Many players want to know how to complete the Genshin Impact Chi of the Guyun Quest. If you complete this quest, you can earn rewards in the game. That’s why the players want the guide to complete this quest.

Here you will find a complete guide to the Guyun Quest Genschin Impact Chi, how to fill it out and much more. Let’s look at the full guidelines in this area without delay.

Genshin Impact Chi of Guyun Quest – Easy Guide

Genshin Impact Chi from the Giant Task Guide

In Guyun’s Genshin Impact Chi, you must perform the following tasks. Just follow all the steps to complete it. Performing this task is very easy in the game if you follow all the given steps.

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  • First you have to go north to the ruins. Here you have to interact with the unfinished letter in the middle.
  • Now we have to look for three special images here. The first statue in the south next to the orange stones. You’ll find a second statue if you go northeast. It is surrounded by orange stones and protected by Geo Slimes. The last one is west of the second, next to some Hillicours.
  • You have to activate them all in the right order. When they are all activated, the Precious Breast reproduces itself next to the incomplete letter. To get to the village of Cinche, you have to open it.
  • Now, you need to talk to the people in Kingche village. One of them will give you a chance to examine the fragment.
  • Then you should talk to Grandma Ruoksin in the village.
  • You can now easily search for fragments with many geo-articles.
  • You must activate all four statues in the correct order. Once you’ve activated them all, you have to accept the price.
  • You must now travel to the Waypoint West Teleport to solve the next puzzle in this quest.
  • Now you have to activate all the images on the ruins according to the Unfinished Letter.
  • Then just open your chest and go see Grandma Ruoxin.
  • Here you will find the entrance to the cave that leads directly to the waterfall. You have to go to the vault and open the door with the fragments.
  • Then you have to activate the base in the middle.
  • Here you have to defeat the ruiners and the ruiner hunter. Just make sure Cash Qing stays safe.
  • Now you have to loot the whole treasure and go back to Grandma Ruoxin.

After carefully following all the steps, Guyun Quest’s Genshin Impact Chi is ready. Make sure you haven’t missed a single step in completing this task.

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It was the easiest way to accomplish this task in the game. Now you can easily finish it in Genshin Impact.

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Conclusion: Genshin’s influence on Gyun Quest Chi

Finally, we hope Guyun Quest has provided you with complete information about Genshin Impact Chi. So stop it now. If you have any problems or concerns about this survey, please contact us in the comments section. We are here to help you clear up all your doubts and questions.

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