Demon’s Souls Penetrator Boss Battle Guide

In this handbook we will show you how to defeat the boss of the devil’s soul penetration. The intruder is also one of the bosses of the Boletarian Palace you are going to fight, and this is not just a boss battle. Penetrator is an extremely aggressive boss and will continue to attack you, leaving you very little room to really attack. You must use a very careful strategy to compensate for your evasions and attacks with sufficient stamina to avoid again. This guide will help you defeat the boss easily.

Intruder Leader’s Guide to the Battlefield – Demonic Souls

Our Demon Soul Penetrator boss leads the Battle Boss in detail through everything you need to know to defeat Boss Penetrator in the game.

How easy it is to defeat Penetrator in the soul of the demon…

Don’t be fooled by the fat man holding the axe at the beginning of the fight, because the real boss hasn’t shown up yet. When the boss shows up, you will notice that he is extremely aggressive and constantly on the offensive. This means that you need to get back on your feet and be able to dodge quickly. I advise you to take care of your garden a little before this boss fights for a few souls and increase your stamina a little, because this boss fight requires a good stamina for a fair fight.

Moreover, as the name suggests, the boss likes to infiltrate and comes up with a weapon that is also designed to penetrate. His sword is quite long and extremely long. But one thing’s for sure: The boss is totally in a fight. He will attack you with his sword, and up close he will keep waving his sword around you, so you will fall quickly if you don’t escape in the wrong way. There are also a few statues in the area, but using them as cover is not good because the boss can destroy them all at once.

Your best attack is to defend yourself in this fight with the boss, so you have to dodge a lot. To achieve this, you’ll need to try to dodge and finish as close to the boss’ back as possible, so you can make a few attacks before dodging the next one again. Note that these windows are very short before the attack of the boss. The boss also launches heavy attacks, and it takes him about a second to recover from them, so you can use them to your advantage in battle.

If the boss’s sword shines, step aside, because this is a very strong attack that will harm your health. However, the boss takes a second to attack and then lands, giving you a chance to dodge the attack before you hit him. Put the boss on his back and give a few quick slaps before you hide again. Hurry up and keep stimulating the health of your boss, and soon you’ll kill him. Victory over your boss rewards you with 35,850 souls and a devilish soul made of silver.

The boss is all alone, but if you have problems with him, you can always get extra help to fight. Before your boss fights, go back to the arena where you fought the Knight of the Tower and free Biorr from his cell. For this fight you need the iron keychain, then you fight and kill the fat civil servant who is guarding it to finally free Biorr. Release him and he will join you in battle.

For more information about The Boss’ manuals on demon souls, please follow the links below

This concludes our guide to fight the boss – the intruder of devilish souls. If you want to add something to this guide, you can use the comment section below.

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