The history of the plague: Innocence is an interesting new approach with an underestimated formula

The stealth genre has never experienced the same level of innovation as its more popular counterparts. So if a new name breaks the mould and offers something new, there is a real chance to make a name for itself in the market.

Unfortunately, the story of the plague: Innocence is simply a competent playing experience that never reaches its peak. Despite the fascinating and impressive story.

Asobo Studio and Disney

It was a strange choice for Asobo Studio to opt for such a dark project.

The French developer is best known for his family games, especially Disney video game links.

The company has released games for Ratatouille, WALL-E, Up and Toy Story 3 – and Kinect Rush : The Disney-Pixar adventure and the Disneyland adventure.

Besides doing business with Disney, Asobo Studio also worked on the racing games Fuel and The Crew, and on another movie about Garfield: The tail of two cats.

A Plague Tale: Better in Theory Than Practice

Special forces: Nemesis and ReCore remain the only adult names coming out of the studio. And it’s the last of the two to ask the questions in the history of the plague: Innocence


ReCore is an exclusive Xbox One to be released in 2016. In one of the most ambitious action programmes, he tried to combine tactical battles with complicated platform components.

The gun game was quite simple, but it also offered quite a lot of depth of fire, including different ammunition effectiveness for different types of enemies. There were also several robot supervisors in the game, who often needed a tactical change in certain areas.

A Plague Tale: Better in Theory Than Practice

The large number of combinations made the battle both refreshing and complex, which is in some solid mechanics. So you can imagine that as an open action game you’ll have disappointing platform parties and inaccessible boundary partitions from the start.

As tradition dictates, 3D action games try to use the mechanisms of the platform. But the checks were surprisingly accurate and responsive. ReCore seemed like a big name when it was launched, but like many other Xbox One exclusive products, it was a disappointment.

A lot of good ideas and an interesting mix of mechanisms were lost in the mediocre game. It depended too much on reserved sections and prosaic exploration areas. Break the narrative dynamic and turn the game into a slogan, not an exciting attraction.

A Plague Tale: Better in Theory Than Practice

And the reason we mention it is because it’s a story that resembles the plague: Innocence.

The history of the plague: Innocence

To be honest, Plague Tale: Innocence spoke very well of the fans, but it is a game that still has potential. Maybe even the annual challenger game. It has an emotional hook and a well-written account of many beauties that resemble those of the Sword of Hell: The sacrifice of senua.

During the reenactment of the Black Death, the story of the plague: Innocence follows the story of a few young brothers and sisters trying to survive. Enemies can kill you with a single blow, so stealth is essential to the game.

A Plague Tale: Better in Theory Than Practice

The world is also populated by a swarm of pest rats, which form a large part of the basis of a uniform pattern. The only thing repelling the creatures is the light that guides your path on the plane.

Rats can also be used to your advantage by supplying them to your enemies and causing moral problems. For example, at a time when a defenseless soldier is begging for mercy. Feeding your rats is the only way to find your way and forces you to survive.

Trying to avoid a horde of rats and soldiers on patrol is a stressful experience. At least that’s how it’s supposed to be. But it’s never really a problem. The solutions to the puzzle are simple enough, and the guards are predictable enough to lure them to their deaths.

A Plague Tale: Better in Theory Than Practice

It’s a dark and tense environment, but there’s no major threat. This whole fight is actually just another mystery. Except for boss fights that leave the player unprepared.

What we could have won is.

We may be too critical, but we wanted more. With a little more inventiveness in design, especially in boss fights, a plague fairy tale: Innocence could be a unique and wonderful experience.

Something like a fantastic charged grave robber or even Captain Toad’s treasure hunter. This is the level of integrated puzzle solving and strategic route planning over open or non-linear areas.

A Plague Tale: Better in Theory Than Practice

But with a premonition of death and thousands of hungry, angry rats scratching at us. More opportunities to approach levels and more trial-and-error parts with terrible consequences.

We wanted to feel that every step and every heartbeat was crucial to our survival, while hiding in silence. At the end of a plague story: Innocence throws the door down and invites us in. Through a zoo of potential threats, protected by simple solutions.

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