The codmasters have earned my trust. Whatever you decide to do, I’m always looking forward to playing. They deserve this seal of approval after countless Formula 1 races that are getting better and better, just like other names like the criminally underestimated jewel that was Onrush. Even though DIRT 5 does not resemble its predecessors at all, it has a cooler and more elegant color layer that reminds me of other unnecessarily rebellious titles such as Far Cry : New Dawn or RAGE 2, I knew I had to try. Fortunately, I certainly don’t regret it.

I feel like I could die any moment.

Any semblance of a serious rally simulator, as in previous dirt rally games, or even any other type present in previous major competitions when it came to making them look like serious and discreet race names, has disappeared. DIRT 5 goes for the guffir, the most extreme sports vibrations. With rich graphics, an elegant and personalized menu, a fantastic soundtrack with songs like Stallions in Degrees and Jack White to infinity, custom car options and even a small story with the voice of Nolan North and Troy Baker. Of course, of course… who else can give a voice to anyone in the game except the only two in the industry?

Beginners are very satisfied with DIRT 5. If you think this game is as scary as other rally games like WRC or V-Rally, don’t worry. This game creates a perfect balance of arcade and simulator controls that I’ve never seen before in Forza games. Physics is realistic, but not too realistic. This means that you can easily get this game without any prior knowledge of the series and play it directly. You don’t even have to use the handbrake to drift off if you want to. You can hardly brake if that’s your thing, because you can make impressive moves just by pressing and releasing the accelerator. As always, you are free to customize the gameplay to your abilities by adding or removing driving aids at your own discretion.

When in doubt, the RS200 is always a safe bet.

The main platoon game is a career mode that does not correspond to your standard truck simulator. It is a pseudo-linear sequence of events, with a small but striking learning curve. It describes in detail the career of a beginner who wants to become one of the protagonists in this alternative racing scene. As mentioned earlier, there are even characters who come into contact with you from time to time, such as the mentor figure (Troy Baker) and the speaker figure (Nolan North). Absolutely not necessary, but at least it doesn’t make the game any more disgusting.

Basically you earn money and experience points by winning races and performing small extra tasks in each race. With money you can buy more cars (duh) while the glasses experience unlocks new livers and plates to decorate your cars in the funniest way. The DIRT 5 progression system is no longer produced. You get a lot of money after each race, and you can even earn some extra money by organizing free arcade races. It’s not hard to buy your dream car.

In such a game, there should have been a gimkhana mode.

The best thing about DIRT 5 is the track design. There are not many different countries where the races take place, but each country has tons of circuit options. Races take place in Rio de Janeiro National Park, the Arizona desert, Greek ruins, the Himalayas, Cape Town stadium – a gimkhan-style event – and even on the ice of the frozen Hudson River. The level’s thoughtful, colorful and light design reminded me of one of the most understated racing games of the 1990s, EA’s Beetle Adventure Racing. Nothing in DIRT 5 should make you feel serious. This is a racing game that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for extreme sports.

If these titles aren’t funny enough for your taste, don’t worry, DIRT 5 also has a level editor. We don’t really make tracks, we make playgrounds. You can either build a small gimkhana arena, where there’s a lot of shit to move and do, or you can build linear tracks based on checkpoints. You know what this means: Someone with much more free time and creativity will constantly come up with songs that seem to belong to Fall Guys, not Fall Guys. I wasn’t so much interested in laying a trail as in following others.

These are impressive mud effects.

Now we have to talk about how DIRT 5 works and now it gets a bit confusing. This is a mixed game, which means there will be versions for PS4 and Xbox One as well as versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X. In this case, you never know if the next generation versions are just early iterations of their predecessors or if the game was developed with the next generation of hardware in mind. Will there be compromises with the current generation of games running on less powerful but more profitable devices?

I feel like DIRT 5, like a watchdog: Legion is a next-generation game that runs on current generation hardware. It is a stupid, great game, but it clearly does not work as well as it should on PS4. Codemasters had the courage to include both visual and performance mode in this version of the game, with performance mode being the obvious choice, but there’s a catch. The game is set to 60 frames per second, but it is not always possible to operate at the specified effective update rate. Frequent and noticeable hiccups in the frame rate.

In Playground mode, you can create titles that are more like a Fall Guys test.

Even if the game manages to rotate at 60 frames per second, you will notice that the frame rate is not so perfect, with many noticeable screen breaks. Pop-ins, small visual defects and lighting problems are also common, albeit in small doses. Nothing that will ultimately spoil the experience. Still, it is commendable to see a game as ridiculously detailed as DIRT 5, which runs at 60 frames per second with such obsolete equipment. As I said in my 2020 F1, the people at Codemasters are wizards, clean and simple. I advise you to wait for the next generation DIRT 5 if possible, especially since you can get it for free if you bought the game for the current generation systems.

I hope it’s in his jacket.

DIRT 5 may have a small problem, but it would be a lie to say I don’t like it. I really liked his friendly approach to the arcade and the overall atmosphere of the Guffir. It’s noisy, colorful, in the face, accessible, and has skill-based roots, allowing veterans to take control of gameplay. The departure of the Codemasters from the current generation of consoles is a commendable task, and I look forward to what they can do with more powerful devices in the coming years.

It’s a phenomenal looking game, especially for PS4 standards. However, it suffers from a lack of coherence in the framework, even in terms of performance, and from a number of contextual issues. The perfect combination of arcade and game simulator styles. This doesn’t deter newcomers, while veterans can adjust the level of racing bonuses and simulator details to create a style of play that best matches their skill level.
While the soundtrack, voice and engine sounds are excellent, the sound mix in the game is unpleasant and very loud. Even at the lowest levels DIRT 5 sounds loud and abrasive. Even though the career mode is too linear, the track design is fantastic and the steering is increased. There are tons of cars that can be driven and adjusted. Also the creator of the playground is not half as bad.
Phrase: 9.0

DIRT 5 is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The PS5 and Xbox One X versions will be released on the 12th edition. The November issue.

Monitored on PS4.

A copy of DIRT 5 has been provided by the publisher.

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