For all fans of our friendly dogmates, here is a list of the best dog games available now and in the near future.

Dogs have certainly had their paws in the development of many different games over the years. From the playful puppies of Lomeworld Patrol to the daring and courageous Red XIII of Finally Fantasy 7, the presence of dogs has been an important factor in the development of many play stories over the years.

Best Cute Games For Dog Lovers New game from the inventor of the Food Truck Pup! Do you recognize this dog?

Most of us can’t get enough of these cute little creatures, so here’s a list of games you can use to explore the relationship between humans and dogs – with the rest of the world. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine a story that couldn’t have been better with a puppy in it.

Chicory: Colorful history

From the creator of the indie hit parade Wandersong, Greg Lobanov, comes a role play like we have never seen before. In Drawdog [working title] you are the dog who has a mission to bring color and art into the world with a single giant brush. Lobanov’s former name, the Vanderson Song, was lovingly recorded and provided a unique sound for the beautiful playing style and unique view of the art game. It looks like Drawdog is trying to do the same, but this time for color instead of sound. More information.

Best Cute Games For Dog Lovers


In FOGAH you play as a duo of dogs connected to your outstretched belly, barking, biting and jumping through a world of puzzles. You gain access to the adventure through 24 levels, which are divided into three charming themed worlds. Live the lives of the happiest dogs by jumping and tripling from one side of the game world to the other. You can then get the rest you so desperately need by doing a lazy little search in World of Sleep. Eventually you end up in a swollen street through Food World. More information.

Best Cute Games For Dog Lovers

Best Cute Games For Dog Lovers

Forever best friend

In Best Friend Forever or Best Friend Forever (BFF) you’ll find yourself in the world’s most pet-friendly city, Rainbow Bay. You will settle in your own apartment, which you can furnish as you wish. But what would a big mansion be without the company of our favorite friends? Once you’re settled in, you’ll start caring for your self-taught dog and exploring a beautiful area full of dog lovers. More information.

Best Cute Games For Dog Lovers

To the emergency worker

The Rescue is undoubtedly one of the most fun and useful games currently under development. I want to run a dog shelter and help these sweet puppies find a home forever! Which is not nice. Not to mention the fact that some of the wildlife sales go to real dog houses. In a recent tweet from the developers there appeared to be a small correction in the art section of To The Rescue. Dogs not only benefit from an aesthetic improvement, but also from a more fluid animation. More information.

Best Cute Games For Dog Lovers


The game Racounteur Games focuses on history. Doggone is based on a classic animal story we’ve seen in many films and books – but never in video games. The dog is presented as an emotional roller coaster. Don’t worry about it. They promise a happy ending.

In this puzzle platform you play as a lost English Foxhound trying to find his way back. The game has features that developers call dog stuff. These include olfactory perception for orientation and the ability to feel paths and hidden objects. You can also bark and drive! More information.

Best Cute Games For Dog Lovers


Sundae Month is an independent studio that has just announced a new game called Pupperazzi. Will this name, as the name suggests, include both charming puppies and paparazzi? That’s right, the players have to walk around town to see and photograph beautiful puppies.

In Pupperazzi, you’ll have to find creative ways to go after puppies by jumping over buildings and running around town to get the best view of a puppy! You’ll get a good rattle from your puppy in his natural and pristine environment. More information.

Best Cute Games For Dog Lovers

Quest Milo

Milo’s Quest is a colorful 2D adventure game with a super brave little puppy in the middle. The game consists of exploring and solving puzzles to find the keys, a classic formula that we know and love. You’ll also need to find relics that are items that will give you skills that will help you trample the evil spirits that are trying to stop you from making progress.

There will also be boss fights dotted with streets, all with the same lavish colors and graphic style as the rest of this charming Indian name. The game will also include themed levels with weather effects, as the developer has pointed out that this is his favourite feature in games he likes. More information.

Best Cute Games For Dog Lovers


All it takes is for the dogs to do everything they can to get my attention. The skateboard dog is the most charming and exciting thing I have heard in a long time. Ollie-Oop already looks like one of the most beautiful skateboard games.

With Ollie-Oop, you play like a little dog named Ollie. This is a 3D platform game, so expect a fun environment with lots of things to interact. You’re on a big adventure to find your missing girlfriend Reggie. You have to explore the vast world around you and talk to other dogs. Skateboarding and cheating hearts, over and over again. More information.

Best Cute Games For Dog Lovers

My adventure with the dog.

My adventure with the dog is exactly what the headline says. This is a game about a small dog who goes on an adventure to find his home. Thanks to the unique game mechanism, the game is also very comfortable for people with disabilities. Use your dogs’ senses to unravel all the secrets of the land in this little adventure that will soon be available on the Nintendo Shuffle Switch. More information.

Best Cute Games For Dog Lovers

Old Friends Dog shelter

Old Friends Dog Sanctuary is a mobile game developed by Runaway (2020) and based on the real sanctuary of the same name for old dogs. It is an old people’s home specially designed for older dogs, because they need as much love as puppies. Therefore, all dogs in the game will be based on these real dog friends.

The promoters are big supporters of this sanctuary, and their hope is to raise awareness of the difficulties involved in adopting older dogs. The game is made clear with the love for dogs, Old Friends Dog Sanctuary is on my list of games to watch out for! More information.

Best Cute Games For Dog Lovers

Puppy feed trolley

At Food Truck Pop you drive your own miniature truck with food pixels and serve delicious pancakes to all the puppies in town. Make delicious treats and make all tumors feel good! Of course, the ingredients needed for cooking don’t just fall out of the sky. You have to search for and collect ingredients in the area around you. Collect a wide variety of fruit and other ingredients needed for the perfect pancake!

Once you have the perfect ingredients and master the perfect pancake with the freezer mode, you will have to work hard to get every dog in town to your truck with the food and enjoy some of the prepared food. You can hand out leaflets to passing animals and make noise around your own dining car. More information.

Best Cute Games For Dog Lovers

Dog and cat friends

Lovers of small dogs and cats will appreciate Nintendog as a game, it has all the charming features you would expect from a pet simulator. You can swim, hike and pamper your charming plush friends. You can dress and pamper your dog or cat as much as you like. The Nintendo Switch Touch Screen also lets you play caressing and interactive games with flying discs, balloons and more. The game is full of beauty, and thanks to the portability of the console you can take new friends anywhere. More information.

Best Cute Games For Dog Lovers

Did I miss something?

So these are just some of the fun dog games I could come up with, but if you personally know something I missed, please let me know in the comments section.

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