Companies and brands around the world have recognized the benefits of gaming, so it’s no surprise that the KFC game account exists and is designed to comment on the latest news from the gaming world, but also to host competitions and participate in datafeeds from companies such as Xbox.

Simulators Cyberpunk 2077 KFC Start Delay

Since KFC Gaming, they have had a running gag called KFConsole, a console that essentially fries the famous KFC chicken. We have seen this for months in various tweets and company reviews.

KFC does not care about the delay in the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 with a similar version in the same style and with the same words as the one who released the official game a few days ago to announce the migration of Cyberpunk 2077 in December. In this announcement (with a red background instead of yellow) you can read the apologies and announcements in the same style, but this time about the launch of the KFC console :

KFC mocks Cyberpunk 2077 release delay and they respond


Hello everyone, today we have decided to extend the release date of the KFC console to 29 days. The new publication date is 11. December. There are probably a lot of emotions and questions in your head, so please accept our humble apology first.
The main problem for those who want now is to create a literal console that warms the chicken, which requires the preparation and testing of many elements (graphics, connectivity, availability of the game, speed and especially the chicken room) … … while you work at home. Since the KFC console has almost become the next generation of consoles, we must make sure that everything works well and without problems. We understand that it may seem unrealistic to hear someone say that 29 days in such a creative and complex machine can make a difference, but it really is.

Some of you may also wonder what these words mean, given that KFConsole would have been finished some time ago. A successful certification means that the console is ready, can be completed and a fingerprint is a good choice. However, this does not mean that we should stop working and raise quality standards. On the contrary, this is the time when many improvements will be made, which can then be spread over the stains of the 8th century. day. This is a delay we underestimated.

We feel that we have in our hands an extraordinary console, and we are ready to make any decision, even the most difficult, if it ultimately leads to a console that you will fall in love with. We are also a British team and the release date has always been the 11th. December. So, literally, nothing’s changed, some of you just assumed you were wrong. See you in December.

Best regards, the KFC team.

The fact is that this message did not seem too funny to the people who follow Cyberpunk 2077 and reacted with a message that basically told us that the answer they had in mind was certainly not too businesslike or formal. Even the CD report of the project itself responded to a comment by Cyberpunk 2077 to give a little more meaning to the tweet:

We imagine that the people of the RED CD project, after everything they’ve been through, especially their exploited workers, will not be very happy with this ridiculous move to launch a game that seems to have been in development forever, and we don’t know how much negative impact all these delays may have in its release, especially after announcing that they have reached the golden phase.

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