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Childe is a Genshin Impact hydro-archer who can move from the melee position to the ranged position. Fatoui’s eleventh herald makes a breakthrough in the game with Genshin Impact 1.1. Childe has unique positional switching capabilities that allow players to perform the positional dance that is common in role-playing games. This is our version of the best children’s design in Genshin Impact.

In general it is possible to achieve a constant running time at the start of Broken Flow by using high charging energy. The effect of water is the cause of much of the damage that Childe can pump away. In addition, his emerging talents benefit greatly from the opportunities offered by CRIT. Childe is a great addition to any team and element, including Electro, Pyro and Cryo. You can even combine it with another Hydro character to get the added bonus of calming elemental resonant water for better survival and situational encounters with Piro.

Best creation of a child in the Genshin Strike

Here are the best weapons, artifacts and statistics to focus on in Childa:

  • Guns: Rust, a nice onion.
  • Statistics : CRIT%, ATK%, damage to the hydraulic system.
  • Artifacts: Noblesse Oblidge, the bunch of vagabonds.

We will continue to learn more about the capabilities of the child, the statistics and the choice of equipment.

Child facilities

Here is a list of all known guild skills, including basic attacks, basic skills and basic splashes. We’ll also look at his three rising talents.

Main attack

  • Base: Shoot up to six arrows at a time.
  • It’s loaded: Load a powerful shot that damages the water and uses the Broken Flow.
  • Broken river: Applies AoE hydroshock to enemies in the vicinity of the affected target as normal ATK damage.

Core competences

  • Base: Launches a water object that causes hydro-damage to nearby enemies and puts guilds in melee position.
  • Mellie base: A combination of six mower decks that damage the hydraulic system.
  • Suspect Mellie: Performs two perforations on the front, eliminating hydro damage and using STAM.
  • River break: Enemy strikes from Broken Flow, in melee position, carried them out and caused AoE damage based on normal ATK damage.

Elementary explosion

  • Ranking: Shoot a magic arrow that causes hydro-elemental damage to the Ace. It also applies the broken power function to all enemies and returns some elementary energy.
  • Close the combat position: Carries out a wide longitudinal cut, which causes enormous damage to the hydroelectricity in the EA and causes a Broken Flow Burst.
  • The power’s out: AoE Hydro handles damage when enemies under Broken Flow are hit by bursts of melee elements. It also consumes the defeat of the Broken Current.


  • Level 1 : The duration of the interrupted current is extended by eight seconds.
  • Level 4 : Critical hits from normal and loaded attacks in melee position apply the principle of Broken Flow to the enemy.
  • Obligations: The normal attack proficiency of all active team members is increased by one unit.

Best performance for children

As the children have progressed to level four, which is a critical hit for the use of Broken Flow, the chance of CRIT will be a good statistic to put forward for the rental. A high CRIT level will significantly increase the total damage to the shields. Judging by his talents and skills, Hylde seems a good option for the initial role of carrier or damage expert.

To maximize damage, follow traditional DPS statistics, including ATK% and CRIT. Improving the Elemental Blast and Elemental Skill should also be a priority because of the way this character is created. Here are the best statistics to consider by artifact niche:

  • Aeon’s Sands: ATK %.
  • The Eonothema Cup: Hydraulic Damage Bonus, ATK%
  • Circle with logos : ATK% or CRIT%

The Flower of Life always launches HP as the primary state and The Path of Death always launches ATK, so you have to focus on the secondary damage stats for those who do.

Child sets of objects

Artefact Two components Quadrupled
Walking Troop Elementary handicraft +80 Increases the attack of the loaded MGD by 35% when a sign uses a catalyst or arc.
A noble commitment Natural risks due to an explosion +20 The use of elementary spillovers increases the ATC of all party members by 20% within 12 seconds.
Exile. Energy costs +20 The use of elementary explosions generates two energies for the party members every two seconds for six seconds.
Instructor Elementary handicraft +80 Increases the basic skills of the party members by 8 seconds after using the basic skills of 120.
Berserker CRIT rate +12 If HP is less than 70%, the CRIT rate increases by 24%.
Gladiators ATC +18%. If the owner uses a sword, claymore or machine gun, the normal attack damage is increased by 35%.

The Walking Corps and Noblesse Oblige bonus consoles are ideal for children, given their pure five-star equipment. Players ranked 40th in the Adventure category can focus on networks such as Exile and Instructor. Because CRIT is important, you can focus on it, and in this case Berserker is a good choice. You can also mix and match two-component gladiators with one of the above options.

Best weapon for children

Some four-star weapons that may be useful for children are sacrificing the onion and the rust. The sacrificial arch provides basic statistics on the ATCs and the energy load, as well as compound inactivity. Passivity ensures that your Elemental skill has a 40% chance of becoming hypothermic every 30 seconds. You should use it if you want to send as much spam as possible using your skills.

Rest is another four-shot weapon that offers a physical bonus ATK and DMG base and a passive rapid-fire weapon. The passive mode increases the normal attack damage by 40% and the damage to the target by 8%. If you want to maximize damage through regular attacks, this is a good choice.

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