Fight Crab Review – 2020 will undoubtedly be one of the worst years of my life. Now that I’m typing here, I’m not sure I’ll have to evacuate later because of a number of forest fires that burn dangerously all over the west coast of the United States. In times like these, games like Fight Crab are a welcome snapshot of stupidity and encouragement, allowing me to escape all the fear and uncertainty of the real world outside my window.

Fight Crab Review –

Boy Crab reminds me of some weird games I played in a small arcade in my local cinema while waiting for the movie to start. The whole thing is simple: In order to get a nameless crab coming out of the sea under control, it was decided to bring back as many crabs as possible and become world champion crab.

In the game there are many different crustaceans, from snow crabs and giant spider crabs to lobsters and elbow crabs. Each of them plays in their own way with unique statistics and quantities. Each crab can also contain up to two weapons, one for each claw, and can contain anything from missiles to pistols. The level of absolute absurdity is what makes Fight Crab so entertaining.

Control is a bit difficult in the beginning, but after a few practice rounds it was a bit easier. Use the directional buttons to move the crab and it will automatically move in the indicated direction. The joysticks control the individual crab claws. With the exception of the Switch version, players can use motion control with joysticks for the same movement. During the game there are a lot of events and things to think about, but in fact everything is pretty simple once you get used to it, and with each new round, the game gets dumber and more fun.

Fight Crab Review –

In Arcade mode you take control of a crab destined to become the best flying crab in the world by battling the waves of gladiator crabs. The campaign consists of 34 steps that will probably only take an hour or two for the player. Here the player can line up his crab and unlock new weapons to prepare for battle.

I had a lot of fun playing a local split-screen multiplayer with my girlfriend and roommate sitting together on the couch laughing at the spotlight being driven on the screen. Because of the number of crabs, weapons and environmental objects on the screen at the same time, I had a few drops of individual images when I played in local multiplayer mode. I had no problems with the images when I played in the campaign, or even – surprisingly – in the multiplayer online game.

Boy Crab has an online multiplayer mode, which is very cool for me, since the Switch version hadn’t been released to the public at the time of the game, so I could only play with users on the PC. Fortunately, I had no problems playing online with other players and there were no technical problems, at least not on my part.

Fight Crab Review –

Boy Crab is not only played as an early 2000’s arcade game, but it also looks like it. There are so many bright colors and madness. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was playing in high school if I was alone in the amusement arcades of my local pizzeria and the cinema. Of course not, but the Fight Crab is really inspired by the classic 3D arcade fighting games of recent years.

The landscape is also amazing. Fighting like giant crabs in the city or like ordinary crabs in a Chinese restaurant will always be fun. But you can even fight underwater and ride a seal in battle, or hold a fish and let it carry you when you meet the enemy.

Fight Crab Review –

Even the music seems too loud. There is a soundtrack in the game that sounds like a Japanese movie about Kaizu monsters, and Dragon Ball Z had a child who was really interested in shellfish. It’s crazy and wild, but I liked it. It certainly added a crazy atmosphere to the game and made me go a step further in the battle.

Battle Crab is a huge crustacean hunter who doesn’t take himself seriously, making him a great refuge from all the madness in the world right now. This year I played a lot of games like Animal Crossing, which allowed me to forget the real world for a while, but Fight Crab did what few other games did to me, which is ridiculous. I haven’t laughed like that in a video game since last year’s Untitled Goose Game , and to be honest, I think we all deserve a good laugh now.

Combating cancer

  • Graphs – 8/10
  • The tone is 9/10.
  • Course of the game – 9/10
  • Late appeal – 8/10


Final remarks : EXPLANATION

Crabfighting is fun and stupid to walk away from the 2020 alarm. Do yourself a favor, take it, play with your friends and have fun with the crabs.

Fight Crab Review –

Tony’s been playing since he could walk. Pokémon Blue Version helped him learn to read. His greatest achievement is not only playing the Kingdom Hearts series as a whole, but also understanding it.

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