With the sequel to The Karate Kid, recently released by Netflix, now angry, it was only a matter of time before Cobra Kai had his own video game adaptation. The original film had its own 2D action in the distant past on NES, released by the not very popular LJN. Then why couldn’t Cobra Kai get his own tie? Especially because the licensed titles are not (anymore) as bad as they used to be? Now that the Netflix series has been so positively received, the bar has been raised for our consolation debut by our dear Johnny Lawrence.

You call that hitting, so you hit them.

Cobra Kai is a beat inspired by classics like Rage Street and the Final Fight. The main difference is a simple but subtle polygonal graph, not the artistic style chosen this year in Rage Street 4. As you walk across the plains, the roads and paths turn and turn to guide you into service areas and alleys. It’s a nice contrast when you consider that this style of playing is normally used.

You have to select a dojo first. You can join the Cobra Kai dojo because you’re joining, or you can join Daniel San’s dojo of the classic Karate Kid, Miyagi do movies. Now it’s about beating people, beating them. One of the positive aspects is that the different actors redefine their roles for their characters. The most important are the main characters Ralph Macchio as Daniel and William Zabka as Johnny, which is a great added value for what would otherwise be a cheap way to get money.

Just a good old-fashioned playground fight.

You get a mission to help you through the game, but Cobra Kai really has a pretty big map of the mainland. Here you can choose which grip level you want to achieve the best result or collect all the collection tables. You can also visit the dojo, where you can welcome each of your characters or your dojo as a whole. By aligning each person, you can improve his or her strength, skills and your usual promotion system. The dojo orientation has the same effects, but applies to all characters under your control.

Whatever you do, don’t touch the stuffed octopus.

As you progress through the levels, you will have to deal with a variety of characters, but nothing new in the games. Normal guys, fat guys, bosses, anything you do normal. You also get different symbols to scroll through each level. It is clear that the key to success is usually not too harmful. Each character also has its own set of movements. The chain of events between the characters can be very useful, almost as in Marvel vs. The game also includes a local cooperative that allows a friend to participate in the action… …or at least after the locking rules have been lifted.

You think he based his life on a name?

The Cobra Kai game customization can actually be in your driveway if you are a showbiz fan, a karate kid fan or if you want to beat them in general. It is a faithful translation of the successful series, correctly translated into arcade format with multiple rotations. It is characterized by a good graphic design, excellent sound, easy handling and above all a club bench. After all, a show like this is perfect for acting. This can cause a few problems and a ton of filling material, but it takes time, especially with a licensed title.

Cobra Kai: The saga of the karatekas continues to defeat them. The surroundings look rich and the background looks clear instead of like a pile of filler. The overall gameplay is very fluid and the combos are easily digestible and easy to remove.
If, at best, the music is decent enough, the language play takes the story to a whole new level. As soon as we find some friends, Cobra Kai: The saga of the karatekas will be a great place to relax together on the couch. Fortunately, it is indeed fun to master every dojo on your own, and that certainly deserves a breakthrough.
Phrase: 7.5

Cobra Kai: The Karate Boys saga is now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Monitored on PS4.

A copy of Cobra Kai: The saga of the Children of Karate was taken care of by the publisher.

Here we go:

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