Godfall Weapon Classes Guide – Classes, Weapon Loadouts

This Fall of Man Weapon Class Guide shows you the different weapon classes in the game, including different types of weapons you can use in your loads. There are only 5 different weapon classes in the game.

Godfall is a melee game, which means that all classes contain melee weapons that can be used. Each weapon class has its own characteristics and statistics when used in combat.

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In what follows, we have described all weapon classes in the game in detail.

Double sheet

Double blades are the fastest weapon you can use in the game. Although they cause the least damage per impact, their speed more than compensates for the damage. Double blades will prove useful against small types of enemies with low armor.

Double blades also mean that they don’t have a large range, which means you have to be close to the target to knock them down.

Weapons technology:

  • Northern Engineering – Internal focus : A charged attack that does a lot of damage
  • South Tech – Death Reel: Drop your weapon on the target and then bring it to you.

Long words

These are your usual weapons that most players will like to use from the start. This weapon class is balanced for beginners and has a powerful technique. Although their speed is not as high as that of double blades, they are still quite good with their power and damage spectrum.

As a more balanced class, the weapon has shorter recharging times and easier to handle combination guns.

Weapons technology:

  • Scandinavian technology – Spectral eruption : Splashing harmful cuts on a target.
  • Technology from the South – Spiral technology : Go ahead and deliver a devastating blow to every target in front of you.


Big words are two-handed weapons because of the enormous size of these big swords. It is therefore not surprising that they cause a lot of damage, which is not in line with what Warhamers do.

It is not surprising that the giant words are slow at their own speed, as can be seen in the attack animation, but their range is decent enough, so they can hit several small targets with one slit.

Weapons technology:

  • Northern Engineering – Vortex : Jumping forward with a spinning attack with a weapon.
  • South Tech – The big shot: Drop your weapons in front of him, which will damage all targets in his path. When the time is right, the weapon will come back after you’ve thrown it.

Slaughter hammers

Combat hammers are the biggest and slowest weapon you can use. However, tuning is the greatest damage caused by another class of weapons in the game. As you can imagine, their speed is quite low, but their initial damage is the greatest.

Battle hammers are also melee weapons, which means you have to get close to each target to get maximum damage.

Weapons technology:

  • Northern Engineering – Competition Strike: Dismantling weapons in the field that cause damage to nearby targets.
  • Southern technology is an irresistible force: Hit him on the ground with a hammer and damage each target in a straight line.

Cleaning agents

Cleaning machines offer the longest attack range, but the damage caused by weapons is surprisingly low. The speed isn’t so bad, but you can even throw a gun at a target.

Poklearas are perfect for keeping your enemies away from you. If you create a space between enemies or bosses, you’ll have more time to dodge and launch a counterattack.

Weapons technology:

  • Northern Technics – Pauler’s helmet: Jump in the air and hit the ground to damage all nearby targets.
  • Southern Technology – Javelin Throw: Drop your weapon on the target like a spear.

This is the end of our guide to the weapons classes of the Fall. Place your comments below.

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