Observer: System Redux Review – The Next Generation of Horror is Here

Although it was not easy to find the PS5 decoders, those of us who were lucky enough to find one can tell everyone that it was worth the wait. One of the games that fueled my interest in the new system is the Observer, newly mastered and expanded: System Redux.

I reviewed Observer 2017 for PS4 and found it to be one of the best horror games of lately. Finally, you combine the voice of the late Rutger Hauer with the sinister setting of cyberpunk and horror, and have a recipe for something very special. The question is whether this new version will perform better than the original and correct some of these performance and gambling problems. Well, let’s see.

Cyberpunk’s great return to the real world

Cyberpunk and horror are not directly associated, but this combination makes you feel as natural as peanut butter and chocolate. For those of you who haven’t played the PS4 version, the Observer takes place in 2084, after people have stuffed themselves with cybernetic parts and contracted a plague called nanophagus that only affects those who have been replenished.

You play as Danielle Lazarsky, a futuristic detective known as an observer. He develops his own ability to fathom the suspect’s thoughts and interrogate him through his own subconscious. Based on this principle, the game prefers to keep its plot smaller than you think and focuses on hunting Daniel’s son, who mysteriously reaches out to him at the beginning of the game and sends you on the hunt to find out what happens to him.

If you live in a large apartment building, you can deal with countless different residents, some of whom tell unique stories that enrich the world. There are also they quests, this version of PS5 adds new quests, which I really enjoyed. In particular, one of the tasks relating to the sanctuaries scattered throughout the building was both intrusive and fascinating.

If you don’t explore the dark and winding neon tunnels of The Stacks, try to get into the heads of the suspects, where the spectator is: The Redux system really shines. The Bloober team has always been masters in the art of manipulating the environment, and the only game that has come close to the most existential horror of the Observer sequence is Layers of Fear 2, although I think Observer : The Redux system wins.

These levels are designed to convey the history and memories of the person you enter into your consciousness, but they are presented in a quick, sometimes completely chaotic way that is just as abstract and terrifying. Dressing rooms, flashes of light, mysterious characters and winding chases await you in the minds of suspects.

You’ll never know what might happen next if you take a turn in this series. The guard: System Redux also modifies and adapts some of the later sequences to make them less confusing and frustrating, and this works to the advantage of the game.

In terms of gameplay, you will explore, deal with different objects in your environment, solve puzzles and use both electronic and organic vision to get a feel for things. A sedative also calms the nerves when you are on edge and out of control.

Everything worked fine in the original version, but… The Redux system intelligently uses the DualSense controller to improve performance in a variety of ways. First of all, the tactile feedback creates very specific vibrations in response to elements such as jumping, jackpot and other events.

Second, adaptive triggers produce a slight vibration and kickback when attempting to open a locked door. Even if you turn and open the door handle, there is a satisfactory click and a drop in voltage. I have to say that this kind of feedback didn’t always work for me, like when I opened the doors, but I wasn’t sure if it was a problem with the controller or an error in the game’s feedback.

In terms of game and plot, The Spectator. System Redux takes the almost perfect horror game and improves it by greatly improving the character models, the ambient graphics and the overall stability of the frame rate. DualSense feedback is just the icing on the cake.

A rich and comprehensive peace, just justice for the next generation

Observer: System Redux Review – The Next Generation of Horror is Here

Every time you start the Watcher: System Redux, there’s a monument to Rutger Hower, who died for this new version. I think the highest appreciation I can give to this improved, refined and, frankly, latest edition of the game is that Rutger would be very proud of the work he has done here to preserve the spirit of the original, while recognizing the potential of the concept and making the best iteration of the experience.

If you have the ability to keep track of rays, some people prefer the smooth, bold image frequency you get without this feature. For example, I didn’t mind feeling 30 frames per second with ray-tracing on, because it adds so much to the atmosphere and visual effects that I wanted them to stay close together.

The guard: System Redux is an even better version of the already great horror genre, and as an introduction to horror movies on PS5, I’m more excited than ever about what this generation brings to my favourite genre.

Last score: 9.5/10

A copy of The Spectator. The Redux system has been made available to PS5 players for review.

Article on – Bradley Ramsey
Date added – 16.11.2020

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