Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Excalibur Guide – How to Get Excalibur Sword

This Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Excalibur guide shows you how to use the Excalibur Sword. It’s another secret weapon you can get as a hammer from Thor Mjolnir.

The sword of Excalibur can be found upon receipt of a number of collectibles from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The collectibles you have to find are the treasures of Great Britain. In total you need to find all 11 items from the British Treasure Collection to obtain Excalibur.

Assassin Creed Valhalla Excalibur Manual

In what follows we have described in detail how Excalibur can be executed.

How to get the ExcaliburSword?

As mentioned above, you must receive all 11 British Treasure collectibles. Most of the treasures can be found in different areas of the map, but in underground caves. However, many treasures are thrown away by zealots who also belong to the Order of the Elders.

British Treasury no. 1 – The Counts of Grimes

This collector’s item is located in the east of England, where the tomb of Grimes is shown on the map. You’ll find a mine that will take you to this underground cave. Follow the path and you will find the collectible at the end.

Treasury of Great Britain No. 2 – The Old Cellar

An old cave is located in Essex, where it will be another entrance to the cave. When you enter, you have to go to the last room in the cave where the wine barrels are. Follow the links on all networks to make them fail.

British Treasury no. 3 – The Living Lab

The test cave can be placed in the middle, where it will be located in the house. Go inside and go to the right side of the house. It leads you to a hole in the ground with falling stairs. Keep your head down and you’re going into the cave system. Your task here is to pick up the keys and then the treasure from the table at the bottom of the cave.

Britain’s fourth treasure, the Santlash mine.

The Santlash mine is in Sussex, where there is a cave. Enter the cave by climbing the wooden platform on the right side. Reach the end of the cave after the submarine section to get the Treasury of Great Britain.

British Treasury no. 5 – Liechtenstein Cave Red

Cave Red Lights is in Hamtonshire, where you have to enter the cave and get a collector’s item from the inside. There is a lot of climbing and jumping on the walls of the caves, with the danger of poisoning. Don’t forget to come prepared with your health articles.

British Treasury No. 6 – Fuzzy.

Wotzig is also in Hamtonshire, where he will be in another cave with treasures from British collectors.

British Darling no. 7 – Wicca Cave

Vicana Cave is in Eurwickshire, which can be found on the map. Go into the cave and you’ll find the curse of the witch. If you destroy the wall, you’ll find the British treasure inside.

British Treasury No. 8 – The Diorabi Rescue Cave.

The Diorabi Spar Cave is another cave in Snottinghamshire. Enter the collector’s item at the bottom of the cave and pick it up.

The treasure of Britain No. 9 – The zealot (Woden)

This collector’s item is obtained by defeating the enemy Voden Silota, who is in the middle.

British Treasury No. 10 – The Silo (hake)

This collector’s item is obtained by defeating the enemy Heike Eiferer, found in Essex.

British Treasury #11 – The Zealot (Hrothgar)

This collector’s item was obtained by defeating the enemy Hrothgar Silota, who was in Sussex.

Location of the excalibur

Once you have Britain’s 11 treasures, you are ready to receive the Excalibur sword. Your last task is to go to Hamtumshire and the Myrdin Cave. Go through a small hole in the cave.

Go to the end of the cave after climbing the walls and swimming under water. Finally, you reach the area with 11 columns arranged in a circle. Place every piece of the British treasure collection in the columns, and the Excalibur sword opens, ready to take away.

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