Nowhere Prophet Review – Being the prophet of an extraterrestrial cybernetic being is absolutely exhausting. What I mean is that you are on a crusade for knowledge and understanding, that there are followers who join you and (let’s be honest) need a little something (let’s be honest) by demanding things like food and praise. Let’s not even talk about all the obstacles standing in your way: Bandits, messy forts, deceptive fighting machines and a bunch of shady people – all this will obscure your journey. What’s the point of throwing it all into a cardboard game with unique fighting mechanisms and putting it on a desperate, half-Spanish theme? Well, Nowhere Prophet is the game that will appear.

Nowhere Prophet Review –

Prophet is nowhere a fusion of genres and game mechanics. At a high level, a game is a scam where your death (prophet) is permanent and is considered a game that forces you to start again. More importantly, the game is also about building terraces, where your terrace is made up of your faithful followers who have chosen to accompany you on your travels to quench your thirst for knowledge and truth. Finally, the storyline and narrative arches of the game are mainly in the form of an adventurous progression. When we talk more about this game, try to understand it as a combination of games such as Slay the Spire and Void Bastards.

History confirms us as a newly discovered prophet who was confronted with a cybernetics that went beyond what led us on the path of understanding and truth. Almost immediately you are approached by your disciples and your journey begins. For me it was right to start such a game and I was very happy to dive into the map of the processes that are currently available. When I saw more or less important roadblocks in front of me, such as rest areas, markets, bigger battles and more important milestones at the end of my card subset, I chose my first point, and my caravan left. It wasn’t long before my first narrative encounter, when bandits attacked another caravan. Shall I help my fellow travelers, ignore the situation or help my attackers? It’s the kind of encounters and decisions I encounter all the time in the desert. The biggest steps at the end of the map sections include boss battles and transition points to the game that lead to the battle.

Nowhere Prophet Review –

As a Prophet, you can have up to 24 followers in your game that can be drawn into battle. With the exception of 24, all other supporters go to the reserves. A really great part of the Trailer/Deck system is the variety of skills that each player can have that really influence battle strategy. There are a lot of well-balanced mechanisms, which made some nice attack phases possible. A battle card is similar to the comic book system normally used in mobile games, but is slightly more semi-open. You select the tracking maps and place them on these available slots. In the first place, they will cause illness, which means that in most cases they can’t do anything if they are brought out. For magical lovers: The Gathering, and other trading card games, it will also be very familiar. Battles are being fought between you and your enemy. Deciding when to attack an AI opponent against his own so-called followers is a crucial strategy, and frankly, I was very impressed with the depth of the fight. Overcoming obstacles in the field, dealing with his followers and their skills, and playing their own cards on the skills of the Prophet in battle have always created happy and delicate battles for me.

Another important element that connects this game with a deceptive character is that your followers can be killed completely. If you are in a fight and one of them is killed, it means that the first time he is eliminated, he is exhausted and a little less effective. If they are killed in another fight before they are healed, you lose this card forever. I liked this mechanic because he gave me some more experience with metadata to determine what I could risk at a certain point by attending a new session. In fact, the combined mechanics of the Prophet nowhere creates a fairly profound strategic experience mixed with the thrust of your happiness the pleasure of many crooks.

Nowhere Prophet Review –

Also in this category there is an astonishing number in terms of general progress and regulations. The campaign offers three levels of difficulty, and there are two additional modes that can be unlocked provided that certain levels of the campaign are reached. You unlock the custom game option, which allows you to set rules, and the daily challenge, where all players receive the same map and modifiers and compete for points. These modes are certainly exciting to expand the content of the game for those who have mastered the main campaign.

If you reach certain milestones or goals, you will also discover new content that you can use to launch a new game. First you will see the selection screen Deck and Prophet. Here you can select different first groups of disciples for your convoy, which gives you certain advantages, but also choose a prophet and his abilities you want for a new campaign. This system of blends and games offers a high degree of introductory strategy and here forms the basis of the main game. I was excited when I was able to move the campaign forward and discovered a new prophet to start over and see how they would play.

Nowhere Prophet Review –

The game is a beautiful and unique 2D styling with lots of high contrast solid state graphics. This artistic style provides a bold look at the game, and with discreet tones it certainly fits well with the post-apocalyptic installation with the theme of cyberpunk injection. Everything is as readable as I hope, even when playing in pocket mode, and I’ve never been in contact with UI/UX, which is always a wonderful pleasure when playing cards.

The Prophet doesn’t do any good anywhere Fans of Slay the Spireand other action games of the decoration genre will find a lot of fun here. There is a wide variety of proofreading strategies and options with the right number of tasks to be solved. I can safely say that being a post-apocalyptic prophet is certainly an interesting way to play the game in the afternoon.

No assessment of the prophets anywhere

  • Graphs – 8/10
  • The tone is 7/10.
  • The course of the game – 8.5/10
  • The last call is 9/10.


Final remarks : GROSS

Prophet brings to the Rougelic genre the construction of terraces and a unique turn-based combat system, complemented by fluid graphics and accessible controls that contribute to the simplicity of the game mechanics. You need a series of strategies at every turn, and the elements of risk and reward associated with choosing the story – your adventure – make the game incredibly exciting every time you start a new game.

Nowhere Prophet Review –

Alex has been actively involved in games since the release of Nintendo. After turning his hobby into a profession, he spent just over ten years developing games and is now creative director of the studio.

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