Here are some of the best cute bird games available now and soon!

For all bird lovers, there is indeed a whole range of games with our friends with flying feathers. I’ve done my best to find the best for the whole family. In fact, I was surprised to learn how many useful and charming games there are for birds.

Very – Small Adventure Bird

Rest and relax with Aery – Little Bird Adventure. It is a colorful and quiet exploration game where you can float in the air and just enjoy the scenery. With a super zen soundtrack there really is no limit to what this little name can inspire. Currently the game is available on the switchboard and costs only $3.98. More information.

Best Cute Games For Bird Lovers

Age of the falcon

The Falcon Age is a solo adventure for the ego. Play for Ara and learn how to hunt, collect and fight to regain your cultural heritage in the lost art of falconry. Fight the power of the automatic settlers. Connect with your falcon calf and embark on an adventure on PlayStation 4 or Immersion VR with PS VR. More information.

Best Cute Games For Bird Lovers


For those of you who didn’t participate: SkateBird is an indie version of eSports in the style of the classic games of Tony Hawke, but with a flight of birds. In the game you play the role of a little bird that likes to skate and squeak with his friends. This game will be released with multiplayer capabilities and will appear on the Nintendo counter (when finished). More information.

Best Cute Games For Bird Lovers

Best Cute Games For Bird Lovers

Untitled game for goose

Although goose steps never get out of hand, some people are reluctant to be horrible to nice people who do their own thing. To some extent, however, the game allows you to decide how to achieve your goals based on a list of cases, allowing you to project some of your own personalities into the goose. The classical background music also responds intelligently to your steps and escapades, which inspires me to follow my plans. Well, not so many plans, but drop everything and see what happens. More information.

Best Cute Games For Bird Lovers

Bomb Chicken

Bomb Chicken is a 2D puzzle platform where a chicken can drop bombs instead of eggs after an accident with a fast-food chain. On the 12th. The game was first released in the West in July 2018. The first platform of the game was the Nintendo Switch. Since then, the game has been released on PS4. Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and MacOS. The game was developed by Nitrome and released with Nitrome and Mighty Rabbit Studios. You can download the Switch version of the game for only $14.99. More information.

Best Cute Games For Bird Lovers

Wing span

Wingspan is a relaxing, award-winning bird strategy game for 1 to 5 players. Each bird you play spans a chain of powerful combinations in one of the three habitats. Your goal is to find and attract the best birds to your network of protected areas. More information.

Best Cute Games For Bird Lovers

Symphony of a Songwriter

The Songbird Symphony tells the story of Birb, a young orphan bird raised by a family of peacocks who found him as an abandoned egg, and who slowly realizes that he is something different from the rest of his friends. On their journey of self-discovery, players take control of Birb as she leaves the nest and enters a world full of life. More information.

Best Cute Games For Bird Lovers


KeyWe is a partnership designed to have fun, get together and play together with friends and family. As the name suggests, each player takes the role of a cute kiwi bird. Players are assigned to work together in the old mailroom. According to the developers, you have to jump, clap, peck and punch your way through the interactive landscape of levers, bells and buttons to receive emails (news) on time….. More information.

Best Cute Games For Bird Lovers


Take pictures of cute birds doing cute things and make people happy online! Explore a surprisingly spacious city apartment where too many birds make their own mistakes. Take photos and share them online with your friends to spread the love. The more bird photos you publish, the more fans you’ll have! Just like in real life! Open up new birds by taking the right pictures and try to find them all… More information.

Best Cute Games For Bird Lovers

Isso and Asobo Kupen channel

Issho ni Asobo Koupen-chan (Let’s Play Together) is a four-player game released this summer exclusively for Japan on Nintendo Switch. The developers have released a gameplay trailer that shows how cute the game really is! Although the game is only available in Japan, you can download it by creating a Japanese account in the online store. But if you want to know what’s going on, you have to know how to speak Japanese. Besides, we can all hope that the game goes west. More information.

Did I miss something?

These are just some of the fun bird games I could find. If I missed something, please let me know in the comments section so I can add it to the list!

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