3.12 Heist League Exile Path (PoE) 3.12 Heist League Exile Path (PoE) alignment path, tips and tricks will be useful for new and existing players who are trying to speed up the alignment to get to the latest playing cards as quickly as possible.

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The information in this article applies to the disappearing paths of PC, Xbox and PS4.


  1. Interface settings
  2. First playing structure
  3. Ask for it.
  4. Inventory management
  5. Bandits
  6. Laboratory research and PhD
  7. Getting the best out of the experience
  8. Useful links

Let’s start with the friendly interface to Path of Exile Heist. The transparency in landscape mode is really good, if you put the map transparency on the right side and the transparency in landscape mode on the left side on the minimap, your map will be much easier to read. If you do, you won’t see anything you don’t need.

By pressing the plus or minus button, you can also zoom in or out on the map if you want to see it better. There are still some useful settings, I will always show you new releases, life songs and mana, as well as life bars on allies and enemies. The extended mode description tells you the prefixes and suffixes of the items. Pressing the Alt key is very important because each item has up to six suffixes.

Then comes the 1 mouse button to click on the movement, which is important because it is very common for many new players to have the standard attack on the 1 mouse button, so if they try to pass it, they accidentally talk to the NPC, which can lead to a quick death.

You need to turn to the seller from the start if there are 3 important things you should try to do to get a faster alignment experience in the power of PoE: 3 reference items (one), fast boots and a mule if you need some jewelry. Sellers can start selling speedboots as soon as you’re in town after Hillock’s murder and items fall out of a few areas, so keep looking for speedboots!

The mule character is very important because it allows you to get some of the first gems you will definitely need when jumping into Path or Exile Heist, The Witch won’t start with a totem bait (very useful for fighting Brutus), so you can create the offspring character, and once you are off the beach and have removed the bumps, you can get the gem by taking it as a reward for the quest or by buying it from the NPC.

Exit is a good strategy to start a hot league (and any other league), because it allows you to save portal roles, which are sometimes really rare, if you adjust the speed, and you will spend them very quickly. Exit is an example of a good strategy: Quest Quixelver Bottle, Quest Fairgraves, Quest Crab, Spider in A2, Fall in A4 and any other similar area whose entrance is away from the boss.

The best time to get Crab and Fairgrave skill points is when you’re about to finish A2, because you may already have a second light of mercury at that point, and you’ll make much faster progress because you’ll have the driving skills and a pair of boots (which is at least 10% mandatory at that point).

Many PoE quests can be skipped: Fetid Poole, crypt, library (although useful if you want gems), Swing or Hope… Many of these missed quests give only small rewards, such as a rare item (which in most cases is a garbage can) and points of respect (which you won’t need if you go to the next level). These quests take a lot of time, so avoid them if you try to reach the cards as fast as possible.

Don’t forget that you can easily make a +1 jewel stick and a recipe for this orb change, a blue jewel and a ring of your choice, so that a sapphire ring, for example, makes a cold +1 level jewel stick.

One thing that many players do is take too much at an early stage, which makes stock management a living hell, and it will take so long. Don’t try to pick up everything if you have to pick up really rare things (blue and white are useless, sometimes you have to sell them at the beginning of the competition if you don’t have enough rolls of wisdom).

The path to exile begins to swell with useless white and blue objects as soon as you begin to reach the end game cards. Get the object filter, I personally use the Neversink Semi-Strict flight filter and I think it is excellent and it is updated before every competition starts. You can use the Poe Blade website to modify the flight filter and even add your own sounds!

The quickest way to manage your inventory is to sort things along the way, never come back to town when you don’t have to!

Alira is the best racket to start in the competition (especially for beginners) because you get a bonus percentage on all your basic resistances, which is really important if you are not prepared enough and try to speed up the race. A good strategy for the horseshoe figures is to try to reach the A4 and then walk Dried Lakes to overtake them and get a good pass. If Alira isn’t the favorite racket you build, you can treat her later with twenty balls of remorse and an onyx amulet.

Climbing can also be very important, do a normal laboratory test if you feel comfortable and always have the best lights for your current level. Some lab tests are very shredded, so never try to rush. Once the laboratory tests have been completed, you can enter the appropriate laboratory (normal, hard, mercury, uber). Tests in the normal lab and the lab itself usually take about 20 minutes, which is not too bad, since the normal lab usually gives your character a big boost (whether attacking or defensive, it will allow you to move faster and easier), but always make sure you are overloaded with lab work.


How the XP zones work is extremely important, the formula is base level +-3, which means that when you are at level four, you get a full XP in the seventh zone and a full XP in the first zone. Very often the new actors clean up the area completely and think it’s better – that’s NOT the case. When adjusting your speed it is very important to stay 2 levels below the zone you are in, as this maximizes your experience and allows you to get through the levels in the shortest possible time. This formula increases by one unit per 16 levels, so once you are at level 16, you will get a full XP at level 20 and level 12, then you will return to level 32 – 27-37.

Example of level 10 character experience for level 1-22 zones

The bloodstream is crucial in the first part of the competition because this area is ideal for good old fashioned grinding. Blood aqueducts are usually the best area for levelling and drainage, the maximum experience per hour can be achieved in this area with almost no effort as the samples are really light (always let the bird in as the boss) and this area drains the HUMILITY map. By combining a set of Humility cards, you get a Tabula Rasa – 6 pieces of armor that can lead you to T10+ cards if your build is good.

Select the building you want to play. I can’t stress this enough, most new players will be Google Top Heist League starters and usually it will be a totem pole. Totems are VERY powerful, but they are also extremely boring to play, making the player throws before reaching the fun part of the game, that is, after more than 60 times as things speed up and you start throwing monsters.

After all, you have to use your time efficiently. If you are playing in a professional league (not SSF) and you run out of items / limited resistance, your damage is significant – buy equipment. In general it is best to buy a new gearbox after the A5 and after the A7 or A8.

A list of TheBoruwek on Poe Reddit.

applications :


It is difficult to create new competitions for both new and existing players, but I hope you found this article Path to Exile (PoE) Heist 3.12 Beginner’s Guide to Competitions, Tips and Tricks useful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment!

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