Double Kick Heroes Review – Double Kick Heroes is a great mashup that combines the best of rhythmic gameplay and classic arcade shooting games into a truly stunning game, now available for Nintendo Switch. Combining two different genres can be a risky step, but sometimes it pays off, and here it pays off!

Double Kick Heroes Review –

Armed with the power of metal and a small arsenal of weapons, the Double Kick Heroes travel through Gundillac through zombies and gangs infected apocalyptic America, trying to find out what happened to maximum light. There are several modes that the player can choose from the beginning with different levels of difficulty according to their personal preferences. Usually I play rhythmic games, either at the easy level or at the higher level because I like to relax, but there are many options from which you can choose what best suits your playing style. Depending on the level of difficulty, there are different types of weapons and skills that allow you to ward off the hordes of undead that hunt hot tails.

There is a stage mode with 30 levels of metal in which the band conquers the ground. The hieroglyphs and writing are not the best, and to be honest I was a little shocked when I read their lines, but there were some nice links to legendary rockers and pop culture icons that I really liked. If you want to miss the story completely and get straight into action, there’s an Arcade mode where you can choose from over 30 titles designed specifically for the game.

Double Kick Heroes Review –

There are several ways to choose how to release an exclusive version of the Nintendo Switch game. You can play with the control buttons by pressing the notes at the right moment, which is normal but not very exciting. I mainly played with the joy cones that were separated for traffic control, which actually worked quite well. A bit like the game Taiko no Tatsujin with Joe horses simulate drums and hits air drums. As with most motion-based games, there will always be accidental hiccups when they miss the beat, but generally it was more fun to play with them than without them.

Double Kick Heroes contains 30 metal tracks written by a rock composer with songs from the whole spectrum of rock and metal music. There’s definitely a title for everyone, provided you like music, otherwise I’m not sure why you should play this game.

Double Kick Heroes Review –

The game features beautifully drawn 2D retro graphics that look perfect on the switch. The plot mode would be a little better if a voice was played for the cuts, but that’s not so much.

Double Kick Heroes is an amazing mix of metal, arcade shooting games and rhythmic motion controls that feels like you’re at home in no time. The storyline and characters may not be the best written, but with 30 beautiful rock songs to play, it’s a great party game to have on hand for you and your rock-loving friends.

Heroes of a Double Strike Overview

  • Graphs – 8/10
  • The tone is 9/10.
  • The gameplay is 8/10.
  • Late appeal – 8/10


Final remarks : GROSS

With over 30 ignition tracks and a variety of gameplay options, Double Kick Heroes is the perfect ignition timing to take full advantage of the switch’s unique control, perfect for you and all your metal-loving friends. May these cones of joy be tied to your wrists!

Double Kick Heroes Review –

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