Hello and welcome to another edition of PlayStation Weekly! As I said last week, there will be a lot of news about PS5 as the release date approaches, and this week is no different. Let’s go see the latest news!

Playstation weekly – Issue #3

The call of duty: The beta version of Cold War Black Ops came to an end after the extension day. If some love it and some hate it (a common trend for cod), don’t worry about CoD fans! Until the third. In November 2020 you have something to do. As of today Verdansk brings you special tricks and treats in Modern Wars! Duplicate Ghosts in Verdansk allow you to lock yourself in the war zone or do yourself good and get special temporary items. You also have the opportunity to buy scary new skins based on the main villain of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Billy the Puppet Saw and more. Don’t forget that Varzona is free if you want to see it. The traditional multiplayer mode also receives different game modes for the holidays.

Playstation weekly – Issue #3

PS4 owners have received the latest update to version 8.00 of the console. The update caused huge disruptions in several services, not all of which were affected, but apparently most. Wherever there was no access to PSN servers, where you couldn’t see your friends list, players on social networking sites said they weren’t very happy with their mistakes. The good news is that in the course of the day everything seemed to have cleared up, and for most of them everything was back to normal. The bad news is that people still complain and seem to let it go. I remember one time I had planned my day with my PS4 to play online games. There was an update, and like a cocky idiot, I decided to download and install it, and decided that everything would be fine. I was wrong… Seconds became minutes. The minutes have been changed into hours. I went without sleep for 24 hours and I was just sitting there checking the shifts. Sonia’s been stealing from me all day, and I’ll never get her back. I’ll never let him go…

If that’s the case, let me give you a little advice. 1. Forget about it. 2. Next time something like this happens, you’ll have a choice. Shouldn’t we consider other options instead of spending the day in poverty and stress because they can’t be controlled?

Playstation weekly – Issue #3

In what follows we have learned a few new things about the upcoming PS5. First of all, it seems that the Internet is disappointed in the policy of recording holiday calls, which apparently is being considered by Sony and could be recycled before the release of the PS5. In Update 8.00, PS4 informed us that if we participate in a party chat on a PS5 console, the owner(s) of the chat room can record the chat and use it as evidence to file complaints with Sony for disagreeing with a party statement, i.e. racist insults, hate speech, violence, etc. Uploading a call may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of an attacker account on the NSP. Yet many people think that in some parts of the world this is a violation of human rights and privacy. What do you think of party bands? It’s a pretty complex subject, if you ask me.

In addition, Sony will of course monitor in the logbook of the PS5 how the console regulates the heating with automatic online feedback. While the console seems to control the heat well instead of overheating the games right now, they will send updates to the PS5, which will be able to adjust the fan based on how the games run, since they are likely to get bigger and deeper over time. I’m afraid they’ll send us an update that would overheat PS5 and other similar entries, but personally I don’t mind. The consoles are covered by a warranty and if Sony inadvertently fries a batch of consoles, it is the fault of the consoles and they are replaced. Also, I don’t want to think about what can go wrong with PS5, I want to think about what can go wrong!

Stock Factory for PS5 confirmed! Although this doesn’t seem surprising, it does seem like a relief. It has been a strange year, and when it comes to obtaining information about consoles, it is even stranger. This seems to be something that would have been confirmed in June, but it was another strange year. It looks like Share Factory is coming back, and better than ever with 4K photo and video editing. The instruments are being updated and I’m sure we’ll be facing some surprises soon. The countdown begins!

And for those of you who love free stuff and support the #BLM movement, Sony has added a free Black Lives Matter theme to PS4. You can find them by going to the shop and visit the free space. Scroll to the right until you can select the topics. These should be listed at the very beginning of the list of free themes.

Playstation weekly – Issue #3

Well, that’s all I have for you this week. The Call of Duty event for Halloween is definitely an exciting event for Call of Duty fans, as well as a new confirmation from the Share Factory, but everything else mentioned is a bit put on the back burner. I’ll be back next week with more news about all the PlayStation stuff! Thank you very much for reading and see you online!

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