The game: Balls
Kind: Platform, action, arcade system: Nintendo Switch (also for PC, PS Vita and Mobile)
Developer|Publisher : Age rating for orange pixels
: EU 12+ | USA Teenagers
Price : United Kingdom 7.99 GBP | EU 7.99 EUR | USD 7.99
Issue date : 3. November 2020

Visualization of the code, mainly thanks to the orange pixels

Yield for more than

Gunslugs is one of the best quality orange pixel games in that it is now a growing catalog of games. The first time I lost him was in 2015, on the PS Vita Games booth at the congress. This is a demo version, which led to an immediate purchase on my return, and also makes it possible to follow future development projects. Orange Pixel has come a long way as a developer since that release, but let’s go back to Gunslugs and see if it can take another five years.

Turn off the radio towers to complete the level

Driving in Choppa

You start the game by selecting a pixelated character before entering the war zone, where your mission is to destroy a series of radio towers so that you can be brought back by helicopter. Use the good joke here to come up with a joke about Choppa. You do this in a few steps before hiring the boss, then go to a new area and repeat the destructive cycle over and over again. All this is represented by simple pixel images with retro tones. Sound effects a little outdated during conversion. As you browse through the levels, you can find symbols hidden in the cells. Unlocking not only allows you to select a new character from the menu, but also allows you to start the game from a later level, so you don’t have to start the game over and over again.

It is also possible to blow up enemy helicopters if you get the chance.

Vessel and barrel

The game is played as a simple jog and pistol shot. You start with a single weapon with limited ammunition, but soon you discover a new weapon, including a double barrel, a flamethrower and a chicken that shoots eggs at the enemy. Yes, the Orange Pixel brings back an unforgettable sense of humor. The fun doesn’t stop there, even though you’ll meet NPCs that look a lot like characters from games, movies and TV series that you’re sure to enjoy. I’ve never met Princess Peach or Robocop, or even Dr. Who, to name a few. They can provide you with useful items or put you in bonus levels where you can get more coins to buy foreign items from another NPC. Bullets aren’t afraid to make you laugh when you’re fighting another race.

Add related doctors here

Random and reproducible

Each start is randomly generated, so the location of the levels, enemies and NPCs you encounter in the buildings will never be the same twice. It’s hard not to resist new breakthroughs in single-player mode. There is no xp system when you die, that’s all, you just have to learn to improve yourself through the game. I warn you, this title is incredibly difficult, sometimes death comes suddenly. It often seems that the action and explosions absorb the screen. This can make it difficult to keep an eye on the massacre, which sometimes leads to cheap deaths. It can be very disappointing when you’ve had a really successful race. It’s a design I’ve always admired in the Orange Pixel, but it doesn’t suit everyone.

Expect epic and tough boss fights

Double immersion

Gunslugs on Switch looks like the version of Vita I’ve played, with an extra bonus, it has co on. Yes, you can offer a friend or lover a cheerful scam, support this game on the table and prepare the escape and the massacre of the weapon together. This feature alone makes the purchase of a double dive system attractive. The game seems to work perfectly in portable mode and on TV. I love playing the ex. Ball guns are ideal for manual operation.

This secret level reminds me of my school years.

5 years later

Although it’s not as strong as other Orange Pixel works. Scaring guns are always easy to aim, and a scaring gun is perfect if you have little time left to play. You can also throw the lucky trick at someone on the bus and play together, which is always great. The Gunslugs may be 5 years old, but just like the old CD of the band you like, they still exist.

Phrase: I love a lot


Gunslugs is celebrating my 100th birthday. Review for Ladies Gamers, which is surprising because I only started writing for the site yesterday. Before I was invited to write, I thought my love of writing was a spark that had almost disappeared. When I started working on the site, I set myself a personal goal: to write 12 articles before the end of the years. But thanks to the great LG community, the helpful woman who reads and understands all the crap I write, and the readers themselves who take the time to read my stuff, I have found that love for writing again. Thank you all.

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