Demon’s Souls Tower Knight Boss Guide

In this guide for Knights in the Tower of Demons Souls we explain how to defeat the seemingly invincible knight in the Tower of Demons Souls. When you meet this mighty boss at Boletaic Palace, it might seem impossible to kill him because of the huge shield he holds directly in front of him, but this guide will help you, as you can defeat this overwhelming boss without much effort.

Guide for Knight Leaders – Demonic Souls

Our guide to Tower Boss Knight in Demon Souls contains everything you need to know to defeat Tower Boss Knight in Demon Souls.

How to defeat the Knight of the Tower in the soul of the demon…

All you need for this boss’s fight is a good gun in your hand. Heavy weapons are extremely useful in this fight with the boss. Otherwise, any two-handed weapon is good. Cross the fog and after watching the first scenario, ignore the boss and run to the stairs at the back of the arena. There are two separate facilities, so you can take them all first. Go up those stairs, turn around and get off the shooters first. Those archers are gonna make your life a living hell in this boss fight. Don’t forget, the boss also has a strong range. If you are standing on these ladders, be prepared to dodge if you see a big blue ball running in your direction

When all the shooters on both sides are dead, you can finally take care of the boss yourself. If you stay away from the boss, he’ll keep attacking you within his reach, so you’ll have to get close to him to stop him. Up close, he’ll go into a hand-to-hand fight. If you need to take care of yourself, you can go upstairs and take a break during a boss fight and take care of yourself. If you fight your boss in the front line, he’ll break his shield on the ground with a powerful AoE attack that will take a lot out of your health.

The best way to hurt your boss is to stay on your back and attack his legs. He will also cut his sword to fit you into different angles. So try not to get caught while attacking your feet, the master with his foot up, and let him bounce on the ground. The best way to prevent damage in this area is not to get too greedy. After a few blows to the leg, go back a little bit to get out of the combat zone. As soon as he breaks his leg on the ground, come back for a few punches.

If the boss turns around and catches you in his shield and blocks your way, he’ll move quickly because the powerful power of the sword is coming, and he’ll do you a lot of damage when you reach the beam. The damage you do to the boss at this stage may seem insignificant, but if you kick him in the legs, you can eventually knock him down and hit him on the head, causing him a lot of damage. Keep kicking your feet, and at some point it will fall off and you’ll get the chance to hit your boss on the head. Try to keep your boss in the middle of the arena, otherwise fighting at the edges will result in strange camera angles.

Also make sure you touch both legs of the boss. Blowing on both legs makes the boss fall much faster than on one leg. If the boss falls, aim for his head and give him as many heavy attacks as possible. If you’re not done with the boss, the boss comes back and you have to start over. Keep this up and the boss will be down in a minute. It may seem as if the boss is very hard to win, but with the right strategy you can kill him without too much effort. Victory over your boss will reward you with 8570 souls and the evil soul of iron.

For more information about the battle manuals of the bosses, see the links below.

Here we close our guide to the Knight Leader of the Devil’s Tower. If you want to add something to this guide, you can use the comment section below.

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