I would like to share with you what you do and what you shouldn’t do among us!

Dos & Dont’s in Among Us


1. Do not leave the lobby after the game has started. If you’re not a cheater, let others enjoy the moment.

2. If you’re the owner, don’t make fancy game settings. Speeds above 2 are in most cases already too high. Personally, I recommend 1.5.

3. Perform balanced tasks! If you play with 10 people, he’ll bet more. If the tasks are too few, the importer has no chance to win, and if the tasks are too many, teammates have no chance.

4. Don’t cheat! If you’re talking to a friend in disagreement, don’t tell him who killed you. They spoil the fun for themselves and for others.
4.1. If your friend tells you who killed him, don’t write it to everyone! It’s always cheating and ruining the fun.

5. Don’t use a scam. Using them in other games is bad enough, but to use them in games like Among Us, you really have to be a spoiled person.

Crew composition:

1. Don’t blame anyone for nothing. You’re ruining this guy’s game and helping the cheaters win.

2. If anyone’s accused, let him explain. He could have been appointed by the emperor.

3. Don’t use an emergency meeting for no reason! You’re wasting the time of your people and others. Don’t do it unless you have a reason.

4. Try to accomplish visual tasks for others! This is your chance to get a solid alibi.

5. Just because someone doesn’t want to solve the sabotage doesn’t mean he’s an impostor! Maybe he decided there were enough people left to solve the problem, so he went back to work.

6. If you’ve been killed or beaten, don’t give up! You can continue to carry out your tasks and help your team to win.


1. Don’t be reckless! Be careful where and when you kill. It’ll only take a minute and you’ll be caught or charged with murder.

2. Use sabotage! It’s not just the light that sabotages you. Think of the reactor, the link and the oxygen.

3. Don’t forget to lock the door. You can save precious seconds.

4. Try working with a partner! By working together you can often win quickly.

5. If you’ve been discovered and thrown away, don’t give up the game! You’re always very helpful to your partner. You can still sabotage things and walk through walls.

6. Don’t tell me who your partner is! He still has a chance to win the game with your help, and you let him use it.

Visual tasks:

These are all visual tasks, and what they look like:


Maps: Skeld only

Dos & Dont’s in Among Us


Maps: Skeld, peace headquarters, the Pole…

Dos & Dont’s in Among Us


Maps: Skeld, the Pole. (He’s also at Peace Headquarters, but there’s no visual task)

Dos & Dont’s in Among Us


Maps: Skeld only

When the first player to perform this task activates the shields. If another player performs a task after another player has already activated it, it will blink.

Dos & Dont’s in Among Us

Plan map:

Life sign (poles):

As you know, we have lectures on the Pole. Here’s a little description and a tip.


  • Green is vital: Live
  • Red is vital: Death
  • Grey is vital: Offline

Centre of gravity:

You can use your vital functions to determine who is an impostor! Here is a video that explains everything (I’m not the creator of this video!).

If you would like us to cover other game guides in addition to this guide, please let us know in the comments section. We like to do this for our readers. We have also consulted other guides for this game, see the section on this game.

It says: Velkos Aremandru

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