This morning, we got a surprise from Nintendo Direct. This is the newest Straight Mini: The Partner of the Year showcase was filled with lots of news, updated release dates and much more. A whole series of games and demos already today!

Perhaps the most amazing thing is that Hitman 3 and Control Ultimate Edition are both available in streaming (the latter is available today). In order to play these games, you must have a permanent Internet connection. There have been several such publications in Japan, including Resident Evil 7, but so far we have not seen a single publisher trying this in the United States. Will this trend continue next month, when the next generation of machines will be launched? It is clear that the switch can not handle more powerful machines, which could be a viable alternative, although I must admit that this seems to contradict the hybrid nature of the switch. In order to play these games, you need a permanent connection to the high-speed WiFi network, so in most cases you won’t be able to play them on the road. What do you think? Is that what you still want for the future? Let us know downstairs.

There are no other Heroes and Heroes 2 announced for the Sweech. In fact, they are both available in the online store today! The demonstration for the Hyrule Warriors is also scheduled for today: The age of disaster! You can play and save in the first chapter, the progress will then be transferred to the finals. Today HAL also launched a game called Part Time UFO eShop, in which you have to use your claw to fold different objects. Sounds like it could be fun.

As planned then, Brave Default II was postponed until the end of this year. The new publication will appear on the 26th. February 2021, just two weeks after the release of Super Mario 3D World. The story of the seasons will also be told next spring: Pioneers of the Olive City. Rebuild your farm from scratch when it’s finished on the 23rd. March 2021 will be published! More games were broadcasted live, so check below and read the full press release:


During the last session of the Nintendo Direct Mini : At this year’s Partner Showcase, Nintendo provided information about several games from the Nintendo Switch family of systems from development and publishing partners such as SQUARE ENIX, Remedy Entertainment, Koei Tecmo Games and HAL Laboratory. The video presentation includes games such as the expected sequel to the role play BRAVELY DEFAULT II; the agricultural simulator and the SEAS lifestyle story: Pioneers of Olive Town, an action-adventure game inspired by Greek mythology; Immortals Fenyx Rising; HITMAN 3 and Control in the Nintendo Switch version, which can be played using cloud streaming technology; and the popular action-adventure game No More Heroes III. It is even a surprise that the original No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Originally released for the Wii console, Desperate Struggle is now only available in the Nintendo Online Shop under Nintendo Switch.

But that’s not all that’s happening with the Nintendo Switch today! Nintendo Direct Mini : Partner Showcase also announced the charming and unusual Part Time UFO puzzle from HAL Laboratory, the developers of the Kirby series, as well as a free demo version of Hyrule Warriors : Age of Calamity is now available from Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch.

Even though this is the final version of the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner of the Year Show – Nintendo Switch games from our development and publishing partners continue to gain momentum, says Steve Singer, Senior Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations at Nintendo of America. With these video presentations, we can show you the full range of creative possibilities of the Nintendo Switch.

To see Nintendo Direct Mini: Full partner demo video, visit Here are some of the main points that emerge from the video

  • Control Ultimate Edition is a version for cloud computing : Winner of over 80 prizes, Control is a visually stunning third party action adventure that will keep players going. By combining open environments with the proprietary world created by the developer of Remedy Entertainment, Management is a rich and incredibly exciting game. Control Ultimate Edition – Cloudy Version* is now available for the Nintendo Switch!
  • The Hyrule Warriors: The age of need: For the warriors of Hyrule: The 20th. Age of Calamity for Nintendo Switch will be released in November and fans will be able to try out a free demo version of the game, which is now available from the Nintendo Online Shop. This action-packed story takes place in Hyrule, 100 years before the legend of Zelda: The breath of wild game. The show allows players to experience dynamic action and dramatic shortcuts that highlight the events that led to the major disaster. During the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase discovered that the game can be played with huge divine beasts in full screen. The use of the supernatural powers of the divine animals will undoubtedly help players to win in the corresponding stadiums.
  • The uprising of the immortal Phoenix: The fate of the world is at stake. Play for Phoenix, the new winged demigod, in an attempt to save the Greek gods and their homeland from a dark curse. Fight mythological beasts, harness the legendary powers of the gods and defeat Tiphon, the deadliest titan in Greek mythology, in a centuries-long epic battle. The immortal Fenyx Rising takes place on the 3rd. December for the release of the Nintendo Switch and pre-orders start today!
  • LACK OF CONFORMITY IN BOLD II : Four heroes, brought together by fate, embark on a great journey in a beautiful and exciting role-playing game: BRAVELY DEFAULT II by SQUARE ENIX, makers of the FINAL FANTASY series. In the new series of adventures, players embark on an epic journey, visiting amazing locations, meeting fascinating characters and throwing villains into battle. By defeating enemies known as stars, heroes acquire stars that enable them to change their professions. With the right combination of tasks, players can turn the tables to their advantage. Among the professions that can be acquired are the mighty vanguard, the white wizard, Barda, St. John’s Wort and the players. Following the release of the demo version of the game in March, the developers collected feedback from players on issues such as difficulty level and management to improve the overall gaming experience. The fanfeedback video will be posted on the official Nintendo YouTube channel later today. BRAVELY DEFAULT II is released exclusively on Nintendo Switch on 26. February 2021.
  • THE HISTORY OF THE SEASONS: Pioneers of the city of the olive: Cultivate the farm from scratch! Chop the trees! Discover the fauna and flora! Get the animals over here! You can discover all this and much more in the HISTORY OF THE POWER OF THE SCENE : Pioneers of Olive Town, the latest game in the original farm simulation series, will be released on 23 January. March 2021 in Nintendo Switch. Will the players sow the fields and grow a horn full of horn colour? Or build a huge ranch with lots of paddocks for the animals? How the players decide to live on the farm is entirely up to them.
  • More Heroes III: Discover the latest exploits of the legendary killer Travis Touchdown in the film No More Heroes III. In this game, players are placed in the middle of the action when the battle between the assassins becomes a battle of galactic proportions. Destroy strangers in this garden of madness as No More Heroes III is released in 2021 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. If the players weren’t confronted with the predecessors of the series, no problem! The first two No more heroes, No more heroes and No more heroes 2: Originally released for the Wii console, Desperate Wrestling is now available on the Nintendo Switch.
  • KILLER 3, THE CLOUD VERSION: HITMAN 3 is the first time the HITMAN series has been integrated into Nintendo’s switchboard and marks the dramatic conclusion of the Murder World trilogy. Whether new to the franchise or familiar with the series, players will enjoy a journey through vast sandboxes when Agent 47 returns for the most important contracts of his career.
  • Part-time UFOs : From HAL Laboratorium, the developers of the Kirby series, comes Part Time UFO, a colourful game that places players in the role of a delicious (and useful!) UFO. From distilling candy to fishing and building the castle, a small UFO does all kinds of part-time work. Players can complete the stages by wearing the required item, but they will receive more rewards if they complete three specific tasks in each stage. If you give the Joy Controller to a friend or family member, two people can do the job together! A UFO with a partial UFO is now available on Nintendo Switch!
  • Its consequences live on: Survive and thrive in the post-apocalyptic future – resources are scarce, but the odds are good. Players can build a disaster-proof colony, protect their settlers and restore civilization to a devastated world. Remember this: The end of the world is just the beginning. The Nintendo Switch Surviving the Aftermath will be released in the spring of 2021.
  • Tropico 6 – Nintendo Switch Edition : El Presidente is back! In Tropico 6 the fate of the island is in the hands of the players. Build and manage an island state on large groups of islands, take care of the needs of your subjects and send agents to steal the monuments of the world. Tropico 6 lands on 6. November on the Nintendo Switch. Pre-bookings for the competition start during the day.
  • Bakugan: The masters of Vestroy: Intense strategy plus epic action equals Bakugan! It’s up to the players to put together the best team and keep it in strong battles. Become the absolute master of Bakugan: Vestroia Champions, launched exclusively for Nintendo Switch on 3. November.
  • Grifflands: Nintendo Switch Edition : Strong negotiating skills are essential to play Griftlands – a Rogelite game on the bridge. In every game, every decision counts, whether it’s the work the players do, the friends they make or the cards they collect. Discover Griftlands’ bold science fiction world with the launch of the Nintendo Switch in the summer of 2021.

Please note that the Nintendo Switch has a Parental Controls feature that allows adults to control what content their children can access. For more information on other features, see

* This game uses cloud computing technology. A Nintendo account and a permanent broadband Internet connection are required. Before you buy, you should test the game. Not in all countries. The conditions apply. See the Nintendo Online Shop for more information.

Nintendo Direct Mini For October Features Shadow Drops Galore –

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