For today’s position, I have decided to use the breed I have already created that fits perfectly into my universe. Of course, they did not grow in water, but were forcibly cultivated by Atlantic biomans (probably by the frog’s ancestors).

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Have you ever seen a race in a science fiction or fantasy film you’d like to play, but which has no stats? Have you always wanted to watch your favorite movies in your Pathfinder game?

Well, look no further, today I present a new race from the Star Wars saga that can best be explained by the following quote:

Mesa’s back!

It’s true, the Gungans are here!


Gungans are a kind of amphibian that live in different swamps. The different races of Gungan live both on water and on land, but often live in underwater cities, which makes them impressive from the outside. Physically, Gungan’s large humanoids with a flexible structure, strong leg muscles, strong teeth, muscular tongues and many other characteristics were intended for life in the aquatic environment.

Gungans have tense and difficult relationships with other human beings, especially humans, as they have fought with them in the past. They now have a messenger named Binks serving in an embassy in the next human kingdom.

Gungans are a reasonable species of amphibian, although some may support it after meeting Binks. Some even claim that he was sent to alleviate suspicion and that he is part of a clever disguise intended to underestimate the Gungans. In general, both subspecies are large humanoid species with flexible structures and powerful leg muscles that enable them to become the dominant underwater species in areas where they prefer to live.

There are two races of Gungan: the lucky Otolla, who has excellent banknotes and eyes on short stems, and the heavier Ankur, whose eyes are covered with a hood. Gungan’s earlobes, called Haillu, were Otol’s most famous. Those earlobes showed her emotions.

You will find below the rules for adding these races to your game, as well as the rules for their Kaadu Mountain Race. Please note that both types of Gungans reach 11 Race Points (RP) as indicated in the Advanced Guide, which means that they have approximately the same level of performance as the races presented in the basic rule.

Otolla Gungan (11 RP)

Characteristics of the breed

  • +2 dex, +2 con, -2 screws. (1 FP) Otollah Gungan is flexible and tough, but generally reliable.
  • Type (0 RP) : Otolla Gungans are humanoids of the Gungan subtype.
  • Size(0 RP) : Otolla Gungans are medium-sized creatures and because of their size do not benefit from bonuses or fines.
  • The normal speed of the Otolla Gungans (1 RP) has a base speed of 30 feet on land. They also have a swimming speed of 40 feet, can move on the water without having to take swimming tests and still consider swimming a class skill.
  • Darkvision (2 RP) : Otolla’s Gungans can see up to 60 feet in the dark.
  • Amphibian (2 FP) : Otolla Gungans are amphibians and can breathe both air and water.
  • Jumper (2 RP) : Because of the strength of her legs, Otolla Gungans is always considered a starting point in acrobatic jumping.
  • Powerful float (1 RP) : Otolla’s Gungans have strong legs and are excellent swimmers. So they get a +10 foot bonus on their swimming speed. (Included in the basic speed above).
  • Sticky tongue (2 RP) : Otolla’s Gungans have long sticky tongues and can be used in close combat. It’s a secondary attack. A creature hit by this attack may not move more than 1 metre away from the attacker and will receive a -2 AC penalty as long as a tongue is attached (this penalty does not add up if more than one tongue is attached). A tongue can be removed from a target or an adjacent ally by a standard action against an attacking creature, by making an enemy force control, or by making 2 damage points on the tongue (AC 11, damage does not reduce the impact points of a creature talking on the lips). Otolla’s Gungans cannot move more than three meters from a creature stuck to their tongue, but they can free their tongue from the target through free action. A member of this breed can only have one language related creature at a time.

Gungan –

Ankura Gungan (11 PR)

Characteristics of the breed

  • +2 Ctrl, +2 Con, -2 Cha. (1 FP) The Ankura Gungans are strong and tough, but they tend to be grumpy and unpleasant.
  • Type (0 RP) : The Ankura Gungans are humanoids of the Gungan subtype.
  • Size(0 RP) : The Ankura Gungans are medium-sized creatures and due to their size they have no bonuses or fines.
  • Slow and stable (1 RP) The Ankura Gungans have a basic speed of 6 metres on land. They also have a swimming speed of 30 feet, can move on the water without a swimming test and still consider swimming a class of skill. They are never loaded with shields on land and are only loaded with water if they carry a medium or heavy shield.
  • Darkvision (2 RP) : The Ankura Gungans can see up to 60 feet in the dark.
  • Amphibian (2 FP) : The Ankura Gungans are amphibians and can breathe air and water.
  • Powerful float (1 RP) : The Ankura Gungans have strong legs and are excellent swimmers. So they get a +10 foot bonus on their swimming speed. (Included in the basic speed above).
  • Terrible clicks (2 RP) : Once an hour, Gungan Ankura can make a storm cry. Each non-Gungan must successfully complete a rescue roll (DC 10 + level 1/2 user icon + custom charisma modifier) or a shake for 1d4 turns. An object that can be successfully stored cannot be affected by the user’s terrible wheezing within 24 hours. Beings that have already been shaken are rather afraid of 1d4 bullets. It’s a sound effect that affects the mind.
  • The culture of the warriors (2 FP) : The Ankura Gungans are known as terrible warriors, and once a day the Ankura Gungan does damage, flies in a frenzy for 1 minute and gets a +2 racial bonus on Constitution and Power, but a -2 penalty on AC.

Related couplings

Name generator

  • Gungan –
  • Gungan –

Kaadu CR 2

XP 600

N Large animal

Init +3; feeling of visual impairment; perception +9


AC 14, Touch 12, Flat foot 11 (+3 Dex, +2 of course, -1 size)

L.P. 22 (3d8+9)

Strong +6, Ref +6, Will +1


Speed: 15 meters, swimming: 15 meters.

Melee Attack +5 (1d6+6)

10-foot room; 10-foot wingspan.

Special flatness attacks


18 Dex Street 17, Con 16, Int 2, Delete 11, Cha 10.

Basic ink +2; CMB +7; CMD 20

walking stunts, concentration on skills (perception)

Perceptual power +9


Flatness (previously)

When Ka’adou first enters the battle after 24 hours, he unintentionally releases a cloud of gas that expands to a radius of 15 feet. Anyone within 15 feet should save Fortitude DC 13 or feel nauseous from 1d6 shots. This capacity is based on the Constitution. If you have a Gungan subtype, it has no influence, only the smell is unpleasant.

Description :

Kaadus are two-legged reptiles that live both on land and in water: They are excellent runners and good swimmers because their lung capacity allows them to stay underwater for up to two hours. They are very fast, reach a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour and easily surpass most other living creatures. There are shades of yellow and bright orange in Kaadu. The area around her eyes was periwinkle.

Ka’adu has a highly developed sense of hearing and smell. They don’t have enough upper incisors so they can’t chew their food. Their food consisted mainly of snails, clichés and aquatic plants.

They can be found in huge herds where the females lay their eggs on the ground, often in the fields. Because predators feed on kaadu eggs, the average clutch was large, usually 100 to 250, guaranteeing the survival of at least some of the chicks.

The Ka’adu are known as fearless, and many of them were domesticated as horses by Gungan warriors during the conflict or patrolled by the Gungan city police. The Ka’adu are very loyal to their owners, and it is said that the Gungan and his Ka’adu were an inseparable team. Warriors often decorated their horses with huge feathers.

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