The PUBG Mobile 1.1 update is scheduled for the 10th. In November 2020, the global servers will reach the global servers, and the patch notes for the next update will be officially released. The next update will be based on a cross-over with Metro Exodus and will add Metro Royale Mode, Black Market, Unloading Inventory and much more.

The update can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices. The update starts at 23:00 UTC and will be fully deployed to all users at 03:00 UTC.

PUBG Mobile 1.1 Release Notes

It is advisable to update the game to the latest version as soon as possible, because players of different versions cannot invite each other. Here is the full version of the PUBG Mobile 1.1 update:

Metro Royal Mode

PUBG Mobile 1.1 update patch notes: Metro Royale Mode, Black Market, Season 16, and more Photo on Tencent

New midweek

PUBG Mobile 1.1 update patch notes: Metro Royale Mode, Black Market, Season 16, and more Image via Tencent

  • Based on Erangel, two unique maps are presented, showing ruins, trenches, thieves’ camps and other locations.
  • The new underground section contains a unique combat mechanism and a railway vehicle.

New equipment

PUBG Mobile 1.1 update patch notes: Metro Royale Mode, Black Market, Season 16, and more Image via Tencent

  • The weapon can now be equipped with an M203 grenade launcher to fight the enemy with a firearm.
  • Thermal vision has been added to the update to facilitate the detection of enemies.
  • The night vision scenario and the glasses help players in a fight in the dark.
  • The new heavy armour will offer players better protection and unique possibilities.
  • The new Tikhar rifle, a unique and silent air rifle, is available in the Metro series.

New tasks

PUBG Mobile 1.1 update patch notes: Metro Royale Mode, Black Market, Season 16, and more Image via Tencent

  • Cunning bandits have been introduced as enemies on the map that can be attacked or looted for supplies.
  • Special monsters are added to the shadows that threaten the players.

Royal Metrolobby

  • You enter the lobby of Metro Royale with the theme of the metropiano by clicking on the entrance of the metro tunnel on the main screen. The lobby contains exclusive systems and features, including black market, boat inventory, command post, missions, talents, rankings and more.

Black market

  • The Black Market is an exclusive Metro Royale store where players can buy new supplies and equipment for the game. In addition, they can sell stocks brought in by Metro Royale for Metro Cash.
  • Deliveries on the black market differ from conventional deliveries and are subdivided into different quality levels. The black market also offers weapons, mines and other new items exclusive to Metro Royal.

Download Inventory

PUBG Mobile 1.1 update patch notes: Metro Royale Mode, Black Market, Season 16, and more Изображение через Tencent

  • Players can choose a download before starting the game, and if you make the winner, the items will be added back to the download menu.
  • The items you carry in your backpack are the only ones you bring to the game.

Command Post

  • At the command post you can check your attractiveness with the NPC, read the stories of the NPC and give them gifts to increase your attractiveness.
  • As your NPC grows, it will provide you with useful tools to help you survive in Metro Royale mode.

Contents of the classic mode

PUBG Mobile 1.1 update patch notes: Metro Royale Mode, Black Market, Season 16, and more Image via Tencent

Metro Theme (since November)

  • Metro stations, samples and the radiation zone have been added to the classic map of Erangel.
  • The renovated Aurora will be present on the spawning island.
  • 2 of the 4 metro lines will appear randomly in Erangel when you can reach them via the metro stations to bypass them quickly.

Winter festival theme (since December)

  • The surface of the sea on the map of Erangel with the ice floe and the winter castle paradise are randomly reproduced, where you can snowball with friends.
  • Players can visit the Winter Festival hut and give pine wood to their companions.

ModeStandby time correction

  • Infection and RageGear modes will be disabled and Payload 2.0 mode will be available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from UTC+0.

Drop your weapon for close combat

  • Players can now drop melee weapons and share damage to enemies within 40 meters. However, only enemies who are not wearing a helmet can be shot in the head.

New item: Barbed wire piece

  • Spiked traps are thrown objects that can be picked up from the ground in conventional mode. Players must place the traps on the ground to pierce the tires of the car they pass. However, they can only be used to make a single car tyre leak and cannot be removed after fitting. The traps deactivate the car and do not damage the car itself.

Minicard marker

  • Players can now mark routes on the map during a game.

Selection of the server

To ensure that all players benefit from reduced network latency and a better playing environment, players will no longer be able to switch servers at will after season 16. The Change Server function will be moved to the System Settings window, and after changing servers players will have to wait 60 days before they can switch servers again.

Shared control parameters

  • You can generate and share code to control the player and adjust the sensitivity so that other players can copy it.


PUBG Mobile 1.1 update patch notes: Metro Royale Mode, Black Market, Season 16, and more Image via Tencent

  • Improves the driving experience of the buggies and reduces the risk of rear wheel spin.
  • The interval between exposures has become slightly shorter.
  • Grenades take effect 0.7 seconds after hitting the ground.
  • Smoke grenades take effect 1 second after hitting the ground.
  • Increases the damage to players in the Molotov Cocktail burn zone by 10%.
  • The accuracy of the materials used for holographic vision has been improved.
  • Guest account icons only reach the maximum Golden V level and do not appear in the rankings.
  • Other improvements

RP Season 16: Metro Royal

  • On level 1, players get Artem of Anna, while the new Night Horror Set is unlocked on level 100.
  • Players can collect and trade Metro supplies for Colonel Miller and other important rewards in the New Metro RP tab of exclusive events.
  • A new PSD event will be added to the group, where players must join the group after purchasing PSD and add enough members to receive a free reward and reach the target level to receive an additional reward.

Players from 10-15 November (UTC +0) will receive a free reward of 28888 BP, 100 AG and a Thorn Trooper (3d) backpack.

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