Fantasy Life Online is a sequel to the popular 3DS game.

The Fantasy Life franchise has a special place in the hearts of many players. The game for 3DS, already released in 2014, is filled with so much content that fans of the game still play charming simulations and role-playing games.

I always pick up the dusty Nintendo 3DS system to come back and do some work to help my villagers. Despite the great success of the game, the sequel never came out.

However, the fifth phase did not end the franchise, although it seems to happen here in the West. Already in 2018 a spiritual successor was released in Japan.

Imaginative life online born

Fantasy Life Online, as its name suggests, allows you to connect your gaming experience with friends all over the world. You can share your village with friends. Just discover the beautiful world of 3D with your satellites and even share the tools you’ve created or received during your search.

Fantasy Life Online – The Cutest Game You Have Never Played

The whole game is connected to the internet, so you can share your world with your friends or random players if you like. It’s a fun enough idea that works well in a game like this. It’s just fun when friends come with you to explore the world, take on challenges together and then swap equipment.

New, but still the same – become who you want to be.

Fantasy Life Online – The Cutest Game You Have Never Played

Despite the fact that Fantasy Life Online is still connected to the internet, you still have the charm and rich gameplay possibilities you expect from Fantasy Life.

There are twelve pertussis related professions from which you can choose to be an archer, cook, blacksmith or one of the many other professions available to you.

When you become a fisherman, you face a variety of challenges and tasks, as if you have decided to become the owner of a village bakery. Whatever you want to do in Fantasy Life Online, there will be a lot of activities every day.

The only difference is that you can now share your experience with your friends to a greater extent than the original 3DS game allows.

Village building

Fantasy Life Online – The Cutest Game You Have Never Played

In Fantasy Life Online a lot of attention is paid to building villages. Not only can you customize and change the look and feel of your own city, but you can also place buildings and furnish the area as you wish.

Your adventures and quests in the game depend on the buildings you build in your city. You can also invite friends to come to your village, to trade and exchange. They can also go on an adventure together. Your friends can also help you promote your city faster.

House of sweets

Just like in Animal Crossing, you can build and furnish your own house. If you choose the right activity, you can even make your own furniture, so if you collect the necessary materials!

But if you don’t feel at ease, you can always choose from a variety of furniture and items to furnish your home.

Imaginative Life Online Western version

Fantasy Life Online – The Cutest Game You Have Never Played

The game is available in Japan on iOS and Android since July 2018. The name is still regularly updated, in service of the enormous community that has formed around the game.

Level 5 has made no official announcement about the release of the game in the West. But the company has taken big steps to release many of its games in the West, such as Snack World – especially on Nintendo Switch.

It is still hoped that the game will be released in Europe, the United States and Australia in the future. I contacted level five to see if they had any information to share.

You can still download the game on iOS and Android, but the language can only be Japanese. Let’s hope there will be a new Fantasy Life game available, possibly on Switch or even on the west gate of this charming mobile version.

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