2K has officially released the first NBA 2K21 patch for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The new update was released today, the 14th. November 2020, published.

As you can see in the official release notes, this update brings many changes, especially in the gameplay and performance of the NBA 2K21. There are also some updates for players and coaches this season.

In addition, the features of the NBA 2K21, including W, MyNBA, MyTEAM, The City and MyCAREER, have been subject to several minor fixes and updates. To find out what these changes consist of, you can consult the full change log below.

NBA 2K21 First Update for Xbox Series X and PS5 Released, Full Patch Notes Here

NBA 2K21 PS5 and Xbox X Series Update November

NBA 2K21 Patch PS5 & Xbox Series X

  • Face scans for men and women with the MyNBA2K mobile application.
  • Numerous upgrades of players’ hair, bandages, hats and other accessories made
  • The official sponsor logo has been added to the San Antonio Spurs uniform (they have official NBA opening dates, we will update them if necessary).
  • The agreements have been updated for the following players/coaches:
    • Paul George
    • Andrew Wiggins
    • Nikola Jokic
    • Jordan Clarkson
    • Brown reed
    • Stephon Marbury
    • Dwight Howard
    • Frank Vogel
    • Commitment Murray
    • Robert Williams
    • Theo Pinson
    • Kai Bowman
    • Jeff Hornachek
    • The head of Daequan
    • Sam Perkins
    • Jerome Kersey
    • Buck Williams
    • Luke Longley
    • Nate Björgren
    • Asante Munson
  • Improved fidelity to the Houston Rocket Arena Jambotron
  • The stability problems reported in 2KTV have been solved.

Game process

  • Enable coach settings, system pros, game assignment and CPU menu/user slider pause for Quick Play games
  • The defender’s face has been corrected for some block animations
  • Improvement of coaches’ behaviour in relation to the stadium tunnel in some classic team arenas
  • Improved distance and behaviour of players and coaches in confusing situations
  • Corrected an error caused by the wrong position of the bouncing ball in the centre of the field.
  • A rare problem that arose when the formal assessment of an allegation of misconduct showed a false report was rectified.
  • Changing camera angles so they don’t go through coaches and players during certain time-out sequences.
  • Better players take the ball in the next games.


  • Performance enhancement during City-Gameplay, which focuses on community reporting Other optimizations
  • New Black Lives Matter masks are now available in the Swags shop.
  • Fixed an error with Jump Shot Creator where the shutter speed was not properly tracked when editing a previously captured image.
  • Loading is even faster when accepting invitations to the city from different areas of the game.
  • Improved stability of Garage Hoops and Alligator Court games.
  • Win Streaks is now correctly tracked at the end of the city game.
  • Solving various camera and client problems in the vicinity of buildings and other facilities when driving certain vehicles in the city
  • The camera now works well in all Gatorade training courses when accessed through the Team Training Center.
  • After purchasing bonuses and immediately entering another shop, the game does not last.


  • Problems were solved when an attempt was made to participate in a private training course, which resulted in a call for participation.  Economists, who have worked on this topic so far, can now move on…
  • During episodic stretch marks in MyCAREER playoff games and after time-outs there is no lack of comments.
  • Empty messages on social networking sites no longer appear in the landing menu during the Long Shadow project.
  • The accessories installed on the ship no longer appear on some photos that confirm their use.
  • VC Balance will no longer be delayed in collecting recipes in the Endorsement menu.
  • Correction of a rare softgrip in live practice on the second screen when all badges were maximized.
  • The objectives of the college game: the part of the story that refers to the blocks can now be completed correctly.
  • The problem is solved when attribute prices can be displayed as negative numbers.


  • A number of improvements have been made to make it easier to get started with W Online.
  • The address of the stop that can occur at the end of W-Online games if the level update was won while playing.
  • A rare crash that occurred while trying to change the appearance of MyPLAYER has been fixed.


  • Troubleshoot the problem of loading custom expansion commands during the creation process
  • Fixed some rare stability issues when loading a MyNBA online storage file.
  • Correction of MyNBA’s suspension when Simcast simulates several games with a playing time of 14 games.
  • Fixed suspensions that occurred when using certain custom competition settings in MyNBA
  • Many other improvements and changes in stability to improve the overall work experience


  • Now your MyPLAYER card has the correct total score.
  • Deactivating the display in triple threat mode caused several problems.
  • Many other improvements and changes in stability to improve the overall work experience


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