Of Rice And Ruin Review – Of Rice And Ruin Review – Sakuna: Rice and Ruin is a mix of an adventure game with a sideways moving platform and an agricultural simulator. They seize Sakuna, who looks like a childish harvest goddess, who is spoiled and does not seem to feel sorry for others, whether they are other gods or us, the humble ones. Because of her own arrogance and serious personality disorder, she lets some people wander around her kingdom, and it’s really cheese that comes from a honcho lady’s head. As we know from having a job and going to school, it’s not a good idea to piss off someone who has power over you. But it was inevitable, and the mighty Lord Kamuhitsuki banished our boring little alcoholic child goddess to Hinoe Island to conquer this island of demons.

Of Rice And Ruin Review –

Demons can be a little strong at first. Usually you fight ninjas and overworked pigs. Anyway, you’re accused of growing rice and hunting for food. You eat mostly ninja rabbits, which is good and tasty. But the fact is, you have to prepare all these things as well, otherwise they spoil overnight. I don’t think it’s literally 24 hours a day because the food doesn’t usually go from fresh to rotten in one night, but it does happen in Hinoe, so you have to deal with it.  Although this is normal because you can transform or prepare any element into another ingredient that does not spoil. At the moment we have a sideways moving platform, an agricultural simulator and a small survival boat left behind for fun.

One thing that will help you enormously on your journey back to Sakuna, the capital of Michashira and the immortal kingdom of Lofti, is patience. I really didn’t know how I’d feel about a fairly mundane situation at the beginning of the game. They go back and plant any rice plant. You will be judged on the quality of your landing. Then you have to make sure you have enough water in the rice field and not too much. You have to take care of your plants as often as possible to remove weeds, collect living things and above all to learn how to grow rice. The highest person (or one of the men’s children) is very similar to the younger generation of players in that he or she is more of a spectator than a player. I’m looking at the endless hours of YouTubers games they can play themselves, but I’m out. Tauemon’s not very good at it, but more than good enough to tell you how to do it. Does he look like someone you know? They say: Those who can’t, teach them. He can’t, so he’s teaching. After all, he’s much more useful.

Of Rice And Ruin Review –

Every evening, after you have taken care of the farm and gone hunting for strangers, everyone comes together for dinner in your little village or camp. Most of the story is told during these lunches and can be quite fascinating. You can choose the menu of the dishes. The nice thing is that what you feed your male sons also improves certain aspects of your fighting style, healing abilities and other qualities that can be developed over time. Okay, now we’ve entered the RPG zone. It is indeed a game that has something to offer for everyone, but for some players there is no surplus. In my opinion, this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Personally, I liked the variety of the game, and I really enjoyed the character development throughout the story.

The platform aspect of the game is the adventure and exploration of the island territories. You will meet many different kinds of enemies, not just ninja rabbits. You have patterns that fill the screen and make it look like you’re fighting for your life. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it can be pretty easy to fight the boss. In each of these areas you really need to explore every nook and cranny you think you can reach. The difficulty increases as the game progresses. There’s never a moment when you think the game is too easy and suddenly they drop a bomb on you and increase the difficulty to disappointment. No, they’re gradually destroying your will in what I think is a good rhythm. Yet they throw everything on your head and suck up all the feelings of power you have after sunset. They really want you to go home, eat and get on with the story.

Of Rice And Ruin Review –

The side-scrolling adventure zones offer some really cool moves that you can perform after you learn them by cultivating and editing weapons from the items you find in each level. You can reach any level, but you will want to explore some types more than others, possibly to obtain specific resources such as clay and stone to create new weapons. With new weapons I actually mean agricultural tools, because that’s what people usually fight against. Large copper spikes or maybe a stone rake or something like that can do real damage. But the most beautiful thing you have, the most useful thing you have, is a dress. It’s a kind of scarf she uses that reminds me of one of my old favorite NES games: Bionic control. It’s not exactly the same as a bionic hand, but I just need to make a comparison and give you an idea of what a weapon is.  It’s cool because you can attach it to your enemies and then attack them from behind. This can be beneficial in many situations and is also essential for most levels.

When I mentioned patience earlier, it really comes in handy when you’re collecting rice.  The amount of time you invest in the collapse of the rice determines the quality of the crop you get. I don’t know anything about growing and harvesting rice in real life, but the game says that brown rice is white rice, which is not so much processed. I don’t know if it’s true, but you can google it if you want. I prefer to play the game and not worry so much about the prints in real life.

Of Rice And Ruin Review –

The graphics and music are very well thought out and will caress your eyes and ears. Their small animations, their voices, the songs the characters sing at work and many other little things make this game a fun and enjoyable experience.

I was not sure what to expect when the Sakuna:. was announced by Rice and Ruin , but I must say that I am satisfied with the final product. This may sound strange from a critic’s point of view, but I have no complaints.  Nothing went wrong with the technical problems and the on-site inspection, because the fight is as perfect as the landing. In fact, I’d say the only thing that bothered me was the frequency of some of the things Sakuna-san said during her fight. I think if they peg him again, you’ll have a damn perfect game that’ll keep you entertained for a long time.

Sakuna: Assessment of rice and ruins

  • Graphs – 9/10
  • The tone is 8/10.
  • Course of the game – 9/10
  • Late appeal – 8/10


Final remarks : GROSS

With a nice balance between action-adventure platform levels and icy farming sequences, you’ll have a great experience that must satisfy your hardened side-scrolling wipers and your need for a quiet, peaceful farming simulator in one game.

Of Rice And Ruin Review –

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