Cooking Crush a Most Addictive Time Management Game of 2021

It’s nice to look through my grandmother’s recipe books. It has shelves arranged by them. Recipe books have such beautiful pictures. Some are so shiny, my mouth is already full of water. Growing up with my grandmother gave me the opportunity not only to learn about fresh ingredients, but also to learn how to turn them into my own masterpiece.

I’m a rookie today. I know how to make all kinds of great dishes, and my kids love it so much. I want them to have the same experience as my grandmother. However, we live far away from her and I’m so busy with my work that I can’t find the time to teach her myself. It’s hard to be a single parent, but I’m determined to give them the same joy that kept me going!

Food Processors

That’s why I chose Cooking Crush. This is a brand new cooking game presented by the culinary masters of Flowmotion Entertainment Incorporated. Flowmotion has a good reputation in the world of culinary games. They have been making a name for themselves since 2014 and have released a wide range of classics such as Cook It! and Kitchen Craze. The co-founders of Flowmotion Entertainment Incorporated, Dario Pavan and Ryan Yada, have dedicated their lives to delivering the best restaurant games to our fans.

R&R – Restaurants and recipes

  • Cooking Crush gives players the opportunity to work exclusively as a chef in a top restaurant, giving you the opportunity to refine your cooking skills and manage your customers. Buyers come from all over Garthopia to taste your delicious dishes.
  • Your cuisine is your kingdom, and you must meet all your subjects. Cooking Crush helps you become familiar with all the cooking jargon and introduces you to different ingredients, dishes and recipes. Cooking for others helps create a memory trail in your brain and you’ll be a professional in no time!
  • You download this game to cook in the kitchen, but the reality is that this game allows you to play not one, but 11 of them! Once you have mastered a certain set of recipes, you will be transferred to a new restaurant with new dishes. You will be able to unlock many more actions and perform tasks better.
  • Here are the 11 restaurants where you can cook:
  1. Crèmecafé
  2. Dream Deli
  3. Salt bar
  4. Ballroom
  5. Snackbar Rockin’ Diner
  6. Canteen of Madness
  7. The Doughnut Cave
  8. The Tandoori treasure
  9. A perfect cake
  10. A piece of cake, and a brand-new one.
  11. Canadian Restaurant

Be a lucky chef

  • In addition to the satisfaction of learning new skills, you should also be satisfied with the exclusive function of the cooking games. It was originally introduced in the Cook It! when the daily wall of happiness calls or offers the wall of happiness. Due to the positive response, this unique feature has been reintegrated into the Cooking Crush .
  • Cooking Crush allows users to meditate in the comfort of their own home or other holiday spots. Trials such as deep breathing, counting blessings, and expressing gratitude to friends and family for those blessings are part of these daily trials of happiness.
  • These challenges not only give the player peace, but also make him richer.
  • To ensure that players use this feature, Ryan and Dario have ensured that players receive coins at the end of each task. These pieces can be used to get an advantage in the game.

Backpack friends

Flowmotion is proud to work with in the fight against hunger and famine in the world. With the help of stakeholders, these companies work together to provide food for hungry children all over the world. This project is financed by the income from the kitchen games themselves. For many years, electricity has tacitly contributed to this case. So far 45,000 dishes have been delivered.

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