It’s been a long time since we’ve heard about the upcoming independent games for Nintendo Switch, but they’ve finally come back with Indie World, a 20-minute presentation of fantastic new games. In recent years, Nintendo’s switch has quickly become a real device for indie fanatics, and now it proves that they don’t take their foot off the gas. Let’s take a look at all the matches announced today.

Risk of rain 2

Rain Risk 2 has been available for a few since March this year, but it has already received praise. This game follows the challenging pixel 2D art wheel 2013 Rain Risk and brings the game to a full 3D environment for the first time. Fight enemies and loot and try to escape the planet alone or with three friends in a cooperative game. The Nintendo Switch Rain Risk 2 will be released this summer.

To the East

Chucklefish, the developer of Wargroove and Starbound and publisher of the extremely popular game Stardew Valley, launches a brand new adventure in the East. The game has a brand new pixel-based graphics, which is somehow more beautiful and detailed than in Valley of the Stars. On Istvard you will explore the post-apocalyptic environment and travel around the world with a young girl you just met. There are studies, battles, puzzles and much more. Eastward joins Nintendo Switch’s Indian game series in 2020.

The thumb of freedom

Freedom Finger, a game we talked about briefly earlier this year at the Kinda Funny show at E3, is a wild 2D shoot them up where any enemy can become your weapon. The game contains more than 36 unique levels and an incredible soundtrack, composed by different artists. The Freedom Finger is on its way to the Nintendo Switch later this year.


Röki is a beautiful exploration game that includes snowy environments, mountain ranges, ruined temples and much more. The game features beautiful drawings in a cellular tone and a tranquil soundtrack that accompanies you on your voyage of discovery and gives you the opportunity to befriend wild creatures. Röki is preparing for the switch to the Nintendo Switch this winter.

Torch II

Torchlight II is an isometric dungeon caterpillar from Runic Games, a team made up of members of the late Blizzard North, the team responsible for creating the Diablo franchise. Torchlight II is the spiritual successor to the Diablo games, retaining the look and feel of a similar gameplay loop that includes hunting, killing and looting. The game was introduced on the PC in 2012 and finally upgraded to version 3. From September to Nintendo Switch. There is also an exclusive pre-sale item, the Yapper Pet, and a Nintendo Switch exclusive unicorn.

Ice skaters XL

Because EA Skate 4 never seems to come out, someone had to fill in some kind of realistic skateboard. Enter Skater XL, the next physics-based skateboard game that features realistic tricks and total board control. One of the characteristics is that no two towers are identical, which has never happened before in this genre. The XL figure skater on the Nintendo Switch in 2020.


Youropa is a unique 3D puzzle-solving platform, a large drop-shaped creature that explores a gravitational environment reminiscent of the Super Mario galaxy. They explore different environments, each with their own riddles and aesthetics. They are also equipped with an aerosol can, which makes it possible to mark and appropriate the surroundings. The Darrow goes to the Nintendo Switch this winter.


SUPERHOT, a popular time-based puzzle game, is on its way to the Nintendo Switch. In this game, time only moves when you move, so you have to tune your attacks accordingly. In each room you will be presented with a set of specific weapons with which you must carefully shoot advancing enemies before moving on to the next area. The game contains simplified polygonal art with light colors against a neutral palette. Kiss the Keanu Reeves inside you and dodge bullets like Neo from the Matrix while doing crazy combos to kill like John Wick. SUPERHEAT is available for download today for the Nintendo Switch.

The dungeon’s defenders: Awakened by

The defenders of the dungeon: Awakened is a redesign of the 2010 game, developed from the ground up in Unreal Engine 4 that takes the soul of the original game. The game, now called Kickstarted, comes after Dungeon Defenders II and includes a revised gameplay and a local cooperative in which up to four players can participate. The dungeon’s defenders: Awakened is a game that will be ready in time for Nintendo Switch to be released in February 2020.


Touryst has a beautiful 3D isometric style that is easy to combine with Minecraft and The Legend of Zelda. In this game you play arcade games, dive, solve mysterious puzzles, explore dungeons, cast spells, travel the world and much more. There are many unique environments and enemies in this adventure. Touryst will land at the Nintendo Switch in November this year.


Skellboy is an action RPG that combines the two-dimensional style of pixel art with modern three-dimensional graphics in a very unique way. In the game you can swap body parts, fight against groups of enemies and explore the vast world. Skellboy starts on three. December 2019.


EarthNight is the next 2D runner/platform with dragons and monsters bigger than life. You take control of a small child as you make your way through a variety of unique circumstances and try to conquer the land with these powerful powers. The game contains role-playing elements, collectibles, various skills and more. This year’s Night of the Earth will be dedicated to the Nintendo Switch.

Hotline collection Miami

Devolver Digital brings a collection of classic indie games to Nintendo Switch with the Miami Hotline Collection. These two games are distinguished by lightning fast action in a top-down perspective. The peculiarity of these games is that each level has different enemies that must be destroyed in a lifetime. When you die, you have to restart the level. Fortunately, there are many different types of weapons you can take with you for your convenience. The Miami Collection Hotline is available today at Nintendo Switch.

The Indie World presentation ended with a short drum kit with recordings of various upcoming indie games and their release dates. Among other things:

  • Blasphemy, 26. September 2019.
  • By the sun, 2019.
  • Cats Quest II, autumn 2019
  • Spirinter, spring 2020
  • Thirty-four: Nightmare Prince, 8. October 2019.
  • Creation in the well, 6. September.
  • A fatal finger movement on 2. December 2019.
  • Best friend forever, 14 years old. February 2020.
  • FOGI! Early 2020
  • WHAT IS GOLF? Winter
  • CHINA, 2019
  • HIPERCHARGE: Unpacked. Winter.
  • Northgard, 26 years old. September 2019.
  • SPARKLIT, autumn 2019.
  • Munchkin: Quaked Quest, autumn 2019.

The Ori and the Forest of the Blind: Final result

The Indy World’s Fair ended with an unexpected announcement: The Ori and the Forest of the Blind: The last edition will be published on the 27th. September 2019 on the Nintendo standard. Originally released on PC and Xbox, this game is an excellent puzzle-solving platform that you can not miss. Currently, the game is a continuation of the work that began on the 11th. February 2020, to be released on Xbox One and PC. Maybe there will be an announcement from Nintendo Switch for Ori and Wisps soon? You can wish it.

What is your favorite game being presented at the Indie World Showcase today? Let us know in the comments below, and for all your other indie games, keep it a secret!

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