Everspace 2 Launch has been Delayed to January 2021

Rockfish Games has announced that it has postponed the launch of its Everspace 2 looter, which is now scheduled for release in January. The developer mentioned the date of the latest version of Cyberpunk 2077, which fell on the game.

In addition, the developer has decided to send pre-release keys for a closed beta version to Kickstarter managers who are committed to the game.

Michael Shade, CEO and founder of Rockfish Games, shared a brief message,

Bringing the original EVERSPACE to the latest generation of consoles has been a real challenge for us in the distant past. So you can only imagine how hard it must be to bring a big name like Cyberpunk 2077 to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Unfortunately, it’s also a blow to any other race scheduled for this week. We know from our congregation that there is a fairly large overlap between the two names, so we decided to step aside and postpone our release until January. We know EVERSPACE 2 fans will be unhappy, but competing with perhaps the most anticipated video game in history is simply not a good idea.

To make this positive, we decided to organize a conference on the 2nd. November: Sending private beta keys to all eligible Kickstarter supporters so they can play the first 10 hours of EVERSPACE 2 months earlier In addition, we also plan to issue an additional 200 closed beta keys, only through media partners and our weekly community feeds, to spare the pain of a few lucky astronauts.

Everspace 2 picks up the story where the first game ended exactly. Players play for one of the surviving clone pilots and confront the remnants of their past. The cloning program was stopped and they were rewarded by the colonial authorities. Survival is more important today than ever. Players must develop from a former military clone into a real person if they want to survive in the world of EVERSPACE 2.

That’s what the closed beta version of Everspace 2 is all about:

  • Addition of functional tools and work screens in the cockpit
  • A detonator and an unmanned raver were added to the spawning tables.
  • Addition of an elite-hostile type
  • Other points of interest added
  • More puzzles added
  • Other activities and objectives in this area have been added
  • Addition of another subcommittee
  • Adding visible side engines to the player’s ships
  • More production added
  • Added an option to trace the funds needed for the premiums.
  • Added the possibility to follow conversations
  • Advanced game models (Hull)
  • Missions as part of the campaign to improve lighting 01 – 07
  • Improvement 1. Battle of the Bosses
  • Improving the dialogue on history
  • Improvements in general lighting
  • Improved and additional 3D environmental tests
  • A better home
  • Improved article management
  • Extensive and extra equipment on board
  • A better balance
  • Improved in-game menu
  • Players can now store two additional ships on their home base.
  • The device modes can now be activated individually instead of sequentially.
  • HUD adjustments and improvements
  • Additional graphical parameters (FOV cursor, gamma, V-SYNC, motion blur, chromatic aberration, GIS, error numbers, HUD elements)
  • The game can now be played in full screen (a bug has been fixed that made the game crash with Alt-Tabbing).
  • Remedy of an accidental failure when loading saved games / checkpoints
  • Several small improvements and bug fixes

Everspace 2 was supposed to start during the holidays, but was not moved. Place your comments below.

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