Warlord Team Comps are perfect for players who like to win. What for? That’s because every time you win Warlords, they get extra health and spells, so you can win in a snowball. In this Teamfight Tactics Warlord Building Guide we show you the most popular TFT Warlord Team Computer and how to play it at the beginning, middle and end of the game, and how to transfer and position your units.


Culturist – Duelist – Hunter – Fireman – Shadow of the Spirit – Twilight – Elder – Enlightened – Divine – Leader.

Warlord bonus synergy

Warlords have a health bonus and magical power. In each victorious battle in which they participated, this bonus is increased by 10%, i.e. stacked up to 5 times.

3 → 200 PS AND 20 SPA
6 → 450 PS AND 40 SPA
9 → 700 PS AND 70 SPA.

Best Warlord Team Comp

  • Kitchen
    • Yarn rotates its sword for 4 seconds, reducing the magical damage it inflicts on the opponent by 50% and dealing with magical damage to nearby enemies over time.
  • Nidali
    • Nidalee throws his spear at the furthest enemy and shares magical damage plus 25% for each square he passes.
  • Jarvan IV.
    • Jarvan hits the furthest target with his spear within 3 hexes and approaches it, dealing with magical damage to passing units, stunning them and knocking them out for 2 seconds.
  • Too bad.
    • In the next attack, Jinx fires a rocket that stuns the target for 1.5 seconds and magically damages the target and all nearby enemies.
  • Katarina
    • Katarina transmits channels in 2.5 seconds, throws knives at nearby enemies, deals with magical damage over time and reduces the healing of her targets by 50%.
  • Xin Zhao
    • Shin Zhao swings around, deals a percentage of the attack damage and defies enemies for 6 seconds. As the enemy challenges, Xin Zhao does more damage with a single attack and receives 50% less damage from all other sources.
  • Szechuani
    • Szechuani lights a big fireworks display. After a short delay, enemies entering take up magical damage and stun them for a few seconds.
  • Azir
    • The Azir attacks forward with a wall of soldiers, repels enemy attacks and inflicts magical damage. After reloading, the soldiers wall in front of Azir stops as impassable terrain for 3 seconds. Each General Lines SWAT team will accompany Azir to reload and then position themselves to protect him.

Commander’s command booklet

Start of the game

Warlords can be started at the beginning of the game as you have access to Yarn, Nidalee and Jarvan IV, which are Gold 1 and 2 units. A team of this type will do great at the beginning of the game, and you can only add Katarina in the fourth part because she is the most important hyper-heavy of this team. If you add items to Katarina early in the morning, it becomes incredibly powerful, so make sure you always do this.

Average evacuation

It is best to delay the shooting during the middle game (i.e. throw all the extra gold and stay at 10/20/30/40/50 gold) to notify Jin, Katarina and Xin Zhao. If you can get a favorite Warlord, this team will be ultra strong in the middle of the game, as you can basically manage six Warlord bonuses without rushing to Azir and play your game outside.

Leave Part

If you don’t have a favourite warlord, you’ll have to take on the Azir in a late match, because this team doesn’t work well without six warlords. Most other teams will be much stronger at this stage of the game if you don’t have the necessary champions. By adding Jinx and Sejuani to the team, you get fans of the vanguard, snipers and fortunes that are always very useful.

Recommended products

Jinks is a thief.

Xin Zhao – Gargulia – stone plate, blackberry vest, ionic spark.

Katarina – guardian angel, hexagon, toothpick.


The defence of Garen, Xin Zhao, Yarvan IV and Xizhouani is the main front line of this team, the second row is empty. A third set of tiles for Catherine and the two sand soldiers can be obtained from Azir (these units are perfect for blocking the enemies). Finally, the back line is a place where Jinx, Azir and Nidalee can do damage from a safe distance.

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