This weekend we have news from Risa Studio: The lost legends and the theme song of the secret fairy, the history of the seasons: Pioneers of the City of the Olive, History of the Rare Earth, Railway Empire DLC, My Aunt – Witch, Bonky and the fourth DLC CIV.

Reese 2 Workshop: Lost Legends and Secret Faeries Theme Song

Departure is on the 26th. January 2021, additional information about the studio Riza 2 : The lost legend and the secret fairy.

By joining the rose in her adventures, she becomes an enchanting and mysterious creature known as Fi. Risa and Fi become more and more intimate during their journey and the bond between them deepens when they start living together. While Fi continues to grow, Risa realizes that the creature has mysterious powers. Finally, Risa asks Fi to explore the ancient ruins, and while Fi pretends to dive deeper into the unknown darkness, she discovers a glowing crystal that seems to have a deeper meaning for Risa’s new best friend.

While exploring the ruins, Riza and Fi come into contact with Empel and Lyla, who helped Riza in his adventures three years ago. In fact, it was the Impel who learned the alchemy of the ryga, and Laila is still one of the most combative warriors in the world. The couple is always looking for something special in the ruins. Could their quest also help Riza and Fi discover the secrets of the lost legends?

In addition to the extensive list of characters, Ryza is supported in his adventures by his companion Puni. These drop-shaped creatures can be sent on a training hike, and now they can even upgrade themselves, making it easier to find rare objects that can be transported to Risa. Gisa can then use these objects to decorate her studio. By changing elements such as the wall or floor, Gisa can influence certain special effects, such as the similarity with sunny weather.

Are you going on a new adventure? Start below with the theme song!

Olive City PioneersGame Pendant

Will you also be retiring from Story of Seasons, which will be released on the 23rd and will be available from the Nintendo Shop in March? There’s a new trailer for Seasons History: Pioneers of Olive City, showing some gameplay. Can’t you wait to find out more? Look down!

History of rare earths in Japan

CIRCLE Ent. released a remake of Rare Land Story (Ranshima monogatari rearandosutōrī shōjo no yakujō)
for Nintendo Switch in Japan. This is an old game from 2009 that was played on PSP. The Switch version adds a new ending, new outfits, improved graphics, text skip and much more.

In this game you are like a war hero, Baron Hiro, who has to take care of the mysterious girl Celia in his war-torn country. There is a learning part and an adventurous part. In the end you have to make a choice: choose between Celia’s happiness and your own happiness. It might be interesting that he’s also in the West.

Rail Empire adds DLC toonline store

Kalypso Media has added two new members to the railway empire. After Germany, France, Great Britain and Ireland, you can now also purchase the Northern European and Australian expansions. So, even more content for the game we’ve already seen in Two Fingers Up! (Paula’s article can be found here).

In Northern Europe, the players are helping the Swedish Parliament to build a new national railway line to continue the country’s large-scale industrial successes along the lakes and major rivers, which were originally used by cargo ships to deliver goods and merchandise to Northern Europe. Down Under DLC takes railway magnate Sim to the sun-drenched plains of the Australian Outback, allowing players to explore the states of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria and trade well-known continental goods such as grilled beer and seafood.

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Overview Nintendo Switch Railway Empire

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My aunt is the witch.

Did you know Aunt Paula is a witch? It must be because she’s currently investigating my aunt, the witch. It is a visual novel full of adventures and quests in the world of magic, where you have the incredible opportunity to become a student of one of the most extraordinary and charismatic witches.

The protagonist, a boy named Thomas, has a difficult life. It’s even worse when his father marries a woman his stepson can’t stand. His whole life changes with a sudden trip to his aunt’s house, which he visited once many years ago. Now he is certainly distracted from all the sad thoughts, because his aunt Alice is a real witch who has a talking cat and a lot of magical things, and her house is not exactly the right place for little boys. But despite all the dangers, Thomas accepts the challenge and resolutely decides to reach the top of the potions and reveal all the secrets hidden behind the magical barrier.

Bonky, you’re asking me? Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Optimal couch dedicated to the pleasures of an unusual construction, made by monkeys flying in space, equipped with jet packs and robotic arms. What a strange combination!

This club bank will be transformed in early 2021.

Fourth CSD VIC

I wonder what’s included in the fourth package of the CSD, launched on the 19th. November in civilization VI. Watch this tweet in which developers share their vision.

See how the developers present their vision on the fourth DLC package, which will be released on the 19th. November at Civilization VI – New Frontier Pass. What are you most excited about?


– Sid Mayer Civilization (@CivGame) 9. November 2020.

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