PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review 2020

All-new PS4 Gold wireless headphones are designed to give you the best sound while you play. These headphones are designed to give you the best experience, comfort and amazing in-ear performance you’re sure to love. A PlayStation Gold wireless stereo headset or just a PS4 Gold wireless headset is one of the best headphones on the market. That’s why we’ve decided to take a closer look at the overview of PlayStation Gold wireless headphones. If you’re interested, you can also get the Sony Platinum Wireless Headset or the more luxurious Turtle Beach Elite Pro Gaming Headset for professional gaming.

PlayStation Gold wireless stereo headphones are very affordable and convenient. It offers 7.1 virtual surround sound for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. It has a hidden microphone and is available in different versions: as PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset Jet Black Sony Edition or PlayStation Limited Edition Gold Wireless Headset or Playstation Gold Wireless Glacier Headset White. The microphone is equipped with a noise-cancellation function that makes it possible to record speech and communicate with teammates or players in a very clear way.

Designed entirely for the PlayStation, these headphones are bloody beautiful, with a beautiful design and high quality. As we know, Sony never compromises the quality of its products. Unlike all other expensive helmets, you don’t need a good pair of ears to feel the difference.

PlayStation GoldWireless Headphones Overview

  • Improvement of the quality/design of the building
  • Virtual surround sound
  • Soft plush strip
  • Good battery performance

Less insulation

Center microphone

For PS4/PS3 only.


PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review 2020

The PS4 Gold wireless headset has a beautiful design with a minimal frame. The PlayStation Lab staff had to examine Sony’s existing wireless headphones and compare them to the PlayStation 4, to discover that the headphones do not mimic the console’s stylish design. Perhaps that is why Sony has decided to redesign its new wireless headphones, the PlayStation Gold.  Compared to PlayStation 4, the headphones and PlayStation 4 are very similar. Both have the same sleek lines, and the curves of the PS4 Gold wireless headset simulate the console.  He has to look like the next generation, and he does it effortlessly. However, the placement of the headphones in PlayStation Gold wireless stereo headphones is questionable. The microphone is somehow hidden somewhere inside.  With the new PS4 Gold wireless headphones, Sony has brought him back to the top.

Wireless PlayStation Gold Headset – Design-based overview

Beautiful design with fine lines and curves.

Wireless PlayStation Gold Headset – Design-based overview

Beautiful design with minimal frames

When it comes to designing a PlayStation Gold wireless stereo headset, it is clear that Sony always has a good accessory design. Basically you get a bag to store all your accessories. They are also available in different sizes and models, such as B. PlayStation gold jet black sony edition wireless stereo headphones or PlayStation gold limited edition wireless headphones or Playstation gold glacier white wireless headphones. It’s a lot, but the most important package is a wireless adapter. You can use the headset with a laptop or PC with an adapter, which is good news. Of course you have a 3.5 mm jack that allows you to use your smartphone or music player when you want to store your battery or when your device does not have wireless services such as Bluetooth. The headset is also charged. The charging time for your PlayStation Gold wireless headset is also very comfortable. The PS4 Gold wireless headset control is conveniently located on the left earpiece. It also includes a switch that allows you to switch between audio profiles. You can do this with the PlayStation Headset Companion application available from PlayStation Store, which is one of the advantages of the PlayStation Gold wireless headset.

The headphones are equipped with volume up and down buttons, a mute button and a few extra buttons to balance the sound of the game and the multiplayer chat. You can also switch from virtual surround sound to old-fashioned two-channel stereo.

The control settings are the same as in the previous version of PlayStation Gold wireless headphones, but in this new version the quality of finish and design is cleaner and more attractive. The days of cheap slides for volume and balance are a thing of the past. They have been replaced by buttons cast in rubberized plastic, which is simply beautiful aesthetically.

The visible microphone coming out of the headphones is finally missing here as well. The microphones are now built into the headphones themselves, which is amazing. Unlike its predecessor, the Gold Peripheral Headset doesn’t bend when you pull on one side to place it on your leg.

On the sides of the helmet you have an adjustable front panel. They can be replaced by others, and this will in any case be sold as an additional purchase. But from now on, you need to stick to the PlayStation logo on the front. People aren’t crazy enough to wear this mammoth helmet in the subway, regardless of the front panel, but we probably can’t rule it out.

Wireless PlayStation Gold Headset – benefits at a glance

Very comfortable and adapts well to the head.

Installing the PS4 Gold wireless headset is very convenient. He adapts well to his head with large, skin-covered ears. Although it is the next generation and has excellent sound quality, it still has some design flaws. It still looks mostly like plastic, which seems a bit cheap compared to some other extravagant helmet brands. However, the price/performance ratio is difficult to beat here. For 100 bucks, the headphones are impressive, and we think it’s a good deal.


Let’s talk about the specifications of the PS4 Gold wireless headset. Sony’s products have not always been performance oriented, just like the PlayStation Gold wireless headphones.  Sony still has the technology to bypass the competition without using the best specifications. PlayStation Gold wireless stereo headphones do not have the same features as Platinum wireless headphones, but they are very good at sound reproduction. If you plan to use this headset with PlayStation 4, ignore all other headsets.  These headphones are designed to enable legal audio playback on the PlayStation 4.  But if you’re one of those people who do different things at the same time and want to play with technology, there are a few caveats. The use of the 3.5 mm jack depends not only on the sound processing, but also on the headphones battery for that sweet surround sound. When the batteries are depleted, the headset quality drops significantly. The same goes for the connection to the PC.

Overview of PlayStation Gold Wireless Headphone Specifications

Name: Wireless PlayStation Gold Headset

FORMFABRIE : Behind the ear.


CONTROL: Volume, stupid.



CONNECTIONS : USB 3 5mm, wireless

Sound quality

There are other, richer headphones with a wider and more powerful sound, but for this price range, the PlayStation Gold wireless headset is perfect for any type of content use.

We have heard very pleasant sounds in games like Middle Earth: The shadow of war and the creed of the murderer: Origin. The sound we heard was electric, and it got loud. The sounds came up quite clearly in our test. Virtual 7.1 Surround sounds really live up to expectations.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headphones Sound Quality Overview

However, the average tone of bonuses has dropped.

Don’t get me wrong, you probably remember wearing a helmet. The complaint about the Golden Headphones is that there is no general sound size. The offer does not match that of some high-tech devices.  The fact remains that this is a boarding helmet with a luxurious look, it is the best in this price range. The PlayStation Gold wireless headset is not only suitable for games, but also for movies. Films like Jumanji and Star Wars, the latest Jedi on Blu-ray, have a surprisingly captivating sound, even with a 5.1 signal.  When we use full 7.1 virtual sound on a Blu-ray movie, the details you capture while listening will be irresistible.

There is no control on the headphones themselves to adjust the signal. The low frequencies sound a bit subtle when using the factory settings. You can control the signal by downloading the free PlayStation Headset Companion application, which lets you choose from a variety of preset sounds including rock, jazz, blues, pop and more, or simply adjust the bass and treble simply by aligning them.

However, this is done via a separate application on the console, so you can’t hear your settings spontaneously because you have to blindly guess the volume and then click and try to find your favorite sound. It can be very boring watching a Blu-ray movie.  Simply exit the playback mode of the currently displayed content to use the application and set a small parameter. Soon the audio presets developed exclusively for certain games, but not available on PlayStation 4, will make their appearance.  We also don’t know if third party games will offer this feature.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headphones Sound Quality Overview

Very clean, but more work can be done on 7.1 virtual surround sound.

However, the sound of the Gold Headset is very loud and clear, it may not be in the $200-300 range, but it is quite far from the TV speakers.

Battery life and connection

The connection of a Ps4 Gold wireless headset is a real plus. It’s compatible with almost anything. Connecting and marketing PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headphones to your console is child’s play. A small USB adapter is included. It connects to the front of your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3. When you turn on the headset, the PlayStationt4 will display an on-screen prompt to assign the headset to the user.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset – Connectivity Overview

Versatile and easy to set up.

As the PS4 Gold headset is a wireless device, it is highly compatible with PCs and/or Macs via the USB adapter and certain operating system settings. There is also compatibility with the PlayStation Vita, but this can be achieved by connecting the headphone jack that comes with the headset and PDA. In addition, the Gold Headset can be used as a standard wired headset. It is compatible with your MP3 player, phone or other device. Keep in mind that you can’t get that virtual surround sound through the headphone jack, but two-channel stereo playback is surprisingly easy to hear.

The battery life of this device is also very good. Sony has promised 8 hours of battery life on a single charge. The camera is charged via a micro USB port that can be connected to the front of the PlayStation when not in use. It is clear that Sonia’s estimate of battery life is correct. So you can play well-fed games and watch movies before you have to recharge. However, you should avoid discharging the batteries, which can be problematic during the entire life of the battery.

PlayStation Wireless Gold headset based on battery life

8 hours autonomy on a single charge.

Players who play on different platforms do not want to own more than one helmet. These headphones are suitable for this purpose because of their compatibility. But for a long time players may choose to use other headphones. Sony headphones are mainly intended for PlayStation fans. The PlayStation is certainly a lot of gamers, but Sony’s approach to create an exclusive product can simply reduce their market share, which is really a weakness when you look at all the benefits it can offer.



  • New generation design, very futuristic look. It can be worn outdoors and considered the embodiment of style.
  • It is an indispensable partner of PlayStation 4. What every PlayStation should have. Its amazing features are exclusive to the PS4. When you connect your Gold Wireless Stereo Headphones to PlayStation, you get exclusive, gamer-specific presets.
  • Thanks to the wireless USB adapter and the 3.5mm connection, the PlayStation Gold is compatible with almost all devices, both wired and wireless.
  • The headphones can be used without batteries via the 3.5 mm jack, with the compromise of exclusive surround sound.
  • The quality of the microphone is very clear, even if it is not visible. This is a good thing, because you don’t have to remove the microphone if you don’t use it anymore.


  • The building material is the material Sonia left us.  The use of plastic everywhere is very disappointing. Plastic gives the impression that a product is cheap, and Sony products must be of high quality.
  • The hidden microphone does not match the level, the background noise is too loud and can ruin the game for some people.
  • The autonomy of the headphones is only about 7 hours.

PlayStation GoldGuide for Stereo Wireless Headphones


After seeing everything on the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review we can only say that audiophiles who only choose high-end hardware and are willing to spend money on it can actually find better options at a higher price, with better compatibility with different consoles. But for PlayStation console users looking for good sound quality, PS4 Gold Wireless Stereo headphones are a good choice. These PS4 headphones work very similar to the previous Sony headphones for the PlayStation 3. The new streamlined building is very neat. The new format is aimed at a comfortable design. The cups can be folded for easy storage and transport. A headphone cable is also included for use with the PlayStation Vita and other audio devices.

For the price of $100. The cases you get are worth it. The price is not too high, and you get a sleek design that offers high-quality virtual surround sound, a built-in microphone and extra compatibility features. Pretty good recording for a PlayStation player.

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