fix error CE 34878 0 on ps4

When you play games on the Playstation, you will receive an error message or a blinking code on the screen, which are the most annoying and interrupt the whole game process. Sometimes an error CE 348780 occurs on PS4 during the game and this error code causes the game to close suddenly. Error CE 348780 on PS4 is the most annoying error caused by game failures. Many Playstation users receive an error CE 348780 on Play Station 4, and they are there to fix the problem. But do not worry, here are the most satisfying tools and solutions that have been tested and work for many Playstation 4 users. And all this thanks to our team of experts who have observed the problem on his console and dealt with the solution error CE 348780 on PS4.


There are many reasons why CE 348780 on ps4 failed, the first reason being that CE 348780 on ps4 failed? The answer to this question is very simple, and the reason is that if the game CE 348780 falls wrong on ps4. In addition, a large opening in the story reveals why the game falls on the PlayStation and causes an error CE 348780 on the ps4. Here are some of the reasons for this problem:

  • Do not update your games or system software: This is the main reason why this problem is caused by rewriting new content in software and games, precisely because the obsolete game has fallen, and also leads to an error CE 348780 on the ps4.
  • If you update something in your console and forget to reinstall it, an error occurs and the games fail.
  • Reliable applications and games: In most cases, the game or application was found to contain errors that led to this problem.
  • Face Recognition enabled : When the PS camera is turned on, it interrupts the game and often causes problems.


After investigating the cause of the error CE 348780 on PS4, you may be able to find a solution to this problem or, if you do not know, ensure that all methods practiced here require total concentration and more patience, since all methods include restart procedures. These methods not only work with bug fixes, but also help to minimize the speed at which games and applications crash. You won the jackpot by getting error CE 348780 on PS4, because this error will solve your problem. Please note that this problem has nothing to do with your internet connection.

Decision 1: Game upgrade

Here are the solutions that will help you solve your problem:

  1. Exit the Playstation startup screen.
  2. Select the game by highlighting it and pressing the Options button.
  3. Select the Check for Update option and have the game updated and installed.
  4. Then restart the Playstation console.

Decision 2: System software updates

  1. On the PlayStation Home screen, select Settings.
  2. Select System software update and allow installation of system updates.
  3. Restart PlayStation 4.


These solutions work. If an error occurs after an update, just follow the instructions:

  1. If a PS camera is connected to the system, remove it and restart the system,
  2. Then go to [Settings] > [Users] > [Connection Settings] and turn [Enable Face Detection] off.


If you have updated your console’s hard disk drive (HDD), reinstall the original HDD to solve the problem.


If the error occurs again, back up the stored data and then

    1. On the PlayStation 4 startup screen, select Settings.
    2. Choose Initialization.
    3. Select Initialize PS4.

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