missing! A card that allows the player to dodge the ball. Use your cards wisely, because every action you take can have consequences. The mechanics of the game and the roles that compete for different scores make each movement critical and the game entertaining and exciting. Look out! Look out! You have to navigate through these maps and play smart and guess who’s in the group without attracting too much attention to be a target. Check the price – bang!

  • 10 years and older, 4 to 7 players
  • Recess: 35 minutes
  • The designer is Emiliano Sharra.
  • The editor is Asmody.

This new social deduction game was developed by Eric Lang and Bruno Faidutti. The game is easy to learn and gives an idea of the scope of the training. The players are in a team, even if they have to find out who is on which side during the game. The goal of the CIA and the KGB is to get the most points, while the goal of the hippies is to get the least points at the end of the game.

9 Best Social Deduction Games Like Secret Hitler in 2020 Although the game is simple, unlike the games on our list of best strategy games, there are many factors to consider when trading or taking a card from another player. The game can be played with 4 and 8 players, and there is a very handy role card that describes all the secret agents that need to see everything. An entertaining and easy to start social deduction game, see if you like the kind of deduction game where players can switch roles, which is unusual in social deduction, but works well here. The price of a check is a secret.

  • 10 years and older, 4-8 players
  • Recess: 35 minutes
  • Designer – Bruno Faidutti, Eric M. Lang.
  • Publisher – Production Repo

Among my favourites developed by Yusuke Sato, this game caused a sensation, and it is the first game released by Indie Board and Cards from Japan. In this game, simple calculations and deductions help the players, because they are divided into a team of researchers trying to save the world or a team of cults determined to wake up Kutulhu and bring about the apocalypse.

9 Best Social Deduction Games Like Secret Hitler in 2020

The goal of the researchers is exactly the opposite of that of the cult followers. A common feature of both teams is that each player has cards that can be opened at any time, as the players take turns sharing the cards. To make matters worse, the cards that the players have in their hands change each round as they are shuffled and rearranged, so what you said and wanted may have changed from the previous round. How are you going to explain that to researchers and cult members? There are many ways to find out where the cards are, how the players appear – the way people behave to convince you of their claims is fun. The price of the check – don’t play with Kutulhu.

  • 10 years and older, 4 to 6 players
  • Recess: 30 minutes
  • Creator – Yusuke Sato
  • Publisher – Individual signs and maps

Summary –

If you’re looking for games that resemble Secret Hitler, I recommend Avalon, Werewolf and Resistance to get started.

Avalon, Werewolf, Mystery Hitler and Resistance are social deduction games that deal with faith and deception, with the main mechanism being player behaviour and voting patterns.

Move, Secrets and Bang are games that contain additional elements such as character actions or cards that help players determine roles and perspectives for the desired result.

Salem and Don’t Mess with Cthulhu – games where other players reveal their cards to each other, not exactly the classic board cheating game as we know it, and partly what makes these two games so unique.

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