Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Daughters of Lerion Guide – How to Beat

This guide Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Daughters of Lerion will tell you where to find each of Lerion’s daughters and how to defeat them. Larion’s girls are three hard bosses to fight in the game.

Larion’s daughters are special bosses when they drop three of Thor’s vests. Once you’ve collected all the armor, you’ll get a hammer from Thor Mjolnir in the game. Bosses are pretty hard to win, especially if you’re not prepared or if the player’s level isn’t high enough.

There are only three daughters of Larion:

Assassin Creed Valhalla Daughters of the Lerion area

In what follows we have described in detail where to find Larion girls and how to beat them.

Battle of Honeril Boss

Reward: Panties

Goneril is in Grantebridgescire and will probably be the first daughter of the boss Lerion you will meet. An obsessed boss uses magic to disappear and reappear to fight you.

One of his movements allows him to reduce the distance between the two of you. The best way to beat them is to escape your attacks first if you’re constantly moving, and then to attack them with a quick bounce.

The best opportunity to attack her is when you bet her or when she staggers after a few punches. This can be followed by a serious attack, in which the same process is repeated until it is defeated.

Cordelia’s bosses fight

Reward: Torah Privitas

Cordelia is the second daughter of the boss Lerion and you will find her in the west of the east of England, southwest of the Fast Track region. This boss is pretty hard to beat compared to Goneril.

Goneril starts his fight with the attack option, which he uses to get close to you or to escape your attacks if you hit him several times. The best way to attack them is by blocking their attacks, making them vulnerable to counterattack. The attack window is quite short, so it’s best to use fast weapons like daggers, which can do damage quickly.

Goneril will also make grenades that fire in your direction. When you see your ball, you should always be prepared to take evasive action without losing your stamina When your stamina runs out, it can approach you and resume the fight. The trick is to dodge at the right moment, anticipate their attacks and guard their momentum. Be patient and look for holes after fending off their attacks.

Battle of Regan’s Boss

Reward: The battlefield of the Torah

Larion’s third and last daughter is Regan, who looks a lot like Goneril. Regan is also located in the east of England, but in the northeast of this region, north of the highway synchronization point.

As in the previous boss battle against Cordelia, your light attacks will be the best option for you. Regan likes to both teleport and duplicate himself to make it harder for you to attack. She also makes her own melee attacks pretty soon after blasting at you. His ability to teleport works like a ruse that allows him to attack you from a different angle. If you approach it with heavy weapons, not only do you lose your patience, but you also make yourself vulnerable to slow attacks.

Regan also has two swords as her main weapon, which means she can combine her attacks. It will help to avoid it, but it will be the best option to bypass it at an early stage.

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