The first GoNNER was released in 2017 and received much praise for its unique graphics and gameplay. In addition to Strafe and Dead Cells, he established himself as one of the best bagels released that year, even though the simple concept of bagel was not as intense as it is today. After an initial announcement at one of the ten million recorded game conferences broadcast last summer, the sequel, GoNNER2, has finally been released. Even in a totally different market reality where literally half a dozen new crooks appear every week. It’s time to see if it has what it takes to stand out from the swollen crowd.

We’ve just discovered the pre-evolution of the doduos.

GoNNER2 takes place in a bizarre but unique image of what I consider the world of the dead in Mexican folklore. It is difficult to confirm this correctly, because the game tells you badly what’s going on unless you decide to read a wiki or a window advertisement. Normally it’s not a problem with fast bagels (not that I’m interested in downwell’s history), but with a game so determined to build such a world that you’ll appreciate a little context. This whole non-verbal approach to what isn’t enough for the script meant that I didn’t care much about what was going on, except that I was working on the embodiment of death in the game.

The most important thing about the bagel is the gameplay, and GoNNER2… …decent, I think. It’s a dynamic 2D action platform that focuses on eliminating tons of enemies on screen, while avoiding anything that gets in your way, because a single shot will kill you instantly. Keep killing everyone in sight, keep collecting money to trade for upgrades and extra lives as you find the shop, then try to kill the boss at the end of the race. These games are not very long, but the game throws so many enemies at once and a heavy and stupid boss at the end that its completion will still be difficult. You can also play this game with a friend, which makes the experience much more bearable.

He’s not the boss, but he’s still your boss.

While gambling is still going on, there are serious problems. First of all, the jumping mechanisms are very sensitive. Just jumping to the top of a blue ball that gives an extra boost is much more difficult than it should be. Aiming with the right analog stick, although very useful, also seems very imprecise. Finally, there is the biggest problem that makes GoNNER2 a disappointing experience rather than a challenge: You can lose your whole life in one fell swoop if you’re surrounded by enemies. The reason for this is that the game doesn’t give you a few seconds of invincibility and a break in the same place every time you die. That’s not fair at all, and it’s made me want to go out more than once.

An angry blue head is not an enemy, it’s a chest of objects. The happy orange head is not an ally, but an enemy that kills you in one fell swoop.

It’s fair to say that it’s not just the slight gambling problems that make GoNNER2 so depressed. The visual effects are repeated and the soundtrack is the perfect definition of safe background noise. There are just too many good bagels, games that are in every way much better than GoNNER2. This game is not as sophisticated as the Hades game, described as Going Under, or as revolutionary as The Crown Tundra’s Max Lair game. Simply put: This may be interesting for those who liked the first GoNNER a few years ago, but if you’re new to franchising, it certainly won’t impress you that much. It is another horn that will come out in 2020 and it is far from being one of the best.

A very unique artistic style with drawings of interesting characters, but also a style that gets bored too quickly by the repetitive color palette and overall simplicity. The GoNNER2 may be a chaotic low loader, but its simple operation is masked by an overly sensitive jumping mechanism and inaccurate target registration.
It’s not a bad soundtrack at all, but it’s also a nice example of pure and harmless background noise. The melody of the cave of death is a strong point. Although GoNNER2’s gameplay isn’t visually impressive and somewhat boring, it’s still great fun for enthusiastic walkers. If only this game hadn’t been so stupid and unfair…
Phrase: 6.5

GoNNER2 is now available on Xbox One, PC and Switch.

Displayed when turned on.

A copy of GoNNER2 has been made available by the publisher.

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