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Since the mid-1970s, board game enthusiasts have come together to play, dice in hand, the famous masterpiece of Dave Arneson Dungeons and Dragons Gary Gigax and Dave Arneson. Of course, the game has undergone some changes over the years. Since the takeover of the Mages of the Coast, better known for their magic: The Gathering, D&D went through five different issues.

With each new edition, the mechanics and construction of the D&D universe change slightly. The fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons gave a huge boost to the game’s popularity and aroused the curiosity of many enthusiastic board game fans who wanted to know how to pick up the dice and play an incredibly exciting game.

One of the first options for the new D&D player is class selection. If you have problems choosing a class for your game, look no further. Browse through the list of levels below to see how each class is ranked and which one suits you best.

List of levels Description

  • Level S – These classes are extremely strong. Versatile, dominant in battle and just fun, these warriors are sure to be chosen no matter what situation they find themselves in.
  • Level A – These classes are powerful, but not invincible. If you want to make sure your class doesn’t stop you, you can’t go wrong with these symbols.
  • Level B – Medium, these classes are competent and reliable. Although these classes are not the most powerful characters to choose from, they can still be very entertaining.
  • Level C – These classes are generally considered less powerful than many of their equivalents. However, these characters can be very useful and very funny in a certain situation.
  • Level D – These characters are generally considered the weakest classes and are not particularly recommended for novice players.

It is important to note that each player is different from the others. The fact that the class is not statistically maximized for fighting doesn’t mean it can’t provide hours of fun for the player. This list of levels is only a guide.

Read the detailed breakdown of each class below before deciding which class is best for you. If you want to create one of the best D&D characters for yourself, check out our guides here.



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  • The bard is something really special. While many D&D classes have a firm grasp of secret or divine powers, the Bard has the unique potential to have a firm grasp of many different magical disciplines. Each Bard learns magical secrets on level 10, allowing the character to learn up to six spells from any spell list in the game. If a player chooses a quorum of Legendary Bards, he can choose two non-Bard spells on level six. It is incredibly advantageous because the player can really adapt the skills of the bard to his group. Do we need more healing? You can select a handful of healing spells from the spelling list. Do you need damage to the AoE? The spell list of the caster is filled to the ridge with damages. What’s more, the Bard is best able to organize the battlefield thanks to the many polishing, debuffing and controlling spells on its spell list, as well as the crucial advantage of a continuous flow of inspiration cubes. As if that wasn’t enough, the Bard gets some benefit from the battle with his classroom skills and knowledge. This allows the Bard to be very successful in various aptitude tests. Ultimately, the Bard is one of the most customizable and adaptable classes in the game. If you want to be useful both inside and outside the battle, if you want to organize each battle with precision and adapt to each situation, then you shouldn’t make a mistake when choosing a Bard. My personal bard archetypes are the College of the Brave and the College of Legends.
  • Fighter – When it comes to pure fighting skills, no one is superior to a fighter. As far as defense is concerned, the fighter has a small collection of useful skills. With the 10-shot dice, the fighter has the second highest number of successful dice in the game. In this way, a player can achieve a very important maximum health by investing part of his skill points in his body. In addition, the second wind and the invincible ability of the fighter ensure a minimal improvement of the class. If you decide to create skills for your Fighter Depot, your character will always have all the armor and shields. Therefore, there will never be an excuse for a low tank class when using a hunter. But the real strength of the fighter lies in the ability of the class to do incredible damage. The fighter learns to make up to four attacks per turn, which doubles the attack speed of any other class. But the fighter can double his attacks per turn by using the force of the impact. As a result, the fighter can blow up almost any standard enemy in one or a few shots if built correctly. My favorite archetypes are the Lord of Battles and the Beast.
  • The Paladins are just fun. Paladin has a heavy d10 cube, which gives the character the second highest maximum health potential of all classes. Paladin also knows how to handle all his armor and shields. So it’s quite easy to get a high quality armor with character. The end result is that the paladins can be beautiful floats if necessary. The paladin can cook it as well as take it. Thanks to their combat weapons, divine defeat, extra attack and spell list, Paladins are also able to move high-level damage. Although there are many reasons to take paladins, this class also has considerable therapeutic potential. The Paladin’s spell list is full of useful healing spells, but his energy and Paladin channeling abilities really separate the healing class from the rest of the group. My favorite paladins are the Oath of Betrayal and the Oath of Conquest.


  • Ecclesiastes – No class can measure up to a cleric in healing. This character’s spell list is full of incredibly useful healings and spells. If your team needs more support, it’s more likely to call in a priest. A clergyman can master the skill of a class with medium armor and shields. However, the priests only get one attack per turn and some are stopped by their little d8 strike. So it is possible to turn a clergyman into a quasi-tanker. However, a priest will never have the tanning or damaging properties of some other classes. My favorite clinical archetypes are the field of life and war.
  • Druids- Druids can be both incredibly addictive and incredibly useful. The druid has a list of spells very similar to those of the priest. That’s why Druids can be excellent healers for your team. In addition, the Druid has many challenging spells that can help to expand the aggression and armor of your team. The class’s ability to form wild shapes gives the Druids only one type of armor. After all, the Druid is capable of anything. But the Druid isn’t exactly a master of his art either. A class can supply itself by its ability to create forms of fire and the list of spells that cause it. The class can heal itself thanks to the many druid spells that are spread with a list of writing spells. The Druid also has a handful of AoE damage that causes spells. After all, the Druid is a fairly round class. The only disadvantage is that in many areas the druid is not a real master. My favorite druid archetypes are the circle of the moon and the circle of the shepherd.
  • Wizards – Wizards are incredibly unique characters. Moreover, these Eldritian warriors are better equipped for battle than some of their comrades. Wizards have a much more limited library of known spells and magical battlements. However, these characters are almost always willing to blow up all their spells at every encounter, because the wizards have a unique way to pick up their spells during short breaks. This way the wizards can focus their spells on crushing and increasing the damage in any trade. What’s more, warriors are highly adaptable when it comes to damage. The weapon function of the pact allows each magician to inflict damage in close combat if necessary. In addition, Eldritch’s unique magic explosive mix can provide a reasonable damage range up to level 20. If you’re looking for something different that offers flexibility in playing style, a magician can be an incredibly fun lesson to play. My favorite archetypes of wizards are the hexagon and the queen of the crows.
  • Master – Especially inventive and creative players can test the master class. The class lacks strong fighting skills, but makes up for lost time with mysterious miracles. The wizard is quite unarmed when it comes to weapons for battle. With his d6 cubes, the wizard has the lowest maximum health of all classes. Besides, the wizard doesn’t have any armor. That’s why the Wizard, of all classes, is by nature the most vulnerable to defense. But this wizard does not perform miracles. The character knows the effective damage spells of the AoE. Since this is the most effective form of damage inflicted by a Master, the class may depend to some extent on the location of the enemy to impose a truly severe punishment. However, the caster can still use earthly spells like Firebolt and low level spells like Burning Ray to treat individual damage to the target. Of course, the strengths of the class remain elsewhere. A wizard can enjoy the benefits of battle. Although class skill tests cannot compete with bard or cheat tests, there are many fascinating spells available for the wizard. The Masters are therefore reserved for advanced players looking for a more challenging and inventive Dungeons and Dragons game. My favorite archetypes of wizards are the school of knives and the school of military magic.


  • Barbarian – A barbarian has the potential to be one of the most entertaining things you can play. The character has a 12-roll dice, the biggest dice roll in the game. In addition, a barbarian’s ability to get angry can halve the class for a short period of time. In the end, the character dies massive blow, his ability to get angry and combine his indomitable defensive skills to make the barbarian one of the largest tanks in Dungeon and Dragon. Of course, a barbarian can also cause serious damage. The barbarian deserves a second attack on level five. In addition, the class gets a zoom bonus, a bonus for static anger damage. A barbarian’s ability to attack ruthlessly also gives him a class advantage when attacking, although his enemies have a class advantage when attacking a barbarian. After all, a barbarian can be a better tank than almost any other class. Moreover, the class does enough damage to threaten a standard enemy. The increased speed of movement in the class also makes the Barbarian a great tool for feverish enemies, allowing you to put pressure on enemy glass guns and healers. The main disadvantage of the Barbary is that the damage inflicted on the class is not exactly the same as that of a fighter or even the potential damage of a Paladin. The barbarian is also one of the weakest of the group in terms of usefulness outside the fight. The Barbarian can always be incredibly useful to the team and brings a lot of fun to the game. My favorite archetypal Barbarians are the ancestors and berserkers.


  • Diplomats – Diplomats are quite unique. Instead of relying on the power of their magic, artists rely primarily on the power of their equipment. D8s die for certificates, making them vulnerable when it comes to maximum health. However, they also have medium armor and shields. This allows the shooter to be integrated into the tank, but the results will be less impressive than those of other classes. The joint may also accidentally have the second attack. Of course, artists do not have combat weapons, so the maximum potential for weapon damage is not as great as it could be. Artists, however, can be very useful outside the fight because of their different skills in using the instruments. In addition, the shooter’s unique ability to increase his equipment makes him ineffective when treating damage or tanning in battle. After all, the artist is able to play a full role in almost every team. However, this class is less combatable or less handicapped than other classes. My favorite artillery archetype is the alchemist.
  • Ranger – The ranger is equipped with unique equipment to guide the group to its destination. However, the ranger is not necessarily the best class to assist in arriving at the destination. The ranger has many unique skills that the whole group can use, including the inability of the group to get lost on a long journey and the ability to avoid the negative effects of difficult terrain on long journeys. The Ranger can also be an excellent scout as the class can increase its invisibility through spells such as Trailless Passing. Rangers are after all the best scouts and guides for each group. However, the Rangers have no special equipment for damaging or finding tanks in battle. The Rangers have medium armor and shields. Besides, an D10 is dying. It is therefore better to learn to dance with a Ranger class than to do a lot of damage. My favorite archetypes of rangers are the master slave of animals and the slave of hunters.
  • Trickster – A trickster can be a difficult lesson in battle. The classroom is characterized by a high degree of mobility, because cheaters can break the connection or throw themselves into the game as an extra. As a result, crooks are well into the rear of the enemy and put pressure on the weaker members of the enemy team. Thanks to the possibility for the cheater to hide as a bonus, it is also strongly recommended to do everything possible to prevent damage at every turn. To increase the stability of the impostor, you need to travel at a distance to repair the damage. Then you have to make an extra move before you use the bonus promotion to hide. The trickster can’t really get the sun, so you should use this feature as often as possible. Thanks to the secret attack function of a cheater, the class is able to inflict moderate damage. However, the damage caused by the criminal is largely situation-specific and cannot compete with damage in some other classes. However, the villain’s lack of willingness to fight is compensated to a certain extent by the outside fight. The experience of an impostor and his reliable skills make him very suitable to carry out skill tests outside the fight. That’s why cheating is best suited for players who want to help in battle, but who want the freedom to actually use their skills elsewhere if necessary. My favorite criminal archetypes are murderers and mysterious wizards.
  • Wizard – A wizard can be incredibly entertaining, but not as useful in battle as other classes. The caster has many spells to damage the Ace. However, the class does not offer much damage caused by a target. Therefore, the caster’s ability to cope with damage is largely situation-specific. With a d6 Impact cube and no armor or shield, the launcher is also very vulnerable for defensive purposes. However, the wizard’s unique metamorphic ability gives the class a rather sublime quality of ingenuity. There are also many healing spells available for players who choose the archetype of the divine soul. This course is not offered to new players, but more experienced players looking for a little more effort and a more imaginative style of play are likely to have a lot of fun with this course. My favorite archetypes of magic are stone magic and the divine soul.


  • Monk – Monk is a fairly interesting class, although not very useful. The monk is very agile because the class benefits from an extra 30 feet of movement up to level 20 and can use his wind power to throw as a bonus action. That’s why it’s best to use a monk as a gorilla hunter. Perform the battle from a distance, share your own damage, then use the wind step to move away from the action and escape. Players can also take advantage of the monk’s impressive mobility to recharge in the enemy hinterland and put pressure on the weaker members of the enemy forces. However, the problem with these strategies is that the monk is not very good at tanning or causing damage. The monk only has a d8-block, and without a shield he’s probably more useful. That’s why the player has to drop a lot of skill points into the body if he wants to dance. Moreover, monks can only handle simple weapons and short swords. There are ways to avoid this problem, but most monastery buildings depend on the extent of unarmed damage, which is unique to this class. Thanks to the ability to hit a monk in a grain, he can carry out up to four attacks per turn in a short period of time. However, an unarmed monk cannot benefit from the damage caused by increasing heroics such as a sniper or a grand master. Monks also can’t polish their damage with paladins, like exorcising a blacksmith, or polish their mysterious skills with secret spells, like mirrors. This is why monks are not effective armouring or really effective causers of damage. As a monk, the player can easily move around on the battlefield. However, the player will have to be creative if he wants to be useful in battle. My favorite monastic archetypes are the way to calm down and open your hand.

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