CrossKrush tells the story of a happy couple, Henry and Florence, who have been dancing as music lovers all their lives. Unfortunately, a noisy highway was built right in front of his house, which disrupted his harmonious way of life. Henry and Florence must take matters into their own hands and create chaos.

CrossKrush is a unique puzzle game where players like Henry or Florence (or both if you play together) have to destroy all (or so many) vehicles before they reach the crossroads. But be careful, because there are ambulances among these rides that must not be destroyed, otherwise you will be punished at your expense.

To destroy the various vehicles, you must either drop bombs on the ground or hit them with your stick. In the latter case it takes a long time, so it is usually not necessary. As for the bombs, you can only drop them once at a time. Which brings me to the bonus cars. Red vehicles behave like bombs and destroy nearby vehicles after an explosion; an excellent way to destroy several attractions at once. You have also combined white cars that, once exploded, make extra bombs that will explode you to destroy other cars.

Some cars also get special bonuses. You can either regain your health by getting an electrified stick that will destroy the car with the people behind it in one fell swoop. There’s another giant that makes your character a giant, but you move incredibly slowly.

The biggest problem in the game is that when you get hit, because the character is an old man, it takes a while before he gives a clue and the first few seconds he is back on his feet, they also run very, very slowly, which can sometimes be a problem and ends up combining a little training because you couldn’t get out of the way fast enough. If you get in the way of a rushed ambulance, you drive all the way, wasting valuable time you could have spent blowing up cars.

CrossKrush has a unique presentation, while the visual effects in the form of blocks that may look a bit like the Minecraft multi-platform mine rotation cycle. But because it stands in front of the house of the main characters, the level does not change, so it is always the same street / level. In addition, the design of the car is quite naked with some typical black (mentioned above) and red-white cars, as well as 10 wheels. The introduction of the march is based on a beautiful motif from the 1950s. The soundtrack is cute and cheerful, even though it’s a little forgotten.

CrossKrush is a short, unique and interesting puzzle game with a reasonable level of playability, whether it’s successful trophys/hunts or trying to score points. What’s more, the cooperative mode is a lot of fun and lets friends and couples have fun for a while. If you want to baptize your teeth into something short and different, I strongly advise you to remove this batch.

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The promoter: Publisher of Thin Games : Ratalaika Games S.L.
Release Date : 21. October 2020. Platforms : Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
platform : PlayStation 4 PRO

Cross Cross Cross Cross Cross Cross



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