AFK Arena is a very popular mobile game in the idle RPG genre, where players collect heroes, form a team and fight enemies.

As with many mobile phone games, the AFC Arena has a redemption code system that allows players to claim free rewards.

All code is published by the game developer itself and is often created in connection with the release of new events and content.

This list contains all the prizes you can currently receive in the AFK Arena and is constantly updated.

Table of contents

AFC codes for phases

Active codes

The following codes have been identified as valid from the 5th year of operation. October 2020 confirmed.

  • misevj66yi (5 rolls depicting an ordinary hero + 60 rare heroes + 500 diamonds)
  • afk888 (300 diamonds + 20,000 gold coins + 100 heroic gasoline)
  • uf4shkynghk (30 rolls of the usual hero)
  • garourouafk (1,500,000 gold coins + 5 rolls of an ordinary hero + 1,000 diamonds)
  • yyaseok (5 regular rolls of heroes + 1,000 diamonds + 1,500,000 gold coins)
  • Invincible (60 Rare Heroic Soulstone)

Confirmed expired codes

All of the following codes used to work, but have now expired.

  • liuyan118 (3 faction rolls + 50,000 gold coins)
  • liuyan233 (3 regular rolls of heroes + 50,000 gold coins)
  • liuyan888 (888 diamonds + 100,000 gold pieces)

Most games that release code will continue to do so as long as the developers are actively creating new content for the game.

It is therefore to be expected that more and more arena codes will appear as new updates and events are released.

Usually codes are advertised on social networking game sites such as Facebook and Discord, so keep an eye out for other codes.

We would appreciate it if readers would notify us of new codes in the comment section below.

Please also let us know if you find that one of the above codes has already expired.

Scanners that provide us with active codes are credited at the post office.

How to redeem the codes

To retrieve the code from the AFK Arena, tap the icon of your account in the top left corner.

Click on the Settings tab in the lower menu of the account window.

In the Services section, click on the Take over code button.

Enter the active redemption code and choose Confirm.

You will then receive rewards based on the trade-in code you have entered.

See the previous section for the active inversion indicators.

What are ransom codes

Ransom codes are special codes that users can exchange in the AFK Arena to receive useful rewards, including roles of heroes and diamonds.

AFC Arena developers sometimes issue redemption codes in connection with new updates, events and holidays.

New codes are usually announced via social networks and the AFC Arena disruptions.

The AFC Arena has also published remuneration codes for special collaboration with content authors.

Please note that new refund codes are not always issued when new content is added.

These are all the codes we have for the AFC Arena.

Are there any codes you don’t see in this mail? Let us know in the Responses section below and we’ll let you know if the code is active.

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