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– The Razer Basilisk is a highly adaptable mouse with excellent ergonomics and high performance. The design is light and comfortable, it fits very well with the standard palm grip.

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  • Lightweight and comfortable construction
  •  Excellent performance with the new focus sensor
  •  Razer’s adjustable settings and hypershift make it one of the most adaptable mice on the market.
  •  11 fully programmable keys (up to 22 with Hypershift)


  • The traveller’s hyperdrive is not very intuitive.

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Comfortable and useful operation with the latest version of the Razer Basilisk rifle. This is a highly ergonomic mouse with a very stylish design and height programmable buttons. This 12-button design makes it the ideal mouse for multi-key games like MMORPGs or real-time strategy games. However, it is not limited to these genres. Its lightweight design and extremely powerful sensor make it a powerful mouse for all genres and one of the best all-round gaming mice on the market.

The greatest strength of basil is its ergonomic design. The low thumb rest and palm-shaped body make it incredibly comfortable for hours of play and remind me of the Logitech G502.

Since I’ve played a lot of World of Warcraft games myself, I strongly recommend Basilisk v2 to any MMORPG player. The 11 programmable keys are easy to configure, most are very intuitive to use and offer you a few extra commands.

Razer Basilisk v2 – Comfort Utility

Razer Basilisk V2 Review | review If you want to have some extra keychains at hand, but don’t like the unwieldy design of a typical MMO mouse, then the Razer Basilisk is for you. It has 11 fully programmable buttons, but the design is quite smooth and light. Razor basil weighs only 92 grams, which is very impressive for a mouse that has so much to offer.

But functionality is not the big star when it comes to basil design, i.e. ergonomics.

It is designed to fit in the palm of most people’s hand, but still manages to feel personal in its shape. Whether she has big or small hands, she always feels comfortable and most players will love her. It also has a nice wrist rest, which really connects the design.

Performance – Comfortable efficiencyRazer Basilisk V2 Review | Front view

Players familiar with Razer design will not be surprised that Basilisk v2 is equipped with the latest Razer technology.

Razer doesn’t discriminate, and although Razer Basilisk doesn’t look like it’s specially designed for competitive games like Viper or DeathAdder, it still has the same power and speed.

This means that a Focus+ sensor is used, which I like to see and judge. The accuracy and speed of Focus+ is hard to match. It offers revolutionary intelligent tracking and 99.6% resolution accuracy. Intelligent tracking simply means that the sensor adapts to the environment, which means it works regardless of the surface you place it on.

In other words, the specific performance of basil is what you would expect from a brand new Razer mouse, and it’s not so bad.

The new v2 is amazingly light and elegant, and lets you use all its features, making it a great multi-generation mouse. It has worked well in every game that we have tested, from World of Warcraft to Counter-Strike, and it is just a great game mouse.

Air adaptation

Equipped with 11 fully programmable keys, the Razer Basilisk is an ideal option if you want to play with specifications and user profiles. You can adjust all common items such as DPI, RBG lighting and key assignment.

However, the custom settings that make it possible to link keys to specific sets are interesting. This means that you can adjust the functionality of the different buttons according to the game you are playing. Here, too, you can rely on his strengths as a universal mouse.

For advanced players, Razer Hypershift also allows you to double the functionality of any workbook. This allows you to change all keys at the touch of a button and gives you 22 programmable keys instead of 11. It’s a fun feature and it can certainly be useful for advanced MMORPG players, but to be honest, most players won’t need it or won’t need it at all.


Razer Basilisk V2 Review | The Razer Basilisk v2 is the best practical Razer mouse you can put in the palm of your hand today, and will even compete with your favorite Logitech G502 fan. It is very comfortable, lightweight and equipped with some of the best technology in the industry.

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