Princess And Conquest- How To Unlock All Costume

Princess And Conquest is a strategic role-playing game in which the knight takes responsibility for various dominions and defuses the war until it breaks out. All this suggests that you can hire a princess of different races and rule your team. To go that far, there are costume sets that can be unlocked to customize your fashion team. In this guide to princesses and conquests we have listed all available costumes for each princess and how to unlock them during the journey.

How to unlock all princess costumes and win

There are different costumes, and each costume is arranged in order, with an explanation on how to unlock them for Princess And Conquest.

A rabbit costume: After completing the Knights Inc Lvl 6 My Dear Love quest, the costume related to this category will be unlocked and randomly assigned.

  • Cat Bunny (Cat Princess)
  • Desert Bunny (Desert Princess)
  • Rabbit (Princess of the dogs)
  • Phantom Girl (Phantom Princess)
  • Goblin Bannigil (Goblin Princess)
  • Golem Rabbit (Princess of the Golem)
  • Harvest Princess Rabbits
  • Human Rabbit (Human Princess)
  • Kobold Bannigerle (Princess Kobold)
  • Rabbit Moty (Princess Moty)
  • Rabbit Mouse (Princess Mouse)
  • Skeleton rabbit (skeleton princess)
  • Snail rabbit (drooling princess)

Standard Chases: These costumes are by default selected for each princess on the basis of her breed. If you remember costume dealer Lina, she also has different costumes in her standard inventory.

  • Loose sweater (mouse princess)
  • Chinese dress (princess cat)
  • Leaf cover (Funny Princess)
  • Bedla desert (Princess of the Desert)
  • Dragon I Bikini (Dragon Princess 1)
  • Dragon Bikini II (Dragon Princess 2)
  • Dragon Bikini III (Dragon Princess 3)
  • Folk Costume (Harvest Princess)
  • Goblin Princess Cake
  • Goddess of Embrace (Crusader Princess)
  • hay sack (Scarecrow Princess)
  • Goblin Princess High Goblin Green
  • White goblin top (Goblin Princess)
  • Mommy’s apron. (Princess Bunny)
  • Funeral vest (skeleton princess)
  • Nightdress (ghost princess)
  • Obsidian coating (Crystal Princess)
  • Old clothes (princess dog)
  • Reduction post (Amelie)
  • Royal Dress (Human Princess)
  • Silk underwear (Princess Moth)
  • Steel upholstery (Princess of Golem)

Lina: The line is located in the tavern or in the warehouse, depending on the set time. If you have the princess’s panties in your inventory, take them to Lina, where she will offer you a leisure change for the princess.

  • Abyssal researcher. (Princess Haas)
  • Catian (cat princess)
  • The secret of the desert. (Harvest Princess)
  • Ghost Spirit (Ghost Princess)
  • Frog princess costume (Karoine’s costume)
  • Painful Love (Desert Princess)
  • Suuraima (Viscous Princess)
  • Warrior of the night. (Princess of the cats)
  • Symbiote (human princess)
  • Yukai Patrol. (Princess Dog)

The right one: After completing the Knights Inc Lvl 3 Galaxy quest, the costume related to this category will be unlocked and made available in random order.

  • Catgirl dress (cat princess)
  • Desert princess dress
  • Dog princess dress
  • Ghost Princess Dress (Ghost Princess)
  • Goblin Princess Dress (Goblin Princess)
  • Princess Golem-Maid’s Dress
  • dress of the harvester (harvesting princess)
  • Girl’s dress for insects (Princess for insects)
  • Goblin Girl Dress (Goblin Princess)
  • Virgin Human Clothes (Human Princess)
  • Cleaning dress (Princess Mouse)
  • Princess moths dress
  • Bunny Princess Dress (Bunny Princess)
  • Skeleton princess dress
  • drooling princess dress

A prisoner: At the end of Comachi’s Death Quest, the costume associated with this category will be unlocked and randomly made available. Komachi will sell costumes for 1000 whirlpools in a cave south of Mouse City.

  • Necklace with balls and nipples (goblin princess)
  • Chain legs (Princess-cat)
  • Cheese gag (mouse princess)
  • Prison for hay (harvest princess)
  • Lizard in captivity (Princess Kobolda)
  • Ratchet necklaces (ghost princess)
  • Flute chains (desert princess)
  • Tube (Skeleton Princess)
  • Soft handcuffs (Princess rabbit)
  • Chain Tubes (Insect Princess)
  • Murder (princess dog)
  • Demolished (Princess of Golem)
  • Turtle Love (Human Princess)
  • vacuum ball (drooling princess)
  • Wing Limits (Princess Moth)

A bathing suit: At the end of the beach mini-game, the combination belonging to that category will be unlocked and made available at random. The mini beach games can be played in the central beach area of the Northern Kingdom of Princess and Conquest.

  • Vest of Athena (Dragon Princess 2)
  • Costume of the great mother (Princess Golem)
  • Pareo Desert (Desert Princess)
  • Bikini Libra Dragon (Dragon Princess 1)
  • Peasant Lionscarf (Harvest Princess)
  • Cossack cow (princess neck aura)
  • Konagamizu (Princess Moth)
  • Princess ladybug (Princess insect)
  • Mouse Princess Swimsuit
  • Pinup costume in one piece (Human Princess)
  • Diving cat (Princess-cat)
  • Mute Fish (Princess Rabbit)
  • imitation leather (skeleton princess)
  • Mucus jelly (Mucus princess)
  • Acidic polka-dot (dragon princess 3)
  • Boxer (princess dog)
  • Starfish (Princess Goblin)
  • Vintage Phantom (Phantom Princess)
  • Zulu vest (Princess Kobolda)

Trevor: Trevor is usually available in the evening at the tavern. When you have collected the princess’s panties in your inventory take them to Trevor where they will offer a random exchange of clothes for the princess.

  • Extreme Wealth Bikini (Dragon Princess 1)
  • Sweatbunny
  • Epic nyarn (princess cat)
  • Extended Spandex (Princess Rabbit)
  • Women’s nightjacket (Princess Moth)
  • Uniform of Mayoretta (Princess Mouse)
  • White Flower Dresses (Human Princess)

Additional accessories

  • The lady’s dress (Princess pleasure): You can buy it at Halstaur ranch.
  • Mail with blood spatter (Amelie) : It is located in the torture chamber of the monastery.
  • Goblin Princess Looter: It is located in the northeastern part of the Fairytale Forest.
  • Princess’ battle dress party.
  • Hidden Ladder (Goblin Princess) : You can buy lysine in the slums.
  • Costume of a hunter (goblin princess): It can be made while it is assigned to the role of blacksmith.
  • Insentai (princess insect): After the fourth. Interaction with the insect princess during knight camp or during the insect regime causes the princess to fall.
  • Litcher’s Armor (Princess Skeleton) : It is located in the chest in the southern part of the Frozen Skull Cave.
  • Urine pusher (Princess Rabbit)
  • Oyuki Vual (Ghost Princess)
  • Pectin powder (drooling princess) : You can buy it at Halstaur ranch.
  • Ghost Claw (Princess Cat)
  • Iron Rose (Human Princess): It can be bought from a merchant princess in the men’s kingdom or in a tavern.
  • New clothes for the queen: The Royal Palace sells magical silk/queen pralines.
  • Queen of Hearts (Princess Rabbit): You can buy it in the human kingdoms from a merchant princess.
  • Rainbow wings (Princess Moth): You have to find a rainbow butterfly if you are in the fairytale forest or somewhere near the baby cabin.
  • Skeleton wedding dress (skeleton princess)
  • Shower Exercise (Princess Golem) : In the Wendigo tunnel.
  • Nice costume (skeleton princess).
  • T.K.V. (Princess Mouse): Once you’re in Mouse Town South, you’ll have to climb a rock hidden behind the top.
  • Templar Clothing (Cross Princess) : As soon as you’ve picked up the Crusader Princess, you’ll find a chest at the bottom of the Skylift.
  • The beast (princess dog): It’s in the upper right cell of the Gazer prison.
  • The tamer of lust (a desert princess): It is located at the end of the western sewer.
  • The non-existent knight (the ghost princess)
  • Undefeated Cape (Mouse Princess)

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