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I love horror movies and video games. It’s my mother’s fault, she talked about the fantasy aspect of alien movies when I was younger. So, like any curious child, I’ve always been interested in this genre, even though I had to wait until I was an adult to see the films in question. For today’s article I decided to take you on a journey through generations of consoles and introduce you to some of my favorite horror video games. Some of you may know them well, but I also wanted to give a little love to those you may not know. So grab a comfortable sheet to hide under when things get scary!

Granny’s garden – BBC Micro

Normally you go to school to study, so you don’t get scared. When I was in elementary school, we had a computer that was shared by four classes. That computer was a BBC microphone. He’s trying to introduce children to these weird computer puzzles. It’s also home to the first horrible video game I played, Granny’s Garden. It’s a game where you have to save children from an evil witch. You played the game by going from screen to screen and getting solutions to the puzzles. But if you make a mistake, a terrible witch will appear on the screen and send you back to the beginning of the game to start over and over again. Of course, today’s schedule is rough, but that witch is still haunting me in my dreams.

Zombies! – Mega Drive and SNES (aka Zombies aka Zombies ate my neighbors in the U.S.)

At that time, at Mega Drive, where Konami was at the forefront of development of the game. Zombies was a simple top-down shooting game that forced you to explore levels while rescuing your neighbors from various terrible enemies such as living dolls, mummies, werewolves and of course zombies. The monsters were inspired by various horror films, making them a treat for horror fanatics. Weapons are absolutely enchanting and shelter the undead with water pistols, fire extinguishers, plaques, mostly ordinary things that can be found all over the house. The game is designed to make you laugh more than you can scare. Besides, it was a joint operation. Unfortunately, I had to enjoy this game alone most of the time. Despite the fact that I went alone, the game showed me the funny side of horror. Unfortunately, Konami shows little love for this long lost franchise, but his spiritual successor, aptly named Demons, who ate my neighbors, is now at work.

Metroid-Fusion – GBA (also on WiiU via Virtual Console)

In the Metroid series, you’ve always felt the horror of underlining. As Samus you often explore these planets, which are populated by all kinds of problems and on which you feel alone. For me it was the strongest and scariest record in the series. The main enemy is Parasite X, an organism capable of inhabiting and controlling its host. In the course of the game you will see that the environment and its enemies are gradually captured by this disgusting organism. There isn’t a single clone with scary white eyes that appears every now and then to hunt you down. Scary!

Dead space – mobile (no longer available)

What? James loves mobile gaming. Even before mobile gaming became nothing more than the contagion of free micro-copies (a horror in itself), there were already legally excellent games. I loved the Dead Space series on consoles, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how impressive the mobile game was. An independent name, with its own history. The developers were able to perfectly implement the experience of working with the console on a small screen. Even the touchpad was responsive and smooth, which I usually hate in mobile games. If you have not downloaded this game, it will unfortunately no longer be available. It’s a pity you’re feeling at home on the Nintendo Switch today. I have good memories of playing with headphones on a train journey.

Dinosaur crisis – PSone and Dreamcast

He has dinosaurs, and he plays like the house of evil. What more do you want? The Ok Dino crisis paved the way for the Resident Evil franchise to move on to the next generation. The game used pre-recorded backgrounds for full 3D, for some it was like going backwards because the game had less detail, but it was a leap in design that heralded games like Resident Evil Code Veronica on Dreamcast and PS2. Dino Crisis does an impressive job of repeating the darkness and isolating the feeling that I am playing an old game of evil, but with dinosaurs. It’s not a simple construction. The sequel would have been closer to the action series, but the first shot of the series would have remained in the realm of horror. For me the game was in a very tense state, I was looking for empty corridors and I was afraid that the predator could jump out of the window at any moment.

Eternal darkness: Suniti claim – Gamecube

Eternal darkness left a lasting impression after the Gamecube and the subsequent closure of the studio where his Knights of Silicon were created. Alexandra’s mission is to find out who or what killed her grandfather, and then quickly realize the grim horrors and fate of the world itself. Two things stand out in eternal darkness.  First of all, it is probably one of the few horror games, not to mention video games in general, where you play as if you are in different characters, from different eras, from Roman times to the present.  The second characteristic is that Eternal Darkness can scare the player by completely ruining the game itself. Things you might feel, like falling character heads or warnings about damaged memory files, are just some of the ways the game will play with your mind. Not everything is as it seems, and since Nintendo has a patent on the design of this game, we will probably never see a game like Eternal Darkness again. Unless, of course, it’s about the switch. Jennifer Hale, a living legend, also speaks to Alexandra.

Locating Evil – Gaiden GBC

I like the Resident Evil series, but I thought one of the lesser-known names would appeal to me a bit. Gaiden was a game that was rejected by many as a beautiful, trashy and portable horror name. The combat mechanics was uncomfortable and the game suffered graphically from its transport restrictions. But where Gaden shone, there was history. You play the greatest Resident Evil character of all time, Barry Burton, investigating a zombie epidemic on a boat. He soon discovers a monster capable of mimicking people, a character that could resemble the monster in the movie John Carpenter Thing. The characters you encounter may not be the ones you expect. Of course he has zombies, because it’s a Resident Evil game. The story has an interesting twist at the end, which would lead to excellent narrative clues for the entire Resident Evil series. Unfortunately, that doesn’t count as hot, boo, boo.

Convicted criminal origin – Xbox 360 and PC

One of the most effective horror stories about ego. Every action you take is viewed from this perspective, even small details such as hiding under wooden planks to investigate the crime scene using various forensic instruments such as cameras and UV rays. The architecture of the buildings you explore down to the smallest details. Sometimes it feels like you’re exploring a whole family to make it bigger. By adding darkness and the incredible use of sound, it creates many moments when you wonder what’s going on. You’re playing Ethan Thomas, the cop who was framed for the murder of two cops who wanted to clear his name. There is little shooting, and most of the fighting is focused on close combat. If you’re lucky the bullets in a rifle are very limited, every shot counts. It was a rather hidden gem that came out at the beginning of the Xbox 360 life cycle and hasn’t received much attention to this day.  The game also has an alarming scene with models, try not to turn your back on them.

Until sunrise – PS4

Right now, Dawn is a game you can play with other people on the couch. It’s a game in which you control 8 teenagers on top of a snowy mountain who meet each other like stupid American teenagers at a party. Of course there’s horror, and you’ll soon discover that someone wants to kill teenagers. You play the game by making decisions and performing quick events that can make the characters live or die. The trick of Until Dawn’s design is that it mixed different horror themes in the same game. At some point you think you’re playing a killer movie, then a paranormal movie, just so that the story inevitably agrees on something you don’t expect. There are different ways to play the game, so each game may seem completely different depending on the choices you make. My wife and I are playing for Halloween highlights this year.

Silent Hill 2 – PS2 and Xbox

When I think of strong and effective horror games, my thoughts often wander off in Silent Hill 2. A game that, instead of the first game theme, cults and a city inhabited by horrors, focuses on one of the deepest horrors we know, the horrors we make with ourselves. James Sunderland receives a letter from his late wife asking him to come to Silent Hill. James, a broken man, is forced to go to a foggy town most of us want to avoid. Of course, it’s a video game, so we have to throw it into Silent Hill for the bad guys and stuff. But Silent Hill was always more effective when nothing tried to kill you. The atmosphere and loneliness you feel as you walk the streets, as if James is looking for his wife, is something few games have been able to reproduce. A memorable and effective horror experience that simultaneously tackles a number of fascinating mental health problems. A game that leaves its mark long after you put the controller down and is still one of my favourite horror games.

Thank you for reading it. Feel free to share your memorable or favorite horror games from the past in the following comments. Happy Halloween and a good night’s sleep.

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