PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Launches Marred by Coil Whine, System Crashes, and Other Issues Picture : Sony

More and more gamers who have opted for PlayStation 5 and/or Xbox Series X during the launch week realise that it is not always worthwhile to be an early adopter.

Numerous reports of hardware and software problems appear on social networks, suggesting that the next generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles could face component failures, system failures and other curiosities.

Some of the first videos we saw showed Xbox X series consoles with defective discs. Some lemons seem unable to pick up the discs because of a defective slot in the loading mechanism, while others look like working shredders.



The most disturbing thing is that the X series Xbox consoles are smoky. Although it was mostly gagging, there seems to be legal evidence that the systems were whistling and overheating.


For the first time in the MYOI video, an explanation of the fake Quemada consoles and a video of the APAGADA console.

– Xbox Studio (@XboxStudio) 11 November 2020.

We can’t believe we have to say this, but please don’t blow tape smoke into your Xbox X Series.

– Xbox (@Xbox) 11 November 2020

I talked to the PC and found out about the replacement, I wrote an r/xbox user who complained that his Xbox X-series was melting and giving off smoke through the top cover. He didn’t blame the LOL, whatever the cause of the whistling, it dampened it completely from the inside out. I hope I get my new one soon.

Camp PlayStation also reported many problems with the new generation of Sony consoles, many of which, unlike Microsoft, appear to be software related.

The first is the Marvel Spider-Man. According to Jeff Gerstmann of Giant Bomb, the PS5 will fail if the user shuts down the system while playing.

In addition, when the PS5 goes through an external disk recovery process, it appears on a black screen. I have to press the power button on the console itself to put it in standby, then it comes back and asks me to report an error, and then loads normally.

– Jeff Gerstmann (@jeffgerstmann) 11. November 2020.

P.1. Right now my PS5 is 100% dead. Others have reported storage recovery problems, but mine have turned into real bugs and network/boot problems. Sonia and I were fixing the bug when he died completely. So this time I’m gonna move the contents…

– CAG (@JeremyPenter) 10. November 2020.

As Gerstmann and others have pointed out, the problem seems to be external storage. PlayStation 5 users have also discovered that downloading PS4 games from an external hard drive can damage the database, which the system then attempts to recover.

The database is damaged, now it’s being restored, says the error message. An r/PS5 user claims that this problem can be solved by updating the system and then rebooting the console. Do not use sleep mode, it has been warned by others.

Then there’s an error in the download queue. Depending on the IGN, games or applications queued for download may cause an error condition that can only be corrected by resetting the console at the factory.

[…] Your game is in limbo – it can’t be downloaded, and you can’t cancel it and restart it – IGN wrote. In any case, the PS5 library will indicate to IGN staff that you own the game/deap, but the check in the PS5 shop will indicate that you do not own the game/deap and will ask you to buy the game/deap.

However, PlayStation 5 may have at least one hardware problem. Some users say that they can hear the obvious moaning and/or buzzing of their console, which is disappointing given previous claims about how quiet a Sony system should be.

…I begin the God of war, and I hear an increase in tone and sound level, the user stated on ResetEra. Still not bad, but a small difference. So I decided to test it as a real PS5 game in the Astro Game Room.

As soon as I got to the point where the touch screen was missing to run the Astro, the system sounded loud. I heard a constant bzzzzz from PS5. It looked like the pro gang was crying, but louder.

Other r/PS5 users have repeated this problem and say their systems definitely generate buzzes. We don’t know what to do except turn on the speakers, but Sony is probably working hard to update the software to solve other problems.



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