Prospects, Opportunities, and Problems –

Virtual reality is no longer a niche. It becomes clearer every day that he is not only here to stay, but also to seize power. Although virtual reality (VR) and VR games are not entirely new (they have been around for some time), they only came onto the market a few years ago with enormous technological improvements.

Prospects, Opportunities, and Problems –

VR applications are developing rapidly and are starting to penetrate various industries. From the automotive industry to healthcare, VR has brought about many changes that have raised high expectations for this technology in the future. But one area where the technology really stands out is that of video games.

Estimates based on data

According to IDC’s forecasts, the VR market is expected to reach 215 billion dollars by 2021. The board has come a long way since it went back into production in 2014 and does not seem to be giving up now or in the foreseeable future.

In early 2019 Netflix CEO Reid Hastings talked to the shareholders about what he thought would be the toughest competition they would face. Normally one would expect him to mention Amazon, HBO or Disney+, and that would be justified. But he didn’t mention any of them, not even film and television. According to him, their biggest competitor was the video game Fortnit.

Matthew Ball, who previously worked for Amazon Studios as director of the strategy, argued that the problem people were facing before was the problem they needed to see. But now they have another problem, and it’s worth a look. According to him, the answers are usually given: No, I want to play a game.

If he has not already told you about the rise of virtual games, chances are that nothing else will happen. Nowadays, many people neglect their TV remote control and use their joystick. It is also supported by numbers. The revenues of the gambling industry in 2019 amounted to approximately 120 billion dollars. And by 2021, experts estimate that it will reach over 200 billion dollars. A hundred million viewers were determined to see other players compete for the top prizes in the Legends League World Cup. That audience was bigger than the Super Bowl audience. What else? Experts predict that around 2.7 billion people (1/3 of the world’s population) will play video games worldwide by 2021. These are the numbers that make you look forward to future virtual reality games.

Disadvantages of RV gambling

Although it is expected that many people will continue to take VR games, there are still things that hinder VR that need to be addressed in the future. The main reason for these questions is a bulky headset.

Prospects, Opportunities, and Problems –

An RV helmet generally weighs more than one kilo and must be attached to the player’s face. It can be very annoying to say the least. It is safe to say that VR players want to play in more comfort and don’t want to sweat.

Players can sit comfortably on the couch or chair, but this is not always the experience of VR games. Manufacturers of games and headphones must ensure that they meet the player’s preferences.

But there is also the opposite point of view. Sitting on a couch may be comfortable, but it’s certainly not good for our health. For a long time, this was a valid argument against video games. But one of the disadvantages of VR can be very useful, because the game requires some practice.

The prices of VR games and sets are very high, which is another serious obstacle to the game. There will certainly be more people playing if it is more accessible to them.

We hope they will be corrected in the coming years as companies work to make their games more consumer friendly. This will make the price and the helmet more comfortable in the coming years.

But another thing to consider is the unique experience of VR games. Players have to play these games on their own, and sometimes they feel that by playing they are shutting themselves off from their immediate social environment and the rest of the world.

Many expect the future of VR to focus more on social VR. This way they don’t feel completely cut off from their social environment when they play.

VR games are always in development. These current shortcomings will be addressed in the future as developers look for ways to create a more engaging and exciting gaming experience.

Half-life: Alix

At the same time, there are a number of VR sets that are regularly published and available to us. All these new releases won’t tickle anyone, but Half-Life will: Alix is one of the greatest technological developments.

For the company, which produced the last semifinal in 2007, it was a challenge to reproduce the game exclusively for VR. Valve has promised that their next Half Life Story will be part of the classic VR. It’s a good thing they set the bar so high for themselves. And it’s hard to overestimate their success.

There’s no doubt about that half-life: Alix is a brilliant game. Some players complain that it develops the main plot of the Half-Life series, but in reality it is not effective enough to solve this problem. However, it is a wonderful addition and a worthy member of the semi-universe.

One of the biggest problems with Alyx (and VR in general) is that it’s quite expensive, which has greatly reduced the number of real players. However, the success of the title was such that it could become a big boost to the popularity of VR games. It is possible that this popularity makes virtual reality more accessible and widespread. Who knows, maybe in a few years, an RV headset will become as natural as a smartphone today.

Anyway, the future of VR games looks very bright, and that is why we are all here.

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