Game: Piofior: Memories of the lot
Genre: Comic
System: Nintendo Switch (also for PS Vita)
Developer | Publishing:  Design Factory| Otomate| Game axis
Age group: EU 16+ | USA M
Price: EU €49.99 | USD 49.99 | UK £44.49
Date of publication: 8. October 2020

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Look out! Look out! Piofior: Memories of fate contain not only bloodshed, but also violence. It addresses a number of sensitive issues, such as drug abuse and trafficking in women in certain areas of action. If you don’t like it, I wouldn’t recommend playing this game.

Three mafia families

Piofior: Fated Memories is a visual novel that follows Liliana Adornato in the 1920s. Liliana grew up in the church of an Italian city in Berlin, Italy. Berlin is a city where three mafia families rule in different parts of the country. Her life is turned upside down when she meets the leaders of these mafia organizations, and she has no choice but to enter a dangerous life.

The city of Berlin in Italy

The first Italian mafia family – the Falzone family, they take care of the Falzone region, the head of this family – Dante Falzone. The Falzone family is very religious and goes to church every week. Then comes the Visconti family, led by Gilbert Redforth, who manages the territory of Crete. The third and last organization is Lao-Shu, the Japanese mafia organization that captured Velena. Their leader’s name is Yang.

Liliana is a good girl in her heart and tries to see the good in everyone, even when they do bad things. I enjoyed seeing how she could fall in love with five different personality types and how relationships developed. I even (almost certainly) fell in love with almost all men, because they are very attractive and friendly, each in his own way. Because men are so different, each character’s stories and endings are very different. I’ve never been bored with Piofior: It left me with memories of fate, and I couldn’t help playing.

Five plus one scenario

Six different narrative currents

If you start the Piofiore: Memories of fate, your first breakthrough is either Dante or Nicola. When you’ve completed your first game, unlock Yang and Orlok. And when these four losses are over, you finally free Gilbert. Once you’ve played all the stories, you’ll get a bonus scenario at the end.

Let’s look at each character:


My breakthrough started with Nicola, he’s Falzone’s Mafia boss and Dante Falzone’s older cousin. He’s a very flattering, accommodating and loyal man. He is certainly part of the Mafia and is not afraid to act in certain situations.

Nikola’s story is a good introduction to the workings of the mafia and the main characters, without being too mature in content.


The second character I met was Yang. He’s not like the others. Yang is the head of the Japanese mafia in Laoshu. He is mysterious, cruel and often boring or uninteresting, and unlike Nicola he easily crosses your boundaries.

As head of the Mafia, he’s very smart and he’s always one step ahead of everyone else. Even as a character in the game, it’s hard to read, you never know what kind of reaction the decisions you make will provoke.

Watch this story: In the course of this breakthrough, a large number of cases of drug addiction and human trafficking are factors that play a role. If these subjects make you uncomfortable, it’s best to skip them.


Dante is Falzone’s boss. After my father’s death, the boss position was automatically taken over by Dante. In the beginning Dante is cold, boring and a bit scary, but sometimes his friendly and caring side sees through him. Although he is the boss, he cares a lot about his family and will do anything to protect them. Although he is a Mafia boss, Dante is still a gentleman and treats women and civilians with the utmost respect.


Early in the morning we discover that Orlok is an informant for all mafia families and some other organizations. Besides, we know very little about him, and we only see him a few times in the game. When you meet him in the game, he’s not very talkative and he’s always in a hurry. We know about him: He’s a very capable fighter, and hardly anyone fights for him.


The last character you unlock is Gilbert Redford, the leader of Visconti. When you meet him, you immediately see that he is very charismatic and friendly to everyone. He is very open and honest in his mafia activities, but he is not aggressive or violent. Unlike the conservative Falzone family, Visconti welcomes people into the Mafia for their skills and intelligence. Visconti is very progressive in the way she deals with the mafia, you could almost say it’s very refreshing.

Video and sound

Being a graphic designer myself, I couldn’t resist Piofiore’s graphics: Memories of fate in that sense. I think the images of the game are breathtaking and have lots of small details that some people might not even notice. As you can see, the design team invested a lot of time and effort in researching Italian and even Japanese clothing and architecture of the 1920s. Their goal was probably to make the scenes as credible as possible.

Italy in the 1920s.

In Piofiore I noticed certain details that emphasized the detailed scenes. The first is a pattern of golden flowers on clothing and certain objects, so typical of the 1920s. It especially improves the clothing and gives it a luxurious look.

The second thing that struck me is that the detailed scenes have a lot of movement and fluidity. From Liliana’s hair to the boys’ clothes, the river is a feast for the eyes and makes the scenes very dynamic.

Luxury feeling with graphics

As for the sound, it really brought me back to my holiday in Italy. The music that sets the scene for the lecture is adapted to the situations you find yourself in. It makes you think you’re really in Italy!


It’s the first time I’ve played a visual novel, I didn’t expect to be so passionate about the game. And to be honest, I didn’t expect to become so addicted, which makes Piofiore a great game for me.

Piofior: Fated Memories has a good balance between action and romance that keeps you going. The quality of the graphics and a fascinating plot have probably spoiled me for future visual novels, but we’ll see!

Final verdict: I love lot .

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