Last month HAL Lab wrote an open letter ending the content of Kirby Star Ellis after the end of the Game. Since its launch, more than a year ago, the game has received many free updates. New levels, tasks and game characters added.

Assuming that the added characters are guns, the game notes the return of a number of key enemies. Unlike most Nintendo mascots, Kirby is determined to take out the main enemies once and for all.

So not many main enemies come back because they were destroyed by our hero canonics. Fantasy theories suggest that some characters have survived their encounter with Kirby, and the Star Alliance has confirmed some of them.

Marx Origins: Is Kirby’s Greatest Threat Hiding in Plain Sight?

Marx, Magalore and Meta’s Black Knight appear in the game, and we think there is an important precursor. Not only for the following article, but also for the inexplicable origin of Marx.

Marx in Kirby Superstar and Superstar Ultra

Marx first appeared as Kirby Superstar’s last opponent, perhaps the last game in the series. During the meeting he uses Kirby’s help under the guise of preventing a fight between the sun and the moon.

Kirby must collect relics from neighboring planets to protect every planetary champion. When all the pieces are in place, Kirby can call Galactic Nova. A sensitive comet, capable of fulfilling wishes.

At the last moment, Marx takes over the desire to make himself more powerful and take over the planet Popstar. A battle starts in which Kirby eventually shoots Marx in Galactic Nova and apparently destroys both.

Marx Origins: Is Kirby’s Greatest Threat Hiding in Plain Sight?

Fan theories assumed that Marx’s switch had survived the explosion, but it was only seen again in the new edition. In the True Arena Kirby Superstar Ultra segment we see confirmation that Marx really survived. To absorb the dark energy released by the Galactic Nova.

Because the remake was a bonus system, questions remained about its authenticity in the main gun. Until Marx, referring to his last meeting, re-emerged at the Star Alliance.

Important for Kirby Canon

Kirby Superstar had already been released in 1996. This means Marx was involved in the mystery of Kirby’s 11 other great adventures. And some of these adventures may have anticipated the creation and existence of Marx.

Another villain has been confirmed to be still alive in the reformed Magolore. On his return to the land of dreams, the last boss, Magolor, strongly suggests that he knows Marx. Yeah, it looks like they’re from the same dimension. Kirby’s alternative dimension.

Marx Origins: Is Kirby’s Greatest Threat Hiding in Plain Sight?

Magolore also accepts a plan very similar to Marx’s, by deceiving Kirby to help him gain more power. Like Marx, Magolor has shown that he has a soul, which means he will be the protagonist in the finals later in the series.

Provided that Magolore had a very close relationship with Marx and maybe even trained him. Marx also has a potential connection to another soulless patron of Queen Sectonia.

When the queen of Sectonia acquires the dimensional mirror, which serves as a gateway to the world of mirrors, she is deformed by the darkness that inhabits her. Launch of the game tests.

Marx Origins: Is Kirby’s Greatest Threat Hiding in Plain Sight?

It is said that the darkness is supposedly dark matter, but it could also be attributed to Marx. Indeed, the mirror world is the dimension Magolore was talking about. The world of Marx and him.

Marx and Global Mirror

In Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Kirby enters the kingdom to save Meta Knight. Inside, he learns that there are opposite versions of all the characters in Kirby’s universe.

Bad Meta Chevalier, Stone Whisperer Forest, etc. The exception to the rule is his own double Evil Shadow Kirby. Kirby is blamed for being the only incorruptible good in all reality, but there may be a simpler explanation.

Shadow Kirby is not Kirby’s double in the mirror world, but Marx. He shares a small pink body shape with a familiar hat. Marx’s hat is an inverted version of the hat Kirby wears when he has the power of the mirror.

Marx Origins: Is Kirby’s Greatest Threat Hiding in Plain Sight?

An ability that made his debut in the same game as the bad guy and turned around like everything else in the world of mirrors. In his characteristic attack, you can even see that the character has been cut in half, which is a mirror power. The possibility Marx copied.

However, unlike Kirby, he wasn’t able to copy other skills on his own, which led him to go beyond the mirror world. Another good thing: Marx’s anger at Kirby Superstar is greedily attributed to him.

The other parallel he drew with Kirby also made a great effort several times to find food.


After the star allies Marx also appeared as one of the bosses of the Super Smash Brothers. At the end of the day. Another series developed by the HAL laboratory. Emphasizing again that Marx will play a big role in Kirby’s next game.

According to the True Arena, Marx acquired immeasurable power after the takeover of Nova Galactica. Since then, he has used this power to corrupt both Magolore and the Queen of Sectonia. Put Kirby to the test, with stronger enemies, because he didn’t dare enter another duel after he was nearly killed the last time.

Marx Origins: Is Kirby’s Greatest Threat Hiding in Plain Sight?

They use their kingdom of origin, the Mirror World, as a base to enter and leave Kirby’s universe at will. One can assume that once he arrives at the Star Alliance partners, he will be ready to show his hand and serve as boss again.

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